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Re: Japanese Sub Movie "Lorelei"
Posted by: michel ()
Date: March 14, 2005 07:52AM

Hello Robert
is that enough silly or may I contest point by point
he British accused Surcouf of spying for Hitler and of sinking British vessels. They placed officers on board to check the sub's activities. Clark Van der Lyke, retired city clerk of New London, remembers the days of World War II when he was eight or nine years old and Surcouf came into New London harbor. Clark's father, a designer at the Electric Boat Company, brought two crew members home for a visit. They had some trouble communicating but became very fond of the French sailors.

Along this line my friend Dave Kimball told me a story he had heard from two Navy friends, both decorated WWII submarine commanders. They said Surcouf had been welcomed royally at the sub base where she was refurbished with food, new torpedoes and ammunition for the guns and left to join the allied forces. Shortly after this departure United States started losing tankers off the New England coast. Eventually Surcouf was caught off Montauk Point refueling a German U-boat.

Another friend from Masons Island also wrote of this, saying, “The submarine visited the sub base in Groton and was restocked with victuals, other supplies and even two torpedoes, all the time posing as Free French. It was secretly trailed by one of our subs and was seen to have a rendezvous with a German sub to which it transferred its loads.” Eventually, she says, Surcouf was sunk by one of our subs in Block Island Sound.Surcouf was never forgiven for this. Most of the Officers were interred and replaced by free French Officers.
August 1940
Surcouf was refitted and put on convoy patrol. Some of her ex officers were killed when the Germans sunk a British Hospital ship that was repatriating French personnel. The French blamed the British for this tragedy and so even more acrimony was added to their relations.
Jan 1st 1941 (speculation)
The Americans send a destroyer to St. Pierre and are fired upon by the Surcouf. As many as 2 American sailors were killed and the incident was hushed up.There are rumours that Surcouf had a great deal of the gold from the French Treasury in her large compartment.
It is also alleged that Surcouf was found and boarded in Long Island Sound in the sixties by Jacque Cousteau and hushed up.
US tankers were being sunk off the North East coast of the United States, and Surcouf had been caught fueling a German U-Boat.

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