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Re: U-505...finally
Posted by: ROBERT M. ()
Date: October 11, 2003 04:56AM


I'm happy to hear that you finally were able to visit the U-505......

You wrote: "Finally, they had a cutaway "fido" on display as well. It had what
appeared to be an adjustment ring back toward the motor. The ring was secured by a cotter pin and had increments of 25, 50, 75. 100 and 125. I assume this was for depth? Any other ideas? I have photos but I can e-mail but no websitte to .post them on."

This feature was "preset" controlled by the pilot of the attacking aircraft.

"In the absence of a signal to follow. Fido would run under hydrostatic control
(operating at a depth controlled by water pressure). It would circle, scanning the entire region for a noise source. When it found one, when target noise rose to cross a certain threshold, the control would switch to accoustical homing. In combat, the torpedo would be dropped in the spot where a submarine (likely having spotted the attacking aircraft) had just submerged. The Mine Mark-24 Fido,
in effect, was to replace the aircraft-dropped (325#) depth charge."

Source: "HELLIONS OF THE DEEP" by Robert Gannon - Page 111

Hope this answers your question about Fido.


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