Re: Movie: Laconia -U 156
Date: November 04, 2011 11:52AM

Hello Ms. Movidora,

as to your comment of this movie please check:


I think this preview is pretty fair, after having watched the film. And from my German perspective the English script-writer did a fair job in as much as he was trying to reflect via dialogues what the different characters were thinking, feeling and expressing concerning this very strange/weird situation in the time of war in 1942.

Concerning Hartenstein’s statements of him being a captain of a German uboat in times of war to deal with ship-wrecked people reminded me a bit of der Alte in Das Boot, keeping in mind that both Hartenstein and LWB came from the merchant navy. The difference of course was, that der Alte did not have to deal with woman and children floating in life-boats, but enemy-soldiers “only".

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