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Re: New WWII sub movie, “Below&#8221
Posted by: Rob ()
Date: October 27, 2002 06:53PM


I just caught "Below" last night. It's essentially a "Twilight Zone" style ghost story aboard a US Sub in World War II. The horror aspect of the movie comes from the crew of the boat experiencing increasingly strange events and wondering if the cause is sabotage, superstition, or if there is a malevolent supernatural presence aboard. It's not a monster-loose movie like "Alien", or a gore fest film like "Ghost Ship" or "Event Horizon." The horror of the movie comes from the men becoming unsure of what they can trust as real at a point when any sort of mistake can get them all killed.

As far as a wartime submarine movie goes, it seems to get the details all right in my novice opinion, and there's a lot of action in the movie as a German cruiser relentlessly hunts down the sub, adding even more stress to a crew which is already on the edge, and the best, most frightening scenes IMO are the ones involving the reactions of the crew to a depth charge slowly scraping along the hull of the boat and the like.

Sub enthusiasts may or may not go for the supernatural slant of the story, but as a war picture it succeeds very well and will certainly be worth checking out on video.

I say that because it's not likely you'll see it in the theaters. After the box office failure of K-19, the studio decided not to pump any money into promotion or distribution. I found out about the movie by accident, myself, which is a shame because it's a film that deserves better.

See the trailer here, at [];

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