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Re: Life aboard a U-boat
Posted by: COYS1882 ()
Date: September 03, 2020 07:25PM

I have Das Boot on DVD and have watched it several times Mr Dunn and it NEVER gets old. I also watched the Das Boot series - wonder if they will make the sequel?

The conditions you described were appalling, I hope they got used to it ? My brother who is ex Royal Navy said that you could smell the submarines and submariners when they arrived at Gosport, Portsmouth. But that could be a dig at his brother-in-law who was a submariner.

If/when we get through this pandmic one of our first trips is to Europe and to visit submarine pens and go onboard a U-boat. I'm 6 foot tall and 250 lbs, so I want to experience what it was like trying to manouever in such cramped surroundings.

I do have several books on WW2 submarines:

U-505 by Daniel Gallery

Wolfpack - Gordon Williamson

Das Boot - Lothar-Gunter Bucheim

A WW2 Submarine - Richard Humble and Mark Bergin

Type v11 U-boat - David Westwood

I'm writing a novel about a WW2 U-boat and it's captain and these books and films have been an immense sourse of information and inspiration.

I am so glad to have found this website and so grateful for your assistance Mr Dunn.


Frank Travell

Ps We're going to France first, to a war cemetery, where an uncle of mine, Tommy Maguire, is buried. He was killed after the destroyer carrying him to safet from Dunkirk was sunk and his body later washed up further south of Dunkirk. He was 20 years old. No one knew anything about the circumstaances of his death or where he was buried. A younger brother of mine did research on the internet and discovered the details. No-one has visited his grave since he was buried there 80 years ago. God willing, I'll put flowers on his grave.


Frank Travell

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