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CB 6
CB 6

ClassCB (42) 
Laid down Caproni-Taliedo, Milan
Commissioned10 May 1941
End service
Loss date
Loss position
History Transferred to the Black Sea. Transferred to Romania after the armestice. Scuttled by the Romanians in August 1944.


CommanderDate fromDate toCommand notes
S.T.V. Francesco Gallinaro10 May 1941Oct 1942
G.M. Giovanni ReJul 1943Aug 1943
S.T.V. Alberto FarolfiAug 1943Sep 1943

Ships hit

No ships hit by this submarine.

Patrols and events

 CommanderDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
Gallinaro, Francesco10 May 1941La Spezia10 May 1941La SpeziaCommissioned.

Gallinaro, Francesco30 May 1941La Spezia30 May 1941La SpeziaExercises.

Gallinaro, Francesco15 Jun 1941La Spezia15 Jun 1941La SpeziaJoined MARICOSOM.

Gallinaro, Francesco25 Jun 19411550La Spezia25 Jun 19411735La SpeziaExercises.

Gallinaro, Francesco26 Jun 19410840La Spezia26 Jun 19411210La Spezia21Exercises.

Gallinaro, Francesco27 Jun 19411445La Spezia27 Jun 19411730La Spezia15,5Exercises.

Gallinaro, Francesco30 Jun 19410945La Spezia30 Jun 19411435La Spezia30,6Exercises.

Gallinaro, Francesco9 Jul 19410840La Spezia9 Jul 19411740La Spezia27Exercises.

1Gallinaro, Francesco11 Jul 19411505La Spezia15 Jul 19411210La Spezia318Defensive patrol.

Gallinaro, Francesco1 Aug 19410830La Spezia1 Aug 19411135La Spezia10,4Exercises.

Gallinaro, Francesco2 Aug 19410800La Spezia2 Aug 19411830La Spezia6Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat La Masa.

Gallinaro, Francesco14 Aug 19411020La Spezia14 Aug 19411840La Spezia9Exercises.

Gallinaro, Francesco15 Aug 19411555La Spezia16 Aug 19411315La Spezia34Exercises.

Gallinaro, Francesco16 Aug 19410850La Spezia16 Aug 19411340La Spezia26,5Exercises.

Gallinaro, Francesco19 Aug 19411320La Spezia19 Aug 19412145La Spezia2,8Exercises. Then moved to Naples by train.

Gallinaro, Francesco24 Aug 19411240Naples24 Aug 19411300Naples2Exercises.

Gallinaro, Francesco25 Aug 19411900Naples25 Aug 19411920Naples0,1Diving exercises.

Gallinaro, Francesco26 Aug 19410550Naples26 Aug 19411320Salerno45Passage Naples-Salerno.

Gallinaro, Francesco20 Sep 19410930Salerno20 Sep 19411030Salerno1,5Exercises.

Gallinaro, Francesco23 Sep 19411545Salerno23 Sep 19411715Salerno7,5Exercises.

2Gallinaro, Francesco25 Sep 19411800Salerno26 Sep 19410915Salerno80Antisubmarine patrol off Salerno near Cape D'Orso. Uneventful.

3Gallinaro, Francesco7 Oct 19411605Salerno9 Oct 19410945Salerno138Antisubmarine patrol. Uneventful.

4Gallinaro, Francesco25 Oct 19411800Salerno26 Oct 19410835Salerno75,5Surface antisubmarine patrol with CB 5. Uneventful.

Gallinaro, Francesco17 Nov 19410915Salerno17 Nov 19411730SalernoExercises.

Gallinaro, Francesco21 Nov 19410830Salerno21 Nov 19411435SalernoExercises.

5Gallinaro, Francesco23 Nov 19411800Salerno24 Nov 19410915Salerno75Antisubmarine patrol. Uneventful.

Gallinaro, Francesco25 Nov 19410830Salerno25 Nov 19411230SalernoExercises, escorted by the motorboats A.S.65 and A.S.83.

Gallinaro, Francesco27 Nov 19410850Salerno27 Nov 19411400SalernoExercises.

Gallinaro, Francesco28 Nov 19410925Salerno28 Nov 19411230SalernoExercises.

6Gallinaro, Francesco15 Dec 19411630Salerno16 Dec 19411130Salerno102Antisubmarine patrol. Uneventful.

Gallinaro, Francesco19 Dec 19411010Salerno19 Dec 19411616Salerno40Passage Salerno-Naples.

Gallinaro, Francesco21 Dec 19410825Naples21 Dec 19411420Salerno40Passage Naples-Salerno.

Gallinaro, Francesco14 Jan 19420945Salerno14 Jan 19421500Naples40Passage Salerno-Naples.

Gallinaro, Francesco7 Mar 1942Date???Naples9 Mar 1942La SpeziaTransported to La Spezia (by train?).

Gallinaro, Francesco5 May 1942Galatz7 May 19421945CostanzaPassage Galatz-Costanza.

Gallinaro, Francesco22 May 19420945Costanza22 May 19421400CostanzaExercises.

Gallinaro, Francesco9 Jun 19420030Costanza11 Jun 19421030Yalta298,5Passage Costanza-Yalta with CB 4 and CB 5.
  11 Jun 19420130At 0130 hours, a Soviet MTB was sighted at 700 metres, steering 270°. Possibly one of three MO-cutters escorting the steamer Belostok (2,034 GRT, built 1933) to Sevastopol. No action was taken as the boat very quickly disappeared at high speed.

Gallinaro, Francesco13 Jun 1942Yalta13 Jun 1942Yalta16Exercises.

Gallinaro, Francesco14 Jun 1942Yalta14 Jun 1942Yalta15Exercises.

7Gallinaro, Francesco18 Jun 19422000Yalta19 Jun 19420700Yalta36Patrolled south of Yalta. uneventful. Heard only H.E.

8Gallinaro, Francesco19 Jun 19421710Yalta21 Jun 19421000Yalta130Patrolled south of Sevastopol and southwest of Cape Sarych. Uneventful. Probably sighted by Soviet submarine S-31 at 1400 hours on the 20th in 43°54.6'N, 34°14.5'E.

Gallinaro, Francesco28 Jun 19421415Yalta30 Jun 19421945BalcicPassage Yalta-Balcic in rough weather.

Gallinaro, Francesco1 Jul 19420900Balcic1 Jul 19422215Costanza303Passage Balcic-Costanza.

Gallinaro, Francesco15 Aug 19421215Costanza18 Aug 19420130Costanza230Passage Costanza-Yalta with CB 2 and CB 3, but all returned because of heavy seas and defects.

Gallinaro, Francesco29 Aug 19421830Costanza30 Aug 19421335Sulina171Passage Costanza-Sulina with CB 1. Uneventful.

9Gallinaro, Francesco31 Aug 19421230Sulina2 Sep 19421230SulinaPatrolled north of Sulina between (a) 45°51'30'N, 30°24'E (b) 45°43.5'N, 30°33.5'E (C) 45°34.5'N, 30°18'E (D) 45°42'15'N, 30°09'E. Uneventful.

Gallinaro, Francesco4 Sep 19421400Sulina5 Sep 19420720Costanza315Passage Sulina-Costanza with CB 1 [mileage from 29th August].
  4 Sep 19421800At 1800 hours, a Rumanian convoy was sighted and exchanged recognition signals.

Gallinaro, Francesco13 Sep 19421835Costanza14 Sep 19421330SulinaPassage Costanza-Sulina with CB 1 and CB 4. Uneventful.

10Gallinaro, Francesco16 Sep 19421900Sulina17 Sep 19420725SulinaSailed toward the north with CB 1 and CB 4 and a Rumanian convoy (also reported as convoy of German F-lighters) but the bad weather forced them back at 0100 hours on the 17th.

10bGallinaro, Francesco19 Sep 19421810Sulina20 Sep 19421630OtschakovPassage Sulina-Otschakov with CB 1 and CB 4 and a convoy. Uneventful.

10cGallinaro, Francesco25 Sep 19421215Otschakov26 Sep 19421650Ak MetchetPassage Otschakov-Ak Metchet with CB 1 and CB 4 and a convoy, CB 6 was towed by the lighter F-342 for part of the trip.

10dGallinaro, Francesco28 Sep 19421000Ak Metchet28 Sep 19421830SkadowskPassage Ak Metchet-Skadowsk with CB 1 and CB 4. Uneventful.

11Gallinaro, Francesco15 Oct 19420900Skadowsk15 Oct 19421805Ak MetchetPassage Skadowsk-Ak Metchet with CB 1 and CB 4 and a convoy. Uneventful.

11bGallinaro, Francesco15 Oct 19422100Ak Metchet16 Oct 19421500Sevastopol608,85Passage Ak Metchet-Sevastopol. Uneventful.

22 Nov 19420800Sevastopol22 Nov 19421956OstchakovSailed for Costanza but then diverted to Ostchakov. Was towed by a tug.

27 Nov 19420600?Ostchakov27 Nov 19421400?OdessaPassage Ostchakov-Odessa, towed by a German tug, escorting a German convoy with CB 1, CB 2 and CB 4.

28 Nov 19420600Odessa28 Nov 19421500BugazPassage Odessa-Bugaz with CB 1, CB 2 and CB 4.

30 Nov 19420600?Bugaz30 Nov 19422000?SulinaPassage Bugaz-Sulina with CB 1, CB 2 and CB 4.

3 Dec 1942Date?Sulina3 Dec 19420900Costanza440Passage Sulina-Costanza [mileage from 22nd November].

16 Jun 19430700Costanza16 Jun 19431200CostanzaExercises.

23 Jun 19430730Costanza23 Jun 19431200CostanzaExercises.

1227 Jun 19430800Costanza29 Jun 19431200CostanzaCarried out a patrol?

10 Jul 19430500Costanza10 Jul 19430930CostanzaExercises.

22 Jul 1943Costanza22 Jul 1943CostanzaExercises.

22 Jul 19430700Costanza23 Jul 19430000SulinaPassage Costanza-Sulina with CB 1. She was towed by the German tug Stralsund and escorted by the submarine chaser UJ-2305 as far as 31°30'E then proceeded alone to SN 3 (Sevastopol) to escort two F-lighters and 2 HS-boats.

24 Jul 19432225Sulina26 Jul 19431230SevastopolPassage Sulina-Sevastopol with CB 1, submarine chaser UJ-2305 and tugs Gastein and Stralsund; then escorted the lighters F-301 and F-304.

13Re, Giovanni2 Aug 19430610Sevastopol4 Aug 19431900Sevastopol172Antisubmarine patrol with CB 1 off Crimean coast. Uneventful. Sighted only German aircraft.

Farolfi, Alberto7 Aug 19430500Sevastopol7 Aug 19431500YaltaPassage Sevastopol-Yalta with CB 1. Uneventful.

14Farolfi, Alberto7 Aug 19431800Yalta10 Aug 19431230Sevastopol320Patrolled south of Crimea with CB 1. Uneventful.

15Farolfi, Alberto16 Aug 19430600Sevastopol18 Aug 19431445SevastopolAntisubmarine patrol between (a) 44°15'N, 34°15'E (b) 44°00N, 34°15'E (c) 44°30'N, 34°45'E (d) 44°15'N, 34°45'E.

16Farolfi, Alberto22 Aug 19430510Sevastopol23 Aug 19432230SevastopolPatrolled between 45°00'N and 45°30'N, and between 32°30'E and 33°30'E.
  23 Aug 19430430
(0) 19 miles WNW of Eupatoria or Luft Quadrat 2669.
At 0430 hours, a Soviet submarine was sighted and attacked with two torpedoes (450mm) at a range of 800 metres. They missed as both torpedoes apparently hit a shoal after a run of 100 metres.

This was probably SC-203 sunk three days later by CB 4.

17Farolfi, Alberto27 Aug 19430600Sevastopol30 Aug 19431230SevastopolPatrolled between (a) 44°15'N, 34°15'E (b) 44°00'N, 34°15'E (c) 44°30'N, 34°45'E (d) 44°15'N, 34°45'E.

Farolfi, Alberto9 Sep 1943Sevastopol9 Sep 1943SevastopolSeized by the Germans at Sevastopol. Later ceded to Rumania and subsequently returned to the Italian Fascist Republic. Scuttled off Costanza at the Rumanian armistice.

18Farolfi, Alberto15 Sep 1943Sevastopol16 Sep 1943SevastopolPatrolled during operation MAINLAND.

3 Dec 19433 Dec 1943According to an ULTRA signal, she flew the Rumanian flag on 3rd December 1943.

20 Jun 1944Costanza20 Jun 1944CostanzaIn port.

1 Jul 1944Date approx.1 Jul 1944Possible sortie with another CB (?)

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