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Re: Llanmartin POW camp
Posted by: Vidart ()
Date: October 21, 2007 12:45AM

Hello Michael and Fernando. Nice to hear from you both. I'm sorry to hear about your home Michael.
First of all. I have a couple of pictures now of Falke in Llanmartin that he has sent to me, but they show mainly Falke or Falke in a group of fellow prisoners and very little of the camp. He has also sent me a copy of a Christmas greetings card that shows a watch tower and some trees. However I would very much like to see a picture showing more of the camp. If you could find the picture Michael, I would be very happy. But you don't need to hurry. At the time I'm stationed on the small Norwegian arctic island of Jan Mayen (U 992 visited the island twice in 1944), and here the time doesn't rush. My manuscript is with Falke in Germany now so he can read it through, and I don't expect it back until end of November when the first plane arrives here with mail, maybe not until February when the next plane arrives!
Regarding Falke's time as a PoW, Fernando, I've found out a bit more, - he also sent me a copy of his PoW registration card. A problem here is that it only shows camp numbers:

24th of May 1945 he was transferred from Londonderry port to camp no. 172, Probably Holywood Camp. Belfast (Dog and Duck Cottage, North-in-Malton. Yorkshire was also numbered 172)
Two days later (May 26th) he was transferred to PoW Camp no. 9, Probably Kempton Park in Sunbury on Thames in Surrey. (Warth Mills. Bury. Lancashire also had number 9).
After this he had a short stay in PoW Camp no.159, Butterwick Camp i Boythorpe in Yorkshire, England, wherefrom he the 4th of June was transferred to PoW camp no. 164, Weston Lane Camp in Otley in Yorkshire.
He was held there until September 28th 1945 when he was transferred to PoW Camp no. 17, Lodge Moor Camp at Sheffield in Yorkshire. At Lodge Moor Falke was held until August 22nd 1946 interrupted by a 20 days stay in March 1946 when he was sent to “London District Cage” (LDC).
I know that prior to his stay at LDC he was in Lodge Moor, but Hyde Park Gardens. London, was also named camp no 17, and he could have been there after his stay at LDC.
On the 22nd of August 1946, Falke was transferred to Llanmartin (PoW Camp 184) in Magor at Newport in Monmouthshire in Wales.
On May 1st 1947 he was transferred to PoW camp no 23. There were four camps that had number 23: 1) Le Marchant Camp. Devizes, Wiltshire
2) Green fields Camp. Shrewsbury, Shropshire
3) Sudbury Camp. Oaks Green, Sudbury, Derbyshire
4) Kingwood. Wormley, Godalming, Surrey.

The first alternative is not likely, it was closed prior to this date. I think Green fields or Kingwood are the most likely candidates.

I've sent him a letter about this confusion, and probably get the answer in November.

According to his registration card, he was released on May 19th 1947 for his return to Germany. Here one can read: Repatriation serial No 109 (Compassionate).

Best rgds

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