Re: Sinking of Italian submarine "Morosini"
Posted by: Platon Alexiades ()
Date: January 23, 2014 02:31PM

Hello Lorenzo,

I doubt the photos are of MOROSINI because:
1. There were no air attacks on a submarine in her area on these days. When were these photos taken and in what position? There are hundreds of photos of U-boats caught on the surface by the aircraft so it is not easy to determine which one. Perhaps a forum member can identify it.
2. MOROSINI was ordered to proceed submerged by day when east of 10 W and her signal indicates that she had already crossed that meridian. The photos appear to be a U-boat attacked during daylight hours so it unlikely it was MOROSINI.

MARCONI is another difficult case as she disappeared without a trace. I believe that she was most likely attacked by HMS DUNCAN on 28 October 1941 and probably sunk at that time.
As you have found out U 67 was not present during the battle of convoy HG.75 and so MARCONI was not victim of friendly fire.
Some historians have claimed that DUNCAN could not have sunk MARCONI because she was not in the area where the submarine operated. They are in error and I believe their claim is based on the official report published by the Italian Naval Staff dated 11 February 1948 (Inchiesta C.I.S. sulla perdita del smg. MARCONI by Admiral Paolo Maroni). This report states in error that the submarine made her last signal at 113028 in 42°55'N, 21°55'W. The error is in the position which should actually read 41°55' N, 21°55' W. It is either a typographical error or a mistake in translating the Italian Naval Grid of the period. Signals between MARCONI and BETASOM show clearly the position as 41°55'N not 42°55'N. The submarine was at this time trailing the convoy and not ahead of the convoy as the mistake implies. DUNCAN left HG.75 to carry an A/S sweep astern of the convoy and sighted a submarine at 123228 in 41°57' N, 21°56' W, as you see the position is very close to MARCONI as time used by British ships in this area was one hour behind Rome time so the submarine was seen just a couple of minutes after her signal. The submarine submerged and DUNCAN carried out a depth charge attack (two patterns of five depth charges each followed by a single depth charge set at 500 feet). No evidence was recovered so we cannot be absolutely sure that the submarine was sunk in this attack but it is a logical explanation.

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