Italian submarines in World War Two

Italian Commanders

Mario Arillo

Born  25 Mar 1912La Spezia
Died  26 Sep 2000(88)La Spezia


  T.V.Tenente di Vascello
  C.C.Capitano di Corvetta


  Iron Cross 2nd class
17 Aug 1941 Medaglia d'argento al valore militare
3 Dec 1942 Medaglia d'argento al valore militare
17 Dec 1942 Medaglia di bronzo al valore militare
28 May 1943 Medaglia d'oro al valore militare

Career information

From 18.07.1938, served at Marinaccad.
AMBRA (T.V. C.O.): from 20.01.1941 to 21.05.1943.
Promoted to C.C. ca. January 1943).
S.5 (T.V. C.O.): from 31.07.1943? to 09.09.1943 (working up in Danzig).

Commands listed for Mario Arillo

Submarine Type Rank From To
H 6 (H6)CoastalT.V.24 Jun 194128 Jun 1941
Ambra (AM)Coastal / Sea goingT.V.20 Jan 194121 May 1943
S 5 ()Sea goingC.C.31 Jul 19439 Sep 1943

Ships hit by Mario Arillo

DateSubmarineShip hitTypeGRTNat.Loss type
1.31 Mar 1941AmbraHMS BonaventureLight Cruiser5,450BritishSunk

War patrols listed for Mario Arillo

 SubmarineDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
Ambra (AM)25 Jan 19411130Taranto25 Jan 19411155Taranto2Changed moorings?

Ambra (AM)1 Feb 19411031Taranto1 Feb 19411642Taranto12Gyrocompass tests.

Ambra (AM)4 Feb 19410815Taranto4 Feb 19411045Taranto13Exercises.

Ambra (AM)6 Feb 19410715Taranto6 Feb 19411438Taranto40,5Exercises.

1.Ambra (AM)8 Feb 19412120Taranto9 Feb 19411000Taranto78Hydrophone watch.

Ambra (AM)10 Feb 19411100Taranto11 Feb 19410109Taranto53Exercises.

Ambra (AM)12 Feb 19410012Taranto12 Feb 19411845Taranto59Exercises.

Ambra (AM)13 Feb 19410807Taranto13 Feb 19411705Taranto61Exercises.

2.Ambra (AM)15 Feb 19410938Taranto27 Feb 19411247Augusta1130Patrolled between 39°20'N and Libyan coast, and between the meridians of Tolmeita (20°57'E) and Ras El Tin, Libya (23°07'E).
  19 Feb 1941120032° 44'N, 21° 03'E
(0) Approximately.
At 1042 hours, noises were detected with hydrophones.

At 1200 hours, an unidentified warship, perhaps an auxiliary, was sighted at a distance of 5,000 metres. Ambra tried to move to the attack but lost sight at 1220 hours.
  20 Feb 1941095232° 44'N, 21° 03'E
(0) Approximately.
At 0952 hours, a destroyer was sighted at a distance of 4,000 metres. It appeared to be French, similar to the LE FIER class.
  21 Feb 1941201032° 44'N, 21° 03'E
(0) Approximately.
At 2010 hours, Ambra was informed of a convoy off Cyrenaica. The submarine attempted to intercept but heard only distant H.E. effects.

Ambra (AM)16 Mar 19410850Augusta16 Mar 19411300Augusta15Exercises.

Ambra (AM)19 Mar 19410857Augusta19 Mar 19411120Augusta7Exercises.

3.Ambra (AM)21 Mar 19411910Augusta6 Apr 19410850Augusta1553Patrolled in 32°50'N, 26°20'E on a line 035° - 215°, 20 miles in each direction.
  31 Mar 19410244
0250 (e)
From 23rd to 30th March, Ambra had detected noises with her hydrophones, but without being able to sight anything.

At 0030 hours on the 31st, she received a signal ordering her home and steered accordingly.

At 0237 hours, Ambra was proceeding on the surface when, from the bridge, S.T.V. Ignazio Spinale observed a shadow in the mist at a distance of 2,000 metres, followed by another at about 1,000 metres.

At 0244 hours, three torpedoes were fired from bow tubes at 4-second intervals. After a lapse of time, T.V. Arillo thought the torpedoes had missed. He was about to order the firing of more torpedoes when a double explosion was observed. He immediately gave orders to crash-dive. ASDIC pings (described as "Hastings" in the Italian report) were heard and many depth charges followed but the submarine escaped.

The target had been the light cruiser HMS Bonaventure, who was indeed struck by two torpedoes and sank. She was stationed astern of convoy GA. 8, consisting of HMS Breconshire and the steamer Cameronia escorted by destroyers HMAS Stuart, HMS Griffin and HMS Hereward, proceeding from Piraeus to Alexandria and steering 131° at 16.5 knots.

Twenty-three officers and 115 ratings were killed. HMAS Stuart was missed by a torpedo and carried out a heavy counter attack, dropping 29 depth-charges in seven deliberate runs. HMS Hereward carried out two attacks, the submarine breaking surface after the second attack, but then contact was lost. HMS Hereward picked up 310 survivors and brought them to Alexandria. Following this attack, British vessels were ordered to zig-zag day or night unless the weather was such that a submarine attack was unlikely.

Ambra had at least partially avenged the battle of Matapan.

Ambra (AM)19 Apr 19410915Augusta19 Apr 19411155Augusta7Exercises.

4.Ambra (AM)25 Apr 19412020Augusta26 Apr 19410935Augusta109Hydrophone watch in 37°05' N, 15°30' E with the submarine Settimo.

5.Ambra (AM)1 May 19411858Augusta7 May 19410800Augusta?Sailed for patrol off Alexandria, between 31°40'N and 33°00'N, and between 28°00'E and 29°20'E. Early return due to a leak in one of the torpedo tubes. Arillo and his chief engineer were reprimanded as Admiral Falangola judged that the defect was not serious enough.

6.Ambra (AM)13 May 19411810Augusta21 May 19410905Augusta617Patrolled southeast of Malta on an NE-SW axis within 15 miles from 35°15'N, 15°25'E. Uneventful.

Ambra (AM)31 May 19410400Augusta2 Jun 19411630La Spezia631Passage Augusta-La Spezia, then long refit.
  1 Jun 19412155At 2155 hours, the destroyer Libeccio, towed by two tugs and escorted by the torpedo-boat Curtatone, was encountered and recognition signals exchanged.
  2 Jun 19411433
(0) 8 miles SE of Palmaria.
At 1433 hours, a derelict mine was sighted.

7.H 6 (H6)24 Jun 19411640La Spezia28 Jun 19411010La Spezia349Hydrophone Watch with H.4 in Ligurian Gulf. Uneventful. Sighted only Italian vessels.

Ambra (AM)5 Aug 19410826La Spezia5 Aug 19411747La Spezia26Trials.

Ambra (AM)7 Aug 19410818La Spezia7 Aug 19411711La Spezia40Exercises.

Ambra (AM)10 Aug 19410739La Spezia10 Aug 19411345La Spezia34Exercises.

Ambra (AM)11 Aug 19410830La Spezia11 Aug 19411958La Spezia57Exercises, escorted by auxiliary S. Antioco.

Ambra (AM)13 Aug 19410845La Spezia13 Aug 19411242La Spezia39Exercises.

Ambra (AM)15 Aug 19412015La Spezia16 Aug 19410425La Spezia42Exercises.

Ambra (AM)17 Aug 19410811La Spezia17 Aug 19411339La Spezia24Exercises.

Ambra (AM)18 Aug 1941Date1308La Spezia18 Aug 19411736La Spezia23,3Exercises.

Ambra (AM)19 Aug 19410809La Spezia19 Aug 19411548La Spezia12Gyrocompass trials.

Ambra (AM)20 Aug 19410713La Spezia20 Aug 19410930La Spezia16Exercises.

Ambra (AM)21 Aug 19410520La Spezia23 Aug 19412002Augusta638Passage La Spezia-Augusta.
  23 Aug 19411100-1125
(0) Gulf of Policastro.
At 1100 hours, an Italian squadron of four cruisers and four destroyers was sighted on opposite course.

At 1125 hours, at a distance of 6-7,000 metres, one of the destroyers appeared to have sighted an enemy submarine and dropped depth-charges. Ambra continued on her course.

Ambra (AM)5 Sep 19410815Augusta5 Sep 19411236AugustaExercises.

Ambra (AM)6 Sep 19411052Augusta6 Sep 19411820Messina73Passage Augusta-Messina.

8.Ambra (AM)8 Sep 19411352Messina9 Sep 19411145Messina?Anti-submarine patrol off Cape Orlando with the auxiliaries Marras and Castiglia.

9.Ambra (AM)12 Sep 19411302Messina14 Sep 19411445Messina?Anti-submarine patrol with MAS 563 and MAS 564 in zone delimited by (a) Punta Stilo, (b) 130° - Punta Stilo - 9 miles, (c) 191° - Punta Stilo - 17 miles (d) Siderno Marina. Uneventful. The combination of a MAS/submarine was viewed favourably at the time, the submarine providing better hydrophones and the MAS providing the speed to intercept.

10.Ambra (AM)18 Sep 19411915Messina19 Sep 19410850Messina59Anti-submarine patrol south of 38°30'N, between 15°20'E and 15°50'E with the auxiliaries Castiglia and Diversi. Uneventful. Heard hydrophone noises but sighted nothing.

11.Ambra (AM)23 Sep 19411209Messina24 Sep 19410958Messina165Antisubmarine patrol with the torpedo boat Albatros, in 38°02.5'N, 16°14'E, 38°11.5'N, 16°19.5'E, 38°18'N, 16°29.5'E and 38°12'N, 16°40'E. Uneventful.

12.Ambra (AM)2 Oct 19411828Messina3 Oct 19410920Messina57Anti-submarine patrol north of the Strait of Messina. Heard five depth-charges at 1925 hours on 2nd October (this was torpedo boat Pilo hunting a bogus contact), otherwise uneventful.

13.Ambra (AM)3 Oct 19411758Messina5 Oct 19411845Messina450Sailed for patrol 13 miles north of Ras Zebib on a line 5 miles west from this point (on a barrage line with Ametista 23 miles north, and Corallo 33 miles north of the Cape) via the north coast of Sicily, but then recalled. Uneventful.

Ambra (AM)18 Oct 19410940Messina20 Oct 19411840La Spezia561Passage Messina-La Spezia. Surfaced at 10 knots.
  20 Oct 1941043042° 18'N, 11° 22'EAt 0430 hours, four unidentified steamers were sighted. Ambra made the recognition signal but was not answered.
  20 Oct 19411351
(0) 1 mile NW of the Melaria Lightship.
At 1351 hours, a derelict mine was sighted. Ambra attempted to sink it without success and finally just reported it.

Ambra (AM)9 Dec 19410845La Spezia9 Dec 19411645La Spezia20Exercises with the submarine Acciaio, escorted by the auxiliaries Taormina, Capodistria and Crotone.

Ambra (AM)12 Dec 19410835La Spezia12 Dec 19411800La Spezia37Exercises with the submarine Colonna, escorted by the destroyer Premuda, MAS 507 and the auxiliaries Santantioco, Capodistria, Crotone and Favignana.

Ambra (AM)15 Dec 19410820La Spezia15 Dec 19411640La Spezia54Exercises, escorted back by the torpedo boat Carini and auxiliaries Crotone, Capodistria, Favignana and Rimini.

Ambra (AM)17 Dec 19410828La Spezia17 Dec 19411225La Spezia28Exercises.

Ambra (AM)19 Dec 19410805La Spezia19 Dec 19411645La Spezia22Exercises.

Ambra (AM)20 Dec 19410830La Spezia20 Dec 19411730La Spezia8Exercises.

Ambra (AM)7 Jan 19420845La Spezia7 Jan 19421715La Spezia41,3Exercises, escorted by the auxiliaries Crotone and Capodistria. Escorted back by the auxiliaries Porto Sdobba, Crotone, Capodistria, Giasone and Favignana.

Ambra (AM)12 Jan 19420847La Spezia12 Jan 19421740La Spezia39,5Exercises. Escorted by the auxiliaries Crotone and Rimini.

Ambra (AM)16 Jan 19420838La Spezia16 Jan 19422135La Spezia60,8Exercises with the German submarine U-453 escorted by MAS 510.

Ambra (AM)21 Jan 19420815La Spezia21 Jan 19421657La Spezia44,1Exercises.

Ambra (AM)23 Jan 19420819La Spezia23 Jan 19421731La Spezia35,9Exercises, escorted by the auxiliaries Favignana and Capodistria.

Ambra (AM)5 Feb 19421005La Spezia5 Feb 19421641La Spezia33,7Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary Torre Annunziata.

Ambra (AM)13 Feb 19420830La Spezia13 Feb 19421630La Spezia8Trials.

Ambra (AM)14 Feb 19420830La Spezia14 Feb 19421123La Spezia24,5Exercises.

Ambra (AM)16 Feb 19420826La Spezia16 Feb 19421755La Spezia76,1Exercises with the torpedo boat Libra.

Ambra (AM)17 Feb 19420835La Spezia17 Feb 19421845La Spezia38,8Exercises.

Ambra (AM)19 Feb 19420830La Spezia19 Feb 19421915La Spezia32,6Exercises with the submarines Acciaio and Rismondo, escorted by the auxiliaries Crotone and Porto Sdobba.

Ambra (AM)20 Feb 19421310La Spezia20 Feb 19421740La Spezia32,8Trials.

Ambra (AM)21 Feb 19420830La Spezia21 Feb 19421430La Spezia3,8Gyrocompass tests.

Ambra (AM)23 Feb 19420837La Spezia23 Feb 19421755La Spezia32,5Exercises with the submarine H.6, escorted by the auxiliaries Crotone and Santantioco.

Ambra (AM)25 Feb 19420829La Spezia25 Feb 19421535La Spezia3,6Gyrocompass tests.

Ambra (AM)3 Mar 19420855La Spezia3 Mar 19421905La Spezia41,4Exercises with the submarine H.6, escorted by the torpedo boat Carini and the auxiliaries Favignana and Crotone.

Ambra (AM)4 Mar 19421520La Spezia4 Mar 19421920La Spezia28,8Exercises.

Ambra (AM)11 Mar 19421545La Spezia11 Mar 19421930La Spezia24,5Exercises.

Ambra (AM)14 Mar 19420830La Spezia14 Mar 19421755La Spezia49,2Exercises, escorted by the tug Favignana.

Ambra (AM)23 Mar 19420825La Spezia23 Mar 19421656La Spezia41,9Exercises.

Ambra (AM)28 Mar 19420825La Spezia28 Mar 19421735La Spezia26,5Exercises with the submarine H.6, escorted by the torpedo boat Climene. Escorted back by MAS 509, MAS 525, MAS 567 and MAS 569.

Ambra (AM)1 Apr 19420825La Spezia1 Apr 19422100La Spezia45,8Exercises with the submarines H.1 and Bajamonti, escorted by the auxiliary Crotone.

14.Ambra (AM)11 Apr 19421820La Spezia19 Apr 19421015La Spezia704,1Sailed, escorted for about an hour by MAS 505 and MAS 510, for patrol west of Sardinia [40°07'N, 08°27'E] for 10th MAS Flotilla SLC test.
  13 Apr 1942023041° 48'N, 7° 26'EAt 0230 hours, a submarine was sighted. This report was apparently bogus, as no allied or enemy submarines operated in this area at that time.

Ambra (AM)20 Apr 19421930La Spezia21 Apr 19420850La Spezia5,5Trials.

Ambra (AM)25 Apr 19421600La Spezia26 Apr 19420930La Spezia6Trials.

15.Ambra (AM)29 Apr 19421225La Spezia5 May 19421845LerosPassage La Spezia-Leros for a Maiali operation. Escorted through the Messina Strait by the torpedo boat Abba, then through (a) 34°40'N, 22°00'E (b) 34°10'N, 24°40'E (c) 34°20'N, 26°20'E (d) 34°56'N, 27°50'E (e) 35°40'N, 27°54'E. At 0515/5, met by the destroyer Sella who escorted her to Leros.
  2 May 1942144536° 48'N, 17° 46'EAt 1445 hours, a derelict mine was sighted and disposed with light machine gun fire (180 rounds expended).
  3 May 1942074535° 21'N, 20° 40'EAt 0745 hours, a derelict mine was sighted and disposed with light machine gun fire (160 rounds expended).

Ambra (AM)9 May 19420620Portolago (Leros)10 May 19420940LerosExercises, escorted by the destroyer Sella.

16.Ambra (AM)11 May 19420626Leros24 May 19421120La Spezia3602,9Launched Maiale attack from 1.5 mile from Ras el Tin light at 2025-2050 hours on 14th May (operation G.A.4). Returned via Rhodes (brief stop to pick up her secret papers) and Messina (escorted locally by the torpedo boat Abba on 22nd May 1942) through (1) 35°35'N, 28°00'E (2) 34°20'N, 26°25'E (3) 34°05'N, 24°40'E (4) 34°20'N, 23°00'E.
  14 May 19422025-+2050
(0) 030° - Ras el Tin -1.75 mile or north of Kait Bey Fort (Alexandria).
At 2110 hours on 13th May, the searchlights of Alexandria were observed as Ambra arrived off her objective.

At 0130 hours on the 14th, antiaircraft fire coming from the city could be observed as an air raid had been arranged to provide cover.

At 0300 hours, the submarine closed submerged, T.V. Arillo using bathometric data to guide himself.

At 1925 hours, Ambra reached the sea floor and stopped at a depth of only 10.5 metres. The Ras-El-Tin light was observed at 1.75 mile.

Between 2025 and 2050 hours, the three SLCs were launched. They were piloted by:

GM Giovanni Magello/2o Capo Palombaro Giuseppe Morbelli
TGN Luigi Feltrinelli/Sottocapo Palombaro (Diver) Luciano Favale
S.T.V. (Medical) Giorgio Spaccarelli/Sg Palombaro Armano Memoli.

The mission failed because of currents, which diverted the 'maiales' several thousand meters off course.

The British were alerted when the crossing of the western loop was detected at 2340 hours and contacts were depth-charged at 0130 and 0140 hours. The three SLCs were scuttled off Agami, Mex and Anfouchy (to the west of the harbour entrance), they blew up at 1030 hours. Two Italians were captured at 0600 hours (Mex) and two more at 1030 (Anfouchy), the latter had scuttled their SLC about one mile from the wreck of the City of Pittsburg where they took refuge. The third team [Feltrinelli/Favale] eluded capture until 19th June. The Mediterranean Fleet had been put on alert as an attempt on Alexandria was known since 6th May and the floating dock was believed to be the main target.
  21 May 1942105236° 50'N, 17° 40'EAt 1052 hours, a derelict mine was sighted and disposed with light machine gun fire (120 rounds expended).

Ambra (AM)29 May 19420907La Spezia29 May 19421036La Spezia12Trials.

Ambra (AM)7 Aug 19421300La Spezia7 Aug 19421830La Spezia33,4Trials.

Ambra (AM)10 Aug 19420827La Spezia10 Aug 19421925La Spezia58,9Trials.

Ambra (AM)12 Aug 19420815La Spezia12 Aug 19421840La Spezia50Trials.

Ambra (AM)17 Aug 19420809La Spezia18 Aug 19420750La Spezia42,3Trials.

Ambra (AM)19 Aug 19420815La Spezia20 Aug 19420750La Spezia10,9Exercises and gyrocompass tests.

Ambra (AM)25 Aug 19421540La Spezia26 Aug 19420307La Spezia11,5Exercises.

Ambra (AM)29 Aug 19420810La Spezia29 Aug 19421710La Spezia16,7Exercises.

Ambra (AM)1 Sep 19420837La Spezia1 Sep 19421650La Spezia37,7Exercises.

Ambra (AM)11 Sep 19421545La Spezia11 Sep 19421800La Spezia5,3Exercises.

Ambra (AM)12 Sep 19421510La Spezia12 Sep 19421723La Spezia4,5Exercises.

Ambra (AM)13 Sep 19420830La Spezia13 Sep 19421255La Spezia9,7Exercises.

Ambra (AM)21 Sep 19420910La Spezia21 Sep 19421852La Spezia29,8Exercises.

Ambra (AM)23 Sep 19420845La Spezia23 Sep 19422005La Spezia49Exercises.

Ambra (AM)28 Sep 19420850La Spezia28 Sep 19421205La Spezia23Exercises.

Ambra (AM)30 Sep 19420820La Spezia30 Sep 19420958La Spezia7,2Exercises.

Ambra (AM)3 Oct 19420732La Spezia3 Oct 19421050La Spezia12Trials.

Ambra (AM)5 Oct 19420740La Spezia5 Oct 19420951La Spezia5,3Trials.

Ambra (AM)6 Oct 19420745La Spezia6 Oct 19421925La Spezia57,6Exercises, escorted by MAS 505.

Ambra (AM)7 Oct 19421550La Spezia8 Oct 19421440La Spezia142,5Exercises, escorted by MAS 505.

Ambra (AM)13 Oct 19420745La Spezia13 Oct 19421638La Spezia58,7Exercises with the submarines H.4 and H.6, escorted by MAS 556.

Ambra (AM)15 Oct 19420948La Spezia15 Oct 19421149La Spezia5,2Exercises.

Ambra (AM)20 Oct 19421536La Spezia20 Oct 19422249La Spezia2,6Exercises.

Ambra (AM)27 Oct 19420747La Spezia27 Oct 19421635La Spezia57,9Exercises.

Ambra (AM)28 Oct 19421625La Spezia29 Oct 19420800La Spezia5,2Exercises.

Ambra (AM)9 Nov 19421730La Spezia9 Nov 19420802La Spezia1Trials.

Ambra (AM)10 Nov 19420830La Spezia10 Nov 19421210La Spezia27,2Trials.

Ambra (AM)10 Nov 19420900La Spezia10 Nov 19421055La SpeziaExercises.

Ambra (AM)16 Nov 19421045La Spezia16 Nov 19421220La Spezia5,3Exercises.

Ambra (AM)17 Nov 19421542La Spezia17 Nov 19421917La Spezia5,3Exercises.

Ambra (AM)19 Nov 19420835La Spezia19 Nov 19421715La Spezia5,3Exercises.

Ambra (AM)20 Nov 19421455La Spezia20 Nov 19421850La Spezia5,3Exercises.

Ambra (AM)23 Nov 19421537La Spezia23 Nov 19422045La Spezia5,3Exercises.

Ambra (AM)24 Nov 19421315La Spezia24 Nov 19421750La Spezia6Exercises.

Ambra (AM)25 Nov 19420942La Spezia25 Nov 19422100La Spezia26,6Exercises.

Ambra (AM)25 Nov 19421245La Spezia25 Nov 19421545La SpeziaExercises.

Ambra (AM)27 Nov 19421545La Spezia27 Nov 19422212La Spezia7Exercises.

Ambra (AM)3 Dec 19421020La Spezia3 Dec 19421943La Spezia11Exercises.

17.Ambra (AM)4 Dec 19421452La Spezia15 Dec 19421120La Spezia1539,26Launched frogmen and SLC attack on Algiers [Operation N.A.1]. The operation was delayed by 24 hours as SUPERMARINA had been informed of the arrival of a large convoy to Algiers on 9th November. Arillo was awarded the Medaglia D'Oro for his exploits.
  11 Dec 19422300-2320
(0) 105° - Southern entrance of Algiers harbour - 2000 m.
At 2145 hours, Ambra had reached a position just 2,000 metres from the entrance of the harbour of Algiers.

By 2300 hours, the ten Gamma men had left the boat.

At 2320 hours, the three SLCs left.


1. TV Giorgio Badessi (Group Leader)/ S.C. Palombaro Carlo Pesel
2. TNG Guido Arena/ Sotto Capo Palombaro Ferdinando Cocchi
3. GM Giorgio Reggioli/S.C. Palombaro Colombo Pammolli

Gamma men (each pair given 5 objectives):

1. Serg. Alberto Evangelista/Serg. Luigi Rolfini
2. Serg. Gaspare Ghiglione /Soldato Luciano Luciani
3. Marò (or S.C, Fuochista) Rodolfo Lugano/Marò Giovanni Lucchetti (Lucchetti had threatened Morello who had ordered him to return to the submarine. He disobeyed and carried on)
4. S.C. Palombaro Giuseppe Feroldi/Marò Evideo Boscolo (Boscolo attacked target no. 5, Feroldi was unable to reach his objective).
5. STAN Agostino Morello (Gamma leader)/2° Capo Inf. Oreste Botti


T,V, Augusto Jacobacci
2° Capo Armando Battaglia

At that time, the following vessels were present in Algiers: the British Empire Centaur (7,041 GRT, built 1942), the Norwegian Berto (1,493 GRT, built 1918), the British Harmattan (4,558 GRT, built 1930), Ocean Vanquisher (7,174 GRT, 1942) and an unidentified vessel [the USS Thomas Stone beached after being crippled by a German torpedo bomber]. They were the five objectives of the operation [operation N.A.1]. Also present were the light cruisers HMS Sirius and HMS Dido and the sloop HMS Deptford.

Berto was sunk at 0620 hours (all the crew was saved) and the others badly damaged (Empire Centaur had no. 2 and 3 holds flooded, Harmattan had her engine room flooded and had beached herself, Ocean Vanquisher had run aground with engine room and boiler rooms flooded).

The sixteen men of the Decima Flottiglia MAS were all captured. It had been a great success.

Ambra (AM)6 Mar 19430810La Spezia6 Mar 19431351La Spezia24Trials.

Ambra (AM)10 Mar 19430810La Spezia10 Mar 19431215La Spezia23Trials.

Ambra (AM)12 Mar 19430805La Spezia12 Mar 19431530La Spezia29Trials.

Ambra (AM)21 Mar 19430800La Spezia21 Mar 19431625La Spezia57,8Trials.

Ambra (AM)22 Mar 19431200La Spezia22 Mar 19431620La Spezia10Trials.

Ambra (AM)24 Mar 19431200La Spezia24 Mar 19431620La Spezia2,5Gyrocompass tests.

Ambra (AM)30 Mar 19431300La Spezia30 Mar 19431615La Spezia2,5Exercises.

18.Ambra (AM)31 Mar 19430800La Spezia5 Apr 19430745La Spezia668Sailed for area west of Bonifacio Strait for test, with twelve Gamma combat swimmers, three M.T.R. and four operators.
  3 Apr 1943120041° 31'N, 6° 31'EAt 1200 hours, a Spanish vessel was sighted.

Ambra (AM)10 Apr 19430800La Spezia10 Apr 19431740La Spezia49,6Exercises.

Ambra (AM)12 Apr 19430731La Spezia12 Apr 19431730La Spezia52Exercises.

Ambra (AM)3 May 19430645La Spezia3 May 19431615La Spezia57Exercises, escorted out by MAS 525.

Ambra (AM)8 May 19430715La Spezia8 May 19431715La Spezia66,6Exercises.

Ambra (AM)16 May 19430700La Spezia16 May 19431303La Spezia24,6Exercises.

Ambra (AM)17 May 19430845La Spezia17 May 19431730La Spezia28,7Exercises.

Ambra (AM)19 May 19430755La Spezia19 May 19432345La Spezia84,4Exercises.

S 5 ()1 Aug 1943Danzig1 Aug 1943DanzigStarted trials.

S 5 ()9 Sep 1943Danzig9 Sep 1943DanzigSeized by the Germans at the armistice. Carried out only one three-day patrol in Gulf of Finland.

134 entries. 128 total patrol entries (18 marked as war patrols) and 16 events.

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