Italian submarines in World War Two

Sirena (SI)

Sirena (USMM)

TypeCoastal / Sea going 
ClassSirena (21) 
Laid down 1 May 1931 Cantieri Riuniti dell'Adriatico, Monfalcone
Launched26 Jan 1933
Commissioned2 Oct 1933
End service
Loss date
Loss position
History Scuttled at La Spezia, Italy on 9th September 1943 to prevent her capture by the Germans.


CommanderDate fromDate toCommand notes
T.V. Raul Galletti3 Feb 194027 Oct 1940
T.V. Corrado Dal Pozzo28 Oct 194021 Dec 1940
T.V. Giovanni Celeste22 Dec 194010 Jan 1941
C.C. Rodolfo Scarelli11 Jan 19415 Aug 1942
T.V. Vittorio Savarese5 Aug 19429 Sep 1943

Ships hit

No ships hit by this submarine.

Patrols and events

 CommanderDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
Galletti, Raul10 Jun 1940Tobruk18 Jun 1940TobrukAt Tobruk.
  12 Jun 19400340+
(0) At Tobruk.
At about 0340 hours, Sirena was anchored in Tobruk harbour when she came under air attack. She was near-missed but undamaged.

1Galletti, Raul18 Jun 19402141Tobruk22 Jun 19400856Tobruk367Patrolled in Gulf of Sollum, 20 miles north of Ras Uleima, between 32°00'N and coast of Cyrenaica, and between 25°20'E and 27°20'E. Forced to break off patrol after being depth-charged on 21st June.
  21 Jun 19400457
(0) Probably 20 miles north of Ras Uleima.
At 0457 hours, Sirena was proceeding at a depth of 45 metres when she was badly shaken by a depth charge. She was taken down to 80 metres. Until 1220 hours, 36 depth-charge explosions were heard.

Galletti, Raul25 Jun 19402025Tobruk30 Jun 19400940Crotone553Passage Tobruk-Taranto via Crotone for repairs.
  27 Jun 19401715
(0) ?
At 1715 hours, a bomber was seen apparently flying from Malta to Alexandria. Sirena quickly dived to 50 metres.
  28 Jun 19401215
(0) ?
At 1215 hours, a smoke was sighted on the horizon. Sirena dived to listen on her hydrophones, picking up noises.
  28 Jun 19401244
(0) ?
At 1244 hours, two aircraft were observed through the periscope, flying toward the submarine. Sirena was taken down to 50 metres.
  28 Jun 1940173537° 03'N, 18° 43'E
(0) ?
At 1735 hours, Sirena surfaced, but two minutes later an aircraft was seen. She quickly dived to 50 metres.

At 1750 hours, underwater signals were received, emitted from a distance of 4-6,000 metres, but Sirena did not answer.
  29 Jun 19400630
0635 (e)
37° 54'N, 18° 04'EAt 0630 hours, an aircraft was sighted at 3,000 metres, flying at an altitude of 500 metres. At first, it was thought to be Italian. As it closed, it was recognised as enemy and Sirena opened fire with her machine guns.

This was Sunderland 'Q' (L.5806) of 228 Squadron, piloted by Wing Commander G.E. Nicholetts. It dropped four A/S bombs, which straddled the submarine at distances of only 5-10 metres, but failed to explode. On a second run, two more A/S bombs were released, which fell 20 yards ahead of the submarine. T.V. Galetti believed that he had been attacked by two aircraft (perhaps not realising that both runs had been made by the same aircraft). He also believed that the first bomber had been repeatedly hit and one of its gunners mortally wounded as her strafing was very wild. He thought the first attacker had then been shot down. This was not the case and Nicholetts described the antiaircraft fire as completely ineffective.

At 0633 hours, Sirena crash-dived to 50 metres, as the aircraft was making its second run. She was not damaged and Galetti did not record any explosion on the second attack, so perhaps the last two A/S bombs were dud too.

For this action, T.V. Galetti was awarded the Madaglia d'argento.

Galletti, Raul1 Jul 19400518Crotone1 Jul 19401655Taranto110Passage Crotone-Taranto.

Galletti, Raul15 Aug 19400807Taranto15 Aug 19401822Taranto41,5Exercises.

Galletti, Raul17 Aug 19400738Taranto17 Aug 19401800Taranto50,7Exercises.

Galletti, Raul19 Aug 19400734Taranto19 Aug 19401915Taranto81Exercises.

Galletti, Raul21 Aug 19401321Taranto21 Aug 19401600Taranto3Exercises.

2Galletti, Raul29 Aug 19400540Taranto21 Sep 19401732Taranto1843,5Patrolled southeast of Crete through (1) 33°12'N, 25°46'E (2) 32°40'N, 26°24'E (3) 34°34'N, 27°26'E (4) 34°04'N, 28°04'E.
  30 Aug 1940015038° 06'N, 18° 02'EAt 0150 hours, Sirena was proceeding on the surface when a submarine was sighted at 1,200 metres. She closed to 700 metres, but the attack was aborted as Ruggiero Settimo was known to be in the area. Afterwards, it was concluded that the submarine was enemy, but no British or Hellenic submarines operated in the vicinity.

Galletti, Raul23 Oct 19401300Taranto23 Oct 19401635Taranto18,7Trials.

Galletti, Raul24 Oct 19401300Taranto24 Oct 19401655Taranto23,5Exercises.

Galletti, Raul26 Oct 19401300Taranto26 Oct 19401725Taranto26,8Exercises.

Dal Pozzo, Corrado5 Nov 19400835Taranto5 Nov 19401510Taranto31,7Exercises.

Dal Pozzo, Corrado7 Nov 19400830Taranto7 Nov 19401552Taranto52,2Exercises.

Dal Pozzo, Corrado9 Nov 19400835Taranto9 Nov 19401620Taranto59,5Exercises.

Dal Pozzo, Corrado14 Nov 19400805Taranto14 Nov 19401247Taranto24,5Exercises.

Dal Pozzo, Corrado16 Nov 19400800Taranto16 Nov 19401200Taranto23,5Exercises.

Dal Pozzo, Corrado18 Nov 19400800Taranto18 Nov 19401400Taranto33Exercises.

3Dal Pozzo, Corrado22 Nov 19400923Taranto1 Dec 19401620Taranto886Patrolled off Corfu, within 10 miles from 39°40'N, 19°10'E on the parallel with Nereide. Uneventful.

Celeste, Giovanni22 Dec 1940Taranto10 Jan 1941TarantoRefit at Taranto. Change in command.

Scarelli, Rodolfo11 Jan 19411030Taranto11 Jan 19411725Taranto35Exercises.

Scarelli, Rodolfo15 Jan 19410835Taranto15 Jan 19411320Taranto35,5Exercises, escorted by minesweeper R.D.6.

Scarelli, Rodolfo19 Jan 19410815Taranto19 Jan 19411240Taranto29,5Exercises, escorted by minesweeper R.D.6.

4Scarelli, Rodolfo23 Jan 19411800Taranto24 Jan 19411405Taranto49Defensive patrol in Gulf of Taranto.

5Scarelli, Rodolfo25 Jan 19410945Taranto30 Jan 19410835Leros694Passage Taranto-Leros. Uneventful.

Scarelli, Rodolfo7 Feb 19410030Leros7 Feb 19411420Leros15Exercises.

Scarelli, Rodolfo13 Feb 19410808Leros13 Feb 19411404Leros31Exercises.

6Scarelli, Rodolfo16 Feb 19412020Leros19 Feb 19410740Leros385Patrolled off Kupho Nisi, Crete, in 34°59'N, 26°25'E. Patrol interrupted because of defects.

Scarelli, Rodolfo6 Mar 19410935Portolago (Leros)6 Mar 19411646Portolago (Leros)37,5Exercises.

Scarelli, Rodolfo15 Mar 19411325Portolago (Leros)15 Mar 19411720Portolago (Leros)28Exercises.

Scarelli, Rodolfo16 Mar 19410910Portolago (Leros)16 Mar 19411158Portolago (Leros)19Exercises.

Scarelli, Rodolfo17 Mar 19410854Portolago (Leros)17 Mar 19411753Portolago (Leros)59,5Exercises.

Scarelli, Rodolfo20 Mar 19412330Portolago (Leros)21 Mar 19410430Portolago (Leros)38Exercises.

Scarelli, Rodolfo30 Mar 19410848Portolago (Leros)30 Mar 19411548Portolago (Leros)39Exercises.

Scarelli, Rodolfo4 Apr 19410920Portolago (Leros)4 Apr 19411630Portolago (Leros)50,5Exercises.

Scarelli, Rodolfo8 Apr 19410805Portolago (Leros)8 Apr 19411644Portolago (Leros)37Exercises.

Scarelli, Rodolfo12 Apr 19410648Portolago (Leros)12 Apr 19411208Portolago (Leros)33Exercises.

7Scarelli, Rodolfo13 Apr 19411812Leros19 Apr 19411610Leros601Patrolled north of Crete in 35°50'N, 24°15'E.
  14 Apr 1941232736° 07'N, 24° 15'EAt 2324 hours, a destroyer of the AFRIDI class was sighted at 4-5,000 metres, steering 130° at 22 knots.

At 2327 hours, Sirena had closed on the surface to a distance of 2,300-2,500 metres and fired two torpedoes from bow tubes. No visible result was observed, but inside the submarine a hit was heard and it was believed the destroyer had been damaged. In fact, no British destroyer reported any damage at this time.
  16 Apr 19411919
(0) Near Cape Malea.
At 1919 hours, information was received of an escorted convoy of three merchant ships, which had left Piraeus at 18 knots and of another convoy of thirteen ships from Alexandria, which was proceeding toward Cerigotto.

Sirena proceeded to a position 15 miles west of Cape Malea to intercept them, but only heard H.E. at a distance without sighting anything.

8Scarelli, Rodolfo3 May 19411918Leros10 May 19410635Leros505Patrolled between 36°00'N and 36°32'N, and between 24°50'E and 25°10'E. Off Polykandro and Santorini and between Santorini and Suda.
  8 May 19412230
(0) North of Crete.
At 2230 hours, information was received of a convoy proceeding through Kaso Straits toward Suda and Sirena moved south to intercept.

At 0010 hours on 9th May, she received another signal from MARICOSOM ordering her to a new position to intercept this convoy. Only distant noises were heard and no visual contact was made.

9Scarelli, Rodolfo26 May 19412320Leros6 Jun 19411210Leros591Patrolled in Aegean near Crete in Grid 6016/3 or 35°08'N, 26°47'E.
  28 May 1941190035° 08'N, 26° 47'E
(0) Approximately.
At 1835 hours, noises of two vessels were heard as Sirena was proceeding at a depth of 45 metres.

At 1900 hours, suddenly four depth charges exploded at a distance estimated at about 40 metres. A second pattern of eight depth-charges followed shortly after and more explosions were heard at 1931 hours, but they were about 300 meters away.

Scarelli, Rodolfo9 Jun 19410828Leros9 Jun 19411103Leros20Exercises.

10Scarelli, Rodolfo23 Jul 19412100Leros1 Aug 19410220Leros310Patrolled in 37°20'N, 27°40'E near Mykoni and Naxos. Uneventful, except for H.E. At 0530/28, was informed by Marina Rodi of the probable presence of an enemy submarine in the area, but sighted nothing.

Scarelli, Rodolfo28 Aug 1941Leros28 Aug 1941Leros15Exercises.

11Scarelli, Rodolfo30 Aug 19412020Leros5 Sep 19411327Brindisi538Patrolled in Aegean and passage Leros-Brindisi through (1) 36°07'N, 26°07'E (2) 36°05'N, 24°11'E (3) 35°45'N, 23°28'E (4) 35°45'N, 22°28'E (5) 36°40'N, 20°30'E then via Santa Maria Leuca to Brindisi. Uneventful.

Scarelli, Rodolfo9 Sep 19411315Brindisi11 Sep 19410707Pola395Passage Brindisi-Pola.
  10 Sep 19410710At 0710 hours, the submarine Ammiraglio Saint Bon was sighted.

Scarelli, Rodolfo12 Sep 19410520Pola12 Sep 19411200Monfalcone70Passage Pola-Monfalcone. Then refit.

Scarelli, Rodolfo31 Dec 19410930Monfalcone31 Dec 19411740Monfalcone22Exercises.

Scarelli, Rodolfo3 Jan 19421420Monfalcone3 Jan 19421722Monfalcone17Trials.

Scarelli, Rodolfo6 Jan 19421200Monfalcone6 Jan 19421600Monfalcone20Trials.

Scarelli, Rodolfo9 Jan 19420950Monfalcone9 Jan 19421510Monfalcone21Trials.

Scarelli, Rodolfo12 Jan 19421025Monfalcone12 Jan 19421600Monfalcone22Trials.

Scarelli, Rodolfo15 Jan 19421115Monfalcone15 Jan 19421305Monfalcone3Trials.

Scarelli, Rodolfo17 Jan 19421055Monfalcone17 Jan 19421736Pola66,4Passage Monfalcone-Pola.

Scarelli, Rodolfo20 Jan 19420834Pola20 Jan 19421655Pola57Trials, escorted by the auxiliary Trau.

Scarelli, Rodolfo21 Jan 19420907Pola22 Jan 19420045Pola45,2Exercises.

Scarelli, Rodolfo24 Jan 19421442Pola24 Jan 19421800Pola26Trials.

Scarelli, Rodolfo27 Jan 19421039Pola27 Jan 19421838Pola21,6Trials.

Scarelli, Rodolfo29 Jan 19421015Pola29 Jan 19422245Pola67,5Exercises.

Scarelli, Rodolfo1 Feb 19421033Pola1 Feb 19421228Pola5Gyrocompass tests.

Scarelli, Rodolfo3 Feb 19420935Pola3 Feb 19421230Pola16,08Exercises.

Scarelli, Rodolfo7 Feb 19420848Pola7 Feb 19421615Pola8,7Gyrocompass tests.

Scarelli, Rodolfo7 Feb 19422205Pola9 Feb 19421415Brindisi446,2Passage Pola-Brindisi.

12Scarelli, Rodolfo10 Feb 19421130Brindisi16 Feb 19422002Taranto1395,7Patrolled north of Cyrenaica within 8 miles from 34°50'N, 21°20'E on the meridian with Ondina.
  14 Feb 1942104534° 38'N, 21° 16'EAt 1045 hours, a Wellington bomber was sighted at 1,000 metres. Sirena dived immediately. Later, distant explosions were heard and C.C. Scarelli assumed that Ondina was being hunted in the adjacent area.
  14 Feb 19421445
1245 (e)
34° 38'N, 21° 16'EAt 1445 hours, Sirena was shaken by an explosion.

This was Hudson 'Y' f 203 RAF/459 RAAF Squadron piloted by Flight Lieutenant Campbell with Wing Commander Johnson) of 203 RAF/459 RAAF Squadron. It attacked a U-boat with four 250 lb A/S bombs when the feather of a periscope was sighted. Two bombs failed to explode, the 1st and 4th fell at about 10 and 50 yards respectively, from the periscope. The 459 RAAF squadron was being formed and it is not certain to which squadron she belonged at the time.

Scarelli, Rodolfo5 Mar 19420855Taranto5 Mar 19421330Taranto38,7Trials.

Scarelli, Rodolfo6 Mar 19420844Taranto6 Mar 19421626Taranto67,2Trials.

Scarelli, Rodolfo11 Mar 19421108Taranto15 Mar 19421145Leros968,7Passage Taranto-Leros.
  12 Mar 1942131536° 50'N, 20° 00'EAt 1315 hours, a derelict mine was sighted and sunk by machine gun fire.
  13 Mar 1942190534° 10'N, 23° 44'EAt 1905 hours, a derelict mine was sighted. The mine could not be destroyed as it was quickly lost from view in the near darkness.

13Scarelli, Rodolfo24 Mar 19421335Leros27 Mar 19420712RhodesSailed to rescue the crew of an Italian bomber, which had ditched in the sea in 33°40'N, 29°00'E, near Prassonisi, and then went to Rhodes. The search was carried out on 25-26th March but was unsuccessful.

Scarelli, Rodolfo29 Mar 19422107Rhodes30 Mar 19420637Portolago (Leros)513,8Passage Rhodes-Leros.

14Scarelli, Rodolfo17 Apr 19420126Portolago (Leros)5 May 19420500Portolago (Leros)1701,8Sailed through Kasos Strait for a patrol between 34°00'N and 34°20'N, and between 20°20'E and 21°20'E in Grids 1282, 1217, 1236, about 100 miles NW of Ras Hilal (ca. 34°14'N, 20°46'E) and then in Grids 3144, 3117 and 3112. . Uneventful. Returned via 34°40'N, 21°20'E and 34°40'N, 26°20'E.

Scarelli, Rodolfo3 Jun 19420806Portolago (Leros)3 Jun 19421121Portolago (Leros)17,5Trials.

15Scarelli, Rodolfo4 Jun 19421607Portolago (Leros)21 Jun 19420430Portolago (Leros)1306,6Sailed with the submarine Nereide and patrolled between 31°50'N and 33°05'N, and between 26°50'E and 27°30'E.
  13 Jun 1942233031° 54'N, 26° 52'EAt 2330 hours, a destroyer was sighted at a distance of 4,000 metres, but she turned away before an attack could be carried out.

Scarelli, Rodolfo10 Jul 19420915Portolago (Leros)10 Jul 19421100Portolago (Leros)13,2Trials.

Savarese, Vittorio5 Aug 19420703Portolago (Leros)5 Aug 19421203Portolago (Leros)20,3Exercises.

Savarese, Vittorio11 Aug 19420804Portolago (Leros)11 Aug 19421209Portolago (Leros)19,8Exercises.

Savarese, Vittorio24 Aug 19420630Portolago (Leros)24 Aug 19420951Portolago (Leros)23,6Exercises.

Savarese, Vittorio31 Aug 19420732Portolago (Leros)31 Aug 19421140Portolago (Leros)13,1Exercises.

Savarese, Vittorio2 Sep 19420810Portolago (Leros)2 Sep 19420940Portolago (Leros)5,2Trials.

Savarese, Vittorio4 Sep 19420800Portolago (Leros)4 Sep 19421123Portolago (Leros)12,3Exercises.

Savarese, Vittorio15 Sep 19420800Portolago (Leros)15 Sep 19421105Portolago (Leros)11,9Exercises.

16Savarese, Vittorio16 Sep 19420145Leros24 Sep 19421030Leros811,7Patrolled in 36°10' N, 28°30' E following enemy submarine reports (HHMS Papanicolis and HMS Traveller carrying operation ANGLO). Uneventul.

Savarese, Vittorio12 Oct 19420750Leros12 Oct 19421100Leros17,2Trials.

Savarese, Vittorio15 Oct 19420745Leros15 Oct 19421053Leros16,2Trials.

17Savarese, Vittorio31 Oct 19420650Leros14 Nov 19421345Leros1459,6Sailed escorted by MS.26 and patrolled near Rhodes between 34°20'N and 36°00'N, and between 30°00'E and 30°40'E. Uneventful.

18Savarese, Vittorio21 Nov 19421355Leros26 Nov 19421600Pola1140Patrolled in Aegean and passage Leros-Pola around the Peloponnese. Uneventful.

Savarese, Vittorio30 Nov 19420700Pola30 Nov 19421353Monfalcone83Passage Pola-Monfalcone. Then long refit.

Savarese, Vittorio2 Feb 19430840Monfalcone2 Feb 19431530Monfalcone35,3Trials.

Savarese, Vittorio6 Feb 19430835Monfalcone6 Feb 19431503Venice63,6Passage Monfalcone-Venice to collect G7e torpedoes.

Savarese, Vittorio11 Feb 19430855Venice11 Feb 19431125Venice8,5Trials.

Savarese, Vittorio12 Feb 19430830Venice12 Feb 19431610Pola65,3Passage Venice-Pola.

Savarese, Vittorio14 Feb 19430807Pola14 Feb 19431125Pola10,3Trials.

Savarese, Vittorio16 Feb 19430830Pola16 Feb 19431130Pola2,5Trials.

Savarese, Vittorio17 Feb 19432338Pola18 Feb 19430550Fiume57Passage Pola-Fiume.

Savarese, Vittorio19 Feb 19430840Fiume19 Feb 19431632Fiume23,2Exercises.

Savarese, Vittorio20 Feb 19430854Fiume20 Feb 19431830Fiume30,5Exercises.

Savarese, Vittorio22 Feb 19430854Fiume22 Feb 19432325Fiume37,3Exercises.

Savarese, Vittorio23 Feb 19430830Fiume23 Feb 19431615Fiume28,5Exercises.

Savarese, Vittorio25 Feb 19430905Fiume25 Feb 19431402Fiume25,4Exercises.

Savarese, Vittorio1 Mar 19431000Fiume1 Mar 19431210FiumeExercises.

Savarese, Vittorio2 Mar 19431948Fiume7 Mar 19430810Augusta706Passage Fiume-Augusta, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso and briefly reinforced off Pola by the torpedo boat T.3.
  3 Mar 19431545At 1545 hours, the periscope of an enemy submarine was sighted steering 185°. C.C. Scarelli lost sight of the periscope before he could mount an attack. No allied submarine operated in the area.

19Savarese, Vittorio13 Mar 19432030Augusta15 Mar 19430655Augusta245Sailed for patrol between 31°40'N and 32°20'N, and between 16°00'E and 17°00'E but was then ordered back.

Savarese, Vittorio15 Mar 19431507Augusta16 Mar 19431804Naples273,9Passage Augusta-Naples. Uneventful.

Savarese, Vittorio18 Mar 19431130Naples18 Mar 19431430Naples16,5Trials.

Savarese, Vittorio26 Mar 19431425Naples26 Mar 19431705Pozzuoli13,2Passage Naples-Pozzuoli.

Savarese, Vittorio5 Apr 19430538Pozzuoli6 Apr 19430840La Maddalena204Passage Pozzuoli-La Maddalena.

Savarese, Vittorio13 Apr 19430720La Maddalena13 Apr 19431130La Maddalena7Exercises.

Savarese, Vittorio20 Apr 19430710La Maddalena20 Apr 19431132La Maddalena8Exercises.

Savarese, Vittorio24 Apr 19431230La Maddalena24 Apr 19431350Mezzo Schifo2,8Passage La Maddalena-Mezzo Schifo.

Savarese, Vittorio27 Apr 19430715Mezzo Schifo27 Apr 19431140Porto Palma8,2Passage Mezzo Schifo-Porto Palma.

Savarese, Vittorio10 May 19430715Porto Palma10 May 19431140La Maddalena8,5Passage Porto Palma-La Maddalena.

Savarese, Vittorio14 May 19430715La Maddalena14 May 19431140Mezzo Schifo2,5Passage La Maddalena-Mezzo Schifo.

Savarese, Vittorio15 May 19430047La Maddalena19 May 19430604Taranto668Passage La Maddalena-Taranto. Uneventful.

Savarese, Vittorio29 May 19430550Taranto29 May 19431000Taranto15,5Exercises.

Savarese, Vittorio6 Jun 19430800Taranto6 Jun 19431135Taranto18Trials and exercises.

20Savarese, Vittorio7 Jun 19432033Taranto12 Jun 19431520Portolago (Leros)905,8Storing trip Taranto-Leros (3.6 tons: 2.8 tons of ammunition, 0.8 ton of light weapons). Uneventful.

Savarese, Vittorio17 Jun 19430800Portolago (Leros)17 Jun 19431024Portolago (Leros)7Exercises.

Savarese, Vittorio23 Jun 19430806Portolago (Leros)23 Jun 19431030Portolago (Leros)8,5Exercises.

Savarese, Vittorio14 Jul 19430756Portolago (Leros)14 Jul 19431002Portolago (Leros)6,3Exercises.

Savarese, Vittorio19 Jul 19430810Portolago (Leros)19 Jul 19431035Portolago (Leros)7,1Exercises.

Savarese, Vittorio26 Jul 19430800Portolago (Leros)26 Jul 19431049Portolago (Leros)10,3Exercises.

21Savarese, Vittorio3 Aug 19431300Leros20 Aug 19430930Naples1624Passage Leros-Taranto including a patrol off Cyrenaica, between 34°00'N and the African coast, and between 24°00'E and 26°00'E, on a patrol line with Galatea. She was then ordered to proceed to Naples instead around Sicily through Point A (35°20'N, 16°00'E), Point B (35°20'N, 14°00'E) and Point C (36°46'N, 12°20'E).
  13 Aug 1943214535° 19'N, 14° 49'EAt 2145 hours, a hospital ship was sighted at a range of 8,000 metres. She had not been announced.
  14 Aug 1943201035° 20'N, 14° 06'EAt 2010 hours, an unidentified vessel was sighted at a range of 10,000 metres. Sirena dived.
  14 Aug 1943212835° 25'N, 13° 57'EAt 2128 hours, a small fast torpedo-boat was sighted at 8,000 metres. Sirena dived.
  15 Aug 1943184036° 16'N, 12° 51'EAt 1840 hours, two MTBs were sighted at 3-4,000 metres. Sirena dived to 70 metres.
  16 Aug 19430407-041236° 38'N, 12° 15'EAt 0407 hours, a destroyer was sighted at 10,000 metres. The submarine closed but at 0412 hours, the vessel turned toward her. Sirena dived and later identified her as a corvette.
  16 Aug 19432310
(0) 0° - Punta Tracino (Pantelleria) - 4 miles.
At 2310 hours, a patrol vessel was sighted at a range of 6,000 metres. Sirena dived.

Savarese, Vittorio21 Aug 19432335Naples23 Aug 19432141PortoferraioPassage Naples-Porto Ferraio.
  22 Aug 1943233041° 06'N, 11° 37'E
(0) Approximately.
At 2330 hours, a flare was dropped by an unseen aircraft about 100 metres astern the submarine. Sirena dived.
  23 Aug 1943094042° 14'N, 9° 40'EAt 0940 hours, an enemy torpedo bomber was sighted at a distance of 4,000 metres. Sirena dived.

Savarese, Vittorio24 Aug 19432050Portoferraio25 Aug 19430750La Spezia401Passage Portoferraio-La Spezia on the surface at 9 knots through (1) 42°57'N, 10°10'E (2) 43°25'N, 09°44'E [mileage is from 21st August]

Savarese, Vittorio9 Sep 1943La Spezia9 Sep 1943La SpeziaScuttled after armistice.

136 entries. 123 total patrol entries (21 marked as war patrols) and 27 events.

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