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Re: New Uboat Movie
Posted by: Kurt ()
Date: July 23, 2003 01:57PM


Yes, from what I heard from the production company fellow the idea was to create the dramatic tension between enemies who need to come together to survive. historical hooey (a real sub would never pick up more than a handful of an enemy's crew) but this is a movie, not a documentary.


I think you misunderstood. The premise of the movie is not that the German demands the Americans to join on threat of death, but rather that the American POW's and their German captors, stuck inside a U-boat together, by definition share eachother's fate - they live or die together. So the Americans need to decide if they should join the 'enemy' and help themselves to live, or if they should abstain from helping the enemy - and perhaps seal their own fate.

Again, it seemed from the correspondence I had that the movie producers were trying to show the Germans in a favorable light. We'll see in the theaters.

A loose corollary with history can be made in that US boats frequently picked up Japanese POW's (in one's or two's) and they often became rather cooperative members of the crew - for example staying quiet during silent running, and working on maintaining the equipment (they were especially good at polishing the brass fittings on the torpedo tubes). A vaguely similar situation.


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