Operation Deadlight Expedition 2001


Due to bad weather, The Operation Deadlight Expedition is currently in port.

In order to give the viewer some information to read today, I would like to take this opportunity to list some of the U-boat wrecks I have located and filmed over the last few years. Links to where you can read more about the wrecks and see some underwater images are included.


UC65 - LaLa Lafrenz' U-boat sunk by a British submarine. Wreck in two halves.
UC51 - Minelayer lost of Start Point in a British minefield. Mine chutes still full of 'eggs'.
UB81 - Rhienhold Saltzwedel's submarine, lost in tragic circumstances off the Isle of Wight.
UB72 - Sunk by a British submarine in Mid-Channel - fantastic dive.
UB37 - Sunk by a British Q-ship - small UBII-Class in excellent condition.
UB74 - Sunk by Yacht 'Lorna' - one survivor killed by exploding depth charges.
UB130 - Sunk on way to breakers yard.
Unidentified U-cruiser - located of Brixham.

Underwater images of some of these wrecks can be seen at http://www.periscopepublishing.com/WW1_U-boats.htm


U33 - VIIA - Enigma rotors came into allied hands as a result of the sinking.
U480 - An Alberich U-boat identified 200 miles from its official sinking position
U678 - Sunk by a Canadian escort group off Brighton
U671 - Sunk off Brighton
U1195 - Sunk off the Isle of Wight after sinking the liner 'Cuba'
U772 - Sunk off Portland
U1191 - Sunk in Mid-Channel
U212 - Lost off the Sussex coast
U269 - Macintyre's last kill - sunk Mid-Channel
U413 - Gustav Poel's boat, lost off Brighton
Unidentified VIIC - NE of Cherbourg - We believe that this could be U767 - however this is still far from certain.
U741 - lost in the Baie de Seine
Unidentified VIIC - Baie de Seine - NOT U390 or U741 - possibly U441 or U988
Unidentified VIIC - Baie de Seine - NOT U390 or U741 - possibly U441 or U988
U260 - Mined of southern Ireland - images available at http://www.uboat.net/gallery/

Underwater images of many of these wrecks can be seen at http://www.periscopepublishing.com/WW2_U-boats.htm

I hope you enjoy the images. I am always interested in corresponding with families who have an interest in any of the U-boats mentioned, or sunk around the British isles.

Innes McCartney
Operation Deadlight Expedition 2001

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