Italian submarines in World War Two

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Carlo Forni

Born  19 Oct 1908Genoa


  T.V.Tenente di Vascello


14 Jan 1948 Medaglia di bronzo al valore militare
14 Jan 1948 Medaglia di bronzo al valore militare

Career information

FILIPPO CORRIDONI (T.V. First Officer): from 22.04.1940 to ?
TITO SPERI (T.V. C.O.): from 04.01.1941 to 09.04.1941.
FRATELLI BANDIERA (T.V. C.O.): from 10.04.1941 to 07.12.1941.
ASTERIA (T.V. C.O.): from 07.12.1941 to 28.06.1942.
ARADAM (T.V. C.O.): from 21.10.1942 to 23.07.1943? (accidental sinking, Forni was not aboard but was reprimanded).

Commands listed for Carlo Forni

Submarine Type Rank From To
Tito Speri (TS)Ocean goingT.V.4 Jan 19419 Apr 1941
Fratelli Bandiera (BA)Ocean goingT.V.10 Apr 19417 Dec 1941
Asteria (AE)Coastal / Sea goingT.V.7 Dec 194128 Jun 1942
Aradam (AR)Coastal / Sea goingT.V.21 Oct 194223 Jul 1943

Ships hit by Carlo Forni

No ships hit by this Commander.

War patrols listed for Carlo Forni

 SubmarineDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
Tito Speri (TS)4 Jan 19411120Taranto4 Jan 19411544Taranto35Trials after refit.

Tito Speri (TS)5 Jan 19410740Taranto5 Jan 19411400Taranto25Exercises.

Tito Speri (TS)7 Jan 19410730Taranto7 Jan 19411315Taranto36Exercises escorted by the minesweeper R.D.24.

Tito Speri (TS)8 Jan 19410800Taranto8 Jan 19411530Taranto40Exercises.

Tito Speri (TS)10 Jan 19410830Taranto10 Jan 19411530Taranto59Exercises with the submarines Millelire and Ondina.

1.Tito Speri (TS)11 Jan 19410730Taranto22 Jan 19411400Taranto983Patrolled south of Strait of Otranto, on 39°00'N parallel, between 19°00'E and 19°40'E. On the evening of 20th January, patrol was shifted 20 miles to the south.
  17 Jan 19410845
(0) South of the Strait of Otranto.
Three destroyers appear to have hunted the submarine, but did not carry out any attack. The submarine went down to 65 metres and escaped.

Tito Speri (TS)6 Feb 19410845Taranto6 Feb 19411650Taranto52Exercises.

Tito Speri (TS)8 Feb 19410845Taranto8 Feb 19411135Taranto25Exercises, escorted by the minesweeper R.D.13.

Tito Speri (TS)9 Feb 19411409Taranto9 Feb 19411645Taranto23,5Exercises.

Tito Speri (TS)10 Feb 19411400Taranto10 Feb 19411615Taranto6Exercises.

2.Tito Speri (TS)11 Feb 19410915Taranto23 Feb 19411500Taranto1061,5Patrolled south of Otranto Straits, 10 miles from 38°40'N, 19°40'E on the parallel. Uneventful.

Tito Speri (TS)11 Mar 19410840Taranto11 Mar 19411645Taranto52Trials with the submarine H.2, escorted by the minesweeper R.D.13.

Tito Speri (TS)13 Mar 19410830Taranto13 Mar 19411235Taranto40Exercises.

3.Tito Speri (TS)16 Mar 19412100Taranto17 Mar 19410950Taranto96Hydrophone watch off Taranto.

Tito Speri (TS)20 Mar 19411115Taranto22 Mar 19411000Pola516,5Passage Taranto-Pola.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)16 Apr 19411150Naples16 Apr 19411815Naples54Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)19 Apr 19411047Naples19 Apr 19411940Naples33,5Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)22 Apr 19411035Naples22 Apr 19411800Naples25Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)24 Apr 19410715Naples24 Apr 19411830Naples57,5Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)26 Apr 19410840Naples26 Apr 19411635Naples26Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)29 Apr 19410830Naples29 Apr 19411515Naples34Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)1 May 19410830Naples1 May 19411600Naples34Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)6 May 19410900Naples6 May 19411600Naples45,5Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)7 May 19410800Naples7 May 19411440Naples26Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)10 May 19411030Naples10 May 19411645Naples39Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)12 May 19410800Naples12 May 19411210Naples34Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)14 May 19410800Naples14 May 19411200Naples24Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)14 May 19411415Naples14 May 19411900Naples30,5Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)16 May 19410800Naples16 May 19411510Naples55Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)18 May 19411925Naples18 May 19412400Naples26Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)19 May 19411930Naples20 May 19410035Naples28Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)20 May 19411415Naples21 May 19410800Trapani184Passage Naples-Trapani.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)20 May 19411830Naples21 May 19411330Trapani202Passage Naples-Trapani.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)28 May 19410845Trapani28 May 19411245Trapani20Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)3 Jun 19410715Trapani3 Jun 19410930Trapani14Exercises.

4.Fratelli Bandiera (BA)5 Jun 19412340Trapani12 Jun 19410640Trapani1185Patrolled near Cape Spartivento (Sardinia) in 38°20'N, 10°00'E. Uneventful.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)19 Jun 19411415Trapani20 Jun 19410800Messina184Passage Trapani-Messina.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)30 Jun 19411415Messina1 Jul 19410820Trapani186Passage Messina-Trapani.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)4 Jul 19410730Trapani4 Jul 19411240Trapani19Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)12 Jul 19410730Trapani12 Jul 19411230Trapani18Exercises.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)19 Jul 19410730Trapani19 Jul 19411300Trapani23Exercises.

5.Fratelli Bandiera (BA)22 Jul 19411840Trapani27 Jul 19411040Trapani509Patrolled southeast of Pantelleria in 36°40'N, 12°40'E, on a barrage line with Manara.
  23 Jul 19411920
(0) SE of Pantelleria.
A convoy of six ships steering 250° at 14 knots was sighted at a distance of 16,000 metres. The submarine could not close the range to attack.
  23 Jul 19412123
(0) SE of Pantelleria.
As she was surfacing, the submarine sighted a large vessel at a distance of 7,000 metres but lost contact at 2150 hours.
  24 Jul 19410705
(0) SE of Pantelleria.
A motorship proceeding at 14 knots was sighted at a range of 13,000 metres. As the submarine closed to attack, a destroyer was sighted at 0745 hours at a range of 3,000 metres and the submarine turned toward her to attack, The destroyer made an alteration of course and the submarine was forced to abandon the attempt and concentrate on the motorship, but could not close the range and the attack was abandoned.

6.Fratelli Bandiera (BA)31 Jul 19411550Trapani5 Aug 19410800Trapani584Patrolled east of Pantelleria in 36°40'N, 12°50'E, on a barrage line with Manara.
  3 Aug 19410350
(0) East of Pantelleria.
Fratelli Bandiera was informed of a damaged cruiser and altered course to intercept, but nothing was sighted.

7.Fratelli Bandiera (BA)22 Aug 19412010Trapani5 Sep 19411525Trapani1199Patrolled off Ras Mustafa, between 36°53'N and 36°57'N, and between 11°12'E and the Tunisian coast.
  27 Aug 1941031536° 50'N, 11° 07'EAt 0258 hours, a dark shadow was sighted at a range of 2.5 miles and at 0315 hours two torpedoes were fired at the target from a distance of 1,200 metres. They missed. The target was the transport Deucalion (9,919 GRT, built 1940) on passage from Malta to Gibraltar, but the attack was not observed.
  27 Aug 19410318-0355
0150 GMT or 0439B (e)
36° 50'N, 11° 07'E
(e) 36° 58'N, 11° 06'E
(0) 325°° - Cape Bon - 6.8 miles.
Fratelli Bandiera gave chase and opened fire from 3,000 metres. Deucalion replied with her gun and her shells exploded a few metres from the submarine, temporarily blinding the gun crew. Deucalion was hit once on the paravane gear on the port side; she initially thought to have been shelled by shore batteries or to have detonated a mine. The escort destroyer HMS Farndale, who had sailed a few hours after Deucalion and was joining her, sighted an object but did not realise that it was a submarine.
  27 Aug 19410440
(0) Off Ras Mustafa.
A destroyer was sighted hugging the coast and travelling northward at high speed. This was HMS Farndale. The submarine attempted to intercept but she passed beyond range.
  29 Aug 19410936
(0) Off Ras Mustafa.
The French steamer P.L.M. 16 (4,005 GRT, built 1921) was sighted. The submarine had been informed of her passage.
  29 Aug 19412003
(0) Off Ras Mustafa.
The French steamer Jumièges (1,700 GRT, built 1913) was sighted. The submarine had been informed of her passage.
  30 Aug 19410702
(0) Off Ras Mustafa.
The Italian transport Florida II (3,313 GRT, built 1905) was sighted being towed northward. She had been damaged by RAF bombs off Sfax in May 1941.
  31 Aug 19411525
(0) Off Ras Mustafa.
An armed transport was observed. This was the Italian Eridano (3,586 GRT, built 1912).
  31 Aug 19411700
(0) Off Ras Mustafa.
The Italian transport Etruria (2,633 GRT, built 1906) was sighted. She was later observed to drop anchor off Kelibia in company with Eridano and the wine carrier Lupa (379 GRT, built 1918).
  1 Sep 19411059
(0) 5 miles from Ras Mustafa.
The submarine stopped the transport Strasbourgeois (2,895 GRT, built 1929) with a warning shot. The French ship was on a trip from Casablanca to Sfax with a cargo of barley, but Forni had not been informed of her passage. She was released upon examination.
  3 Sep 19410946
(0) Near Ras Mustafa.
Fratelli Bandiera sighted the French freighter Nantaise (1,798 GRT, built 1920) on a trip from Port de Bouc to Sousse and ordered her to stop. She had not been informed of her passage and released her after examination.
  4 Sep 19411835
(0) Off Ras Mustafa.
The French destroyer Bombarde was sighted proceeding northward. She had sailed from Sfax for Tunis.

8.Fratelli Bandiera (BA)25 Sep 19411826Trapani1 Oct 19412315Trapani955Patrolled off Algerian coast to intercept a force from Gibraltar in area between 37°50'N and 38°10'N, and between 07°20'E and 07°40'E on a barrage line with Squalo. At 2050 hours on 28th September, she was ordered to 37°20'N, 07°30'E.
  27 Sep 19412340
(0) Western Med (near Algerian coast?).
A submarine, believed to be Italian, was sighted at 1,000 metres. Forni did not take a chance and Fratelli Bandiera turned away.
  28 Sep 19412050
(0) Western Med (near Algerian coast?).
The submarine was ordered to intercept an enemy ship believed to have been damaged by air attack (actually Deucalion, but she was unscathed), in 37°20' N, 07°30' E. She arrived in the position at midnight but sighted nothing.
  29 Sep 1941005037° 20'N, 7° 30'EA submarine similar to Squalo was sighted and Forni elected to turn away.
  29 Sep 19410752
0810 (e)
37° 20'N, 7° 30'E
(e) 37° 26'N, 7° 14'E
(0) Approximately.
At 0752 hours, a pair of destroyers were observed at 10,000 metres and one of these depth charged the submarine from 0816 to 1130 hours. This was HMS Gurkha who dropped fourteen depth charges set at depth from 150 to 300 feet. The submarine made good her escape.
  30 Sep 1941010537° 20'N, 7° 30'E
(0) Approximately.
An unknown submarine was sighted and Fratelli Bandiera turned away. This was most probably Squalo.

9.Fratelli Bandiera (BA)3 Oct 19411827Trapani4 Oct 19412040Trapani140Sailed for defensive patrol on a point 6 miles SSW of Punta Bassana (Marettimo)[approx. 37°51 N, 12°08'E].
  4 Oct 19410345
0355 (e)

(0) 8 miles south of Marettimo.
An enemy submarine was sighted at a distance of 2,500 metres steering 160°, 12 knots. This was HMS Urge returning to Malta. Bandiera turned to port to attack but the enemy submarine dived very quickly (40 seconds) as the range had closed to 1,000-1,200 metres and contact was lost.
  4 Oct 19411817
(0) 275° - Punta Sottile - 5.5 miles.
A derelict mine of the anti-sweeping buoy type was sunk by machine gun and musket fire.
  4 Oct 19411820
(0) 275° - Punta Sottile - 5.5 miles.
An Italian submarine, believed to be Ambra or Ametista, was sighted [this was Ametista].

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)7 Oct 1941Trapani7 Oct 19410840+TrapaniAt Trapani, the submarine Squalo discharged her gun accidentally. Bandiera had one rating wounded, Narvalo had one killed and two wounded and Squalo had one wounded.
  7 Oct 19410840+
(0) At Trapani.
Squalo accidentally fired her deck gun. One rating was wounded on Bandiera. One rating was killed and two wounded on Narvalo and one rating was wounded on Squalo.

10.Fratelli Bandiera (BA)10 Oct 19411815Trapani20 Oct 19412230Trapani1136Patrolled east of La Galite, between 37°20'N and 37°40'N, and between 10°00'E and 10°20'E. Uneventful.

11.Fratelli Bandiera (BA)11 Nov 19412125Trapani19 Nov 19411950Trapani1097Patrolled in zone K.2, between 36°53'N and 36°57'N, and between 11°12'E and the Tunisian coast. On 17th November, she was ordered to an area west of Malta, between 35°00'N and 35°40'N, 13°10'E and 13°40'E. Uneventful.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)26 Nov 19411415Trapani27 Nov 19411200Naples186Passage Trapani-Naples.

Asteria (AE)11 Dec 19411007Pola11 Dec 19411625Monfalcone75,6Passage Pola-Monfalcone.

Asteria (AE)17 Dec 19410956Monfalcone17 Dec 19411425Monfalcone5Trials.

Asteria (AE)13 Jan 19421010Monfalcone13 Jan 19421620Monfalcone12Trials.

Asteria (AE)16 Jan 19421010Monfalcone16 Jan 19421620Pola73Passage Monfalcone-Pola.

Asteria (AE)19 Jan 19420845Pola19 Jan 19421850Pola14Gyrocompas tests.

Asteria (AE)21 Jan 19420830Pola21 Jan 19421844Pola76Gyrocompas tests.

Asteria (AE)23 Jan 19420850Pola23 Jan 19421720Pola69Exercises.

Asteria (AE)24 Jan 19421030Pola24 Jan 19421800Pola57Exercises.

Asteria (AE)4 Feb 19420905Pola4 Feb 19421833Pola15Gyrocompas tests.

Asteria (AE)7 Feb 19420945Pola7 Feb 19421655Pola37Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio.

Asteria (AE)16 Feb 19420930Pola16 Feb 19421825Pola16Gyrocompas tests.

Asteria (AE)17 Feb 19421330Pola17 Feb 19421840Pola33Exercises.

Asteria (AE)19 Feb 19420825Pola19 Feb 19421545Pola44Exercises.

Asteria (AE)20 Feb 19420840Pola20 Feb 19421625Pola16Gyrocompass tests.

Asteria (AE)22 Feb 19421245Pola22 Feb 19421856Pola34Exercises.

Asteria (AE)27 Feb 19421247Pola27 Feb 19421910Pola34Exercises.

Asteria (AE)1 Mar 19420835Pola1 Mar 19421730Pola34Exercises, escorted by San Giorgio.

Asteria (AE)3 Mar 19420825Pola3 Mar 19421415Pola41Exercises.

Asteria (AE)16 Mar 19420850Pola16 Mar 19421345Fiume66Passage Pola-Fiume.

Asteria (AE)17 Mar 19421340Fiume17 Mar 19422050Fiume36Trials.

Asteria (AE)18 Mar 19420945Fiume18 Mar 19421410Fiume20Exercises with the submarines Jalea and Manara, escorted by the auxiliaries Jadera and Abbazia.

Asteria (AE)1 Apr 19420845Fiume1 Apr 19421240Fiume19Exercises with the submarines Jalea and Manara, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace, the auxiliary Jadera and two motorboats.

Asteria (AE)2 Apr 19422010Fiume3 Apr 19420115Fiume26Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace, the auxiliary San Giorgio and the motorboat 6 F.

Asteria (AE)3 Apr 19422015Fiume3 Apr 19422235Fiume16Exercises.

Asteria (AE)4 Apr 19421200Fiume4 Apr 19421538Fiume10Exercises with the submarines Pisani and Manara, escorted by the torpedo boat Audace and the auxiliary Jadera.

Asteria (AE)6 Apr 19421615Fiume6 Apr 19421950Fiume13Exercises.

Asteria (AE)8 Apr 19421515Fiume8 Apr 19421745Fiume16Exercises, escorted by the auxiliaries Abbazia and Trau.

Asteria (AE)8 Apr 19422005Fiume9 Apr 19420114Fiume26Exercises.

Asteria (AE)9 Apr 19421635Fiume10 Apr 19420200Fiume47Exercises.

Asteria (AE)10 Apr 19421405Fiume10 Apr 19421710Fiume16Exercises with the submarines Pisani and Manara, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso and the auxiliary Trau.

Asteria (AE)11 Apr 19421307Fiume11 Apr 19421520Fiume14Exercises with the submarines Diaspro, Jalea and Manara, escorted by Insidioso and the auxiliary Jadera.

Asteria (AE)15 Apr 19421230Fiume15 Apr 19421550Fiume24Trials.

Asteria (AE)16 Apr 19420100Fiume18 Apr 19421145Augusta717Passage Fiume-Augusta. Escorted by the auxiliary Pola until 0600 hours on the 16th.
  16 Apr 1942190042° 37'N, 15° 51'EAt 1900 hours, a derelict mine was sunk by machine-gun fire.
  17 Apr 1942124039° 44'N, 18° 53'EAt 1240 hours, a periscope was sighted at a distance of 500 metres. Asteria turned away at full speed.
  17 Apr 19421320At 1320 hours, the corpse of an airman was sighted. The submarine does not appear to have recovered it.
  17 Apr 19421705At 1705 hours, a derelict mine was sighted but no attempt was made to dispose of it as the seas were too rough to fire the machine-guns with any precision.

Asteria (AE)21 Apr 19420825Augusta21 Apr 19422035Augusta3Gyrocompass tests.

Asteria (AE)22 Apr 19421420Augusta22 Apr 19421810Augusta7Trials.

Asteria (AE)26 Apr 19420820Augusta26 Apr 19421540Augusta5Gyrocompass tests.

Asteria (AE)30 Apr 19421500Augusta30 Apr 19421820Augusta19Trials.

12.Asteria (AE)11 May 19422045Augusta27 May 19420600Augusta1719Patrolled off Cyrenaica between 33°40'N and 34°00'N and between 22°20'E and 22°30'E.
  15 May 1942195533° 50'N, 22° 22'EAt 1055 hours, a destroyer steering 270° was sighted. It turned toward the submarine, forcing a crash dive.
  15 May 19421955At 1955 hours, as the submarine surfaced, a destroyer was sighted at a distance of 5,000 metres. It had not been detected by the hydrophones. It must have detected the submarine and Asteria had to crash-dive.

From 2013 and 2053 hours, eight patterns of depth charges were heard at a regular interval of about 4 minutes.
  26 May 1942192536° 18'N, 17° 23'EAt 1925 hours, a derelict mine was sunk by machine-gun fire.

Asteria (AE)7 Jun 19421540Augusta7 Jun 19421750Augusta3Gyrocompass tests.

Asteria (AE)9 Jun 19420510Augusta9 Jun 19421200Messina85Passage Augusta-Messina.

Asteria (AE)20 Jun 19421100Messina20 Jun 19421810Messina62Trials.

Asteria (AE)26 Jun 19421310Messina26 Jun 19421900Messina31Trials.

Asteria (AE)28 Jun 19421340Messina28 Jun 19421745Messina36Trials.

Aradam (AR)23 Oct 19420745Trapani23 Oct 19421236Trapani30Exercises.

13.Aradam (AR)7 Nov 19420115Trapani18 Nov 19421440Cagliari1159,5Patrolled off Bone in 37°00'N, 08°00'E.
  14 Nov 1942113236° 59'N, 7° 49'EAt 1132 hours, two MTBs similar to the Italian MAS 60-ton type were sighted and Aradam turned away.
  16 Nov 1942023036° 59'N, 7° 49'EAt 0230 hours, two steamers were sighted on an easterly course, 11 knots. Aradam trailed them, hoping to gain a favourable attack position, but lost them at 0344 hours in a sudden rain squall.
  16 Nov 1942044736° 52'N, 7° 52'EAt 0344 hours, under heavy rain, which had rendered the binoculars useless, a steamer was sighted at a distance of 3,000 metres, steering 210°.

At 0447 hours, the vessel altered course to starboard, offering a good attack angle. Two torpedoes (533mm, G7e type) were fired from bow tubes at a distance of 500 metres. They missed as the vessel had turned to port.

At 0506 hours, another pair of torpedoes (533mm, G7e type) were fired from bow tubes at a distance of 600 metres. They also missed. One torpedo exploded on the coast.

From 0514 to 0544 hours, Aradam opened fire on the vessel, claiming a direct hit on the bridge with the third round. However, a defective round exploded shortly after exiting the barrel, temporarily blinding the gun crew and the personnel on the bridge and the action could not be renewed.

The target has not yet been identified.

Aradam (AR)19 Nov 19421525Cagliari20 Nov 19422155Naples272Passage Cagliari-Naples.
  20 Nov 1942
2010 (e)

(0) 22° - Imperatore Lt° - 9 miles (near Ischia).
At 1930B hours, the submarine HMS P 228 (Lieutenant I.L. Mackay McGeogh, RN) was lurking near Ischia, when hydrophone effect was detected by the ASDIC operator. Shortly after, a submarine of ALAGI or perhaps GIOVANNI DA PROCIDA Class was observed , steering 047°, 13 knots.

At 2010B hours, six torpedoes were fired at 4-second firing intervals, from a distance of about 2,000 yards. They all missed. Twelve minutes later, two explosions were heard, probably torpedoes exploding at the end of their run.

This was almost certainly Aradam, who reached Naples at 2155 hours, but did not notice the attack.

Aradam (AR)1 Dec 19420820Naples1 Dec 19421247Naples21,5Trials.

Aradam (AR)11 Dec 19420801Naples11 Dec 19421255Naples25,5Exercises.

Aradam (AR)12 Dec 19421550Naples12 Dec 19421810Castellammare di Stabia12,5Passage Naples-Castellammare di Stabia.

Aradam (AR)19 Dec 19421407Castellammare di Stabia19 Dec 19421606NaplesPassage Castellammare di Stabia-Naples.

Aradam (AR)19 Dec 19421840Naples20 Dec 19422145Augusta282Passage Naples-Augusta.

14.Aradam (AR)22 Dec 19422355Augusta11 Jan 19431045Augusta1784Patrolled off Cyrenaica, between 34°00'N and the Libyan coast, and between 21°30'E and 22°00'E.
  31 Dec 1942230533° 02'N, 21° 51'E
(0) Italian Grid 7672/4.
At 2305 hours, two small patrol vessels were sighted steering 290°. Aradam tried to close in the hope of discovering larger vessels but lost contact.
  2 Jan 1943032033° 17'N, 21° 37'EAt 0320 hours, three small patrol vessels were sighted at a distance of 2,000 metres. Aradam dived at 0325 hours, but gradually lost hydrophone contact.
  2 Jan 1943055533° 17'N, 21° 41'EAt 0555 hours, two escort vessels similar to Italian corvettes were sighted. Aradam dived at 0600 hours but lost contact.

Aradam (AR)11 Jan 19432333Augusta12 Jan 19430930Messina69Passage Augusta-Messina.

Aradam (AR)30 Jan 19430815Messina30 Jan 19431247Messina19Exercises.

Aradam (AR)1 Feb 19431500Messina1 Feb 19432148Augusta69Passage Messina-Augusta with the submarine Topazio.

Aradam (AR)6 Feb 19430813Augusta6 Feb 19431155Augusta19Exercises.

Aradam (AR)10 Feb 19430815Augusta10 Feb 19431235Augusta19Exercises.

Aradam (AR)15 Feb 19431200Augusta15 Feb 19431750Augusta26Exercises.

15.Aradam (AR)18 Feb 19431800Augusta5 Mar 19430740Augusta1620Patrolled in Gulf of Sirte, off Misurata, between 32°06'N and 32°20'N, and between 15°50'E and 16°40'E.
  23 Feb 1943014532° 06'N, 16° 22'EAt 0145 hours, a steamer escorted by a small destroyer or corvette with two patrol vessels were sighted at a distance of 4-6,000 metres steering 280° course. Aradam could not gain an attacking position.
  26 Feb 1943204032° 17'N, 16° 07'EAt 2040 hours, a vessel which could not be identified, escorted by a destroyer, were sighted at a distance of 3,000 metres. Aradam could not catch up to gain a favourable position.

Aradam (AR)17 Mar 19431507Augusta18 Mar 19432031Naples274,8Passage Augusta-Naples.

Aradam (AR)28 Mar 19430800Naples28 Mar 19431225Naples15,5Exercises.

Aradam (AR)30 Mar 19430801Naples30 Mar 19431007Naples9Exercises.

Aradam (AR)3 Apr 19430801Naples3 Apr 19431007Pozzuoli20Passage Naples-Pozzuoli.

Aradam (AR)5 Apr 19430045Pozzuoli6 Apr 19430725La Maddalena226,7Passage Naples-La Maddalena with the submarine Sirena.

Aradam (AR)11 Apr 19430910La Maddalena11 Apr 19431205Bonifacio34Passage La Maddalena-Bonifacio.

Aradam (AR)15 Apr 19430815Bonifacio15 Apr 19430955Bonifacio5Exercises.

16.Aradam (AR)2 May 19431947Bonifacio16 May 19431327La Maddalena1407,5Sailed with the submarine Diaspro and patrolled in western Mediterranean between 38°40'N and 39°20'N, and between 05°40'E and 06°20'E. Uneventful, except for some defects.

Aradam (AR)17 May 19431455La Maddalena17 May 19431745Bonifacio20Passage La Maddalena-Bonifacio.

Aradam (AR)17 May 19432055Bonifacio19 May 19430610La Spezia173,5Passage Bonifacio-La Spezia, escorted in by MAS 525.

Aradam (AR)20 May 19430810La Spezia20 May 19431355Genoa36,2Passage La Spezia-Genoa for refit, escorted by MAS 525.

Aradam (AR)23 Jul 19431130+Genoa23 Jul 19431200?SunkWhile testing her forward tubes in Genoa harbour, Aradam accidentally sank in about 30 minutes. There were no casualties.
  23 Jul 19431200?
(0) Genoa harbour.
At about noon, Aradam was testing her forward torpedo tubes when, due to an error in drill water flooded the submarine through tube no. 1, causing her to sink. Although T.V. Forli was not directly involved, he received a severe reprimand from an investigating commission presided by Admiral Legnani himself.

149 entries. 121 total patrol entries (16 marked as war patrols) and 42 events.

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