Operation Deadlight Expedition 2001

DAY FIVE: - 18th July 2001

Target: No target due to gales
Depth: Weather and sea conditions:
Sunny - 7E - Unknown underwater visibility

Diving report:
Gales prevented us leaving Portrush harbour for most of the day.

We intend to move to Ballycastle tonight. In the event that the winds continue as they are, we will be able to dive on the wreck of U-33, which is in the entrance Clyde. Although not a Deadlight wreck, she has an interesting history in the tale of the cracking of Enigma. Also, she is a rare Type VIIA, equipped with the 88mm deck-gun.

If the winds drop, we will be able also to reach the site of U-861.

Weather intervenes on all diving expeditions. It is time to be philosophical and wait for the weather to change.

Operation Deadlight Expedition 2001

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