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Marino Salvatori

Born  8 Aug 1908Perugia


  T.V.Tenente di Vascello


12 Jan 1942 Medaglia d'argento al valore militare
13 Nov 1942 Medaglia d'argento al valore militare

Career information

H.6 (T.V. C.O.): from 25.04.1940 to 21.06.1940.
DIASPRO (T.V. C.O.): from 23.06.1940 to 18.12.1940.
ARCHIMEDE (T.V. C.O.): from 05.01.1941 to 18.11.1941.
From 15.07.1941, served at MARINACCAD.
From 07.03.1942, aerved at MARINA ROMA.

Commands listed for Marino Salvatori

Submarine Type Rank From To
H 6 (H6)CoastalT.V.25 Apr 194021 Jun 1940
Diaspro (DS)Coastal / Sea goingT.V.23 Jun 194018 Dec 1940
Archimede (AH, I.31)Ocean goingT.V.5 Jan 194118 Nov 1941

Ships hit by Marino Salvatori

No ships hit by this Commander.

War patrols listed for Marino Salvatori

 SubmarineDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
1.H 6 (H6)9 Jun 19402200La Spezia14 Jun 19401025La Spezia384Patrolled off Imperia.

Diaspro (DS)23 Jun 19400830Castellammare di Stabia23 Jun 19401700Castellammare di Stabia25,5Exercises.

Diaspro (DS)25 Jun 19400800Castellammare di Stabia25 Jun 19401600Castellammare di Stabia18Exercises.

Diaspro (DS)27 Jun 19400900Castellammare di Stabia28 Jun 19401247La Maddalena230Passage Castellammare di Stabia-La Maddalena.

Diaspro (DS)28 Jun 19401453La Maddalena28 Jun 19401653La Maddalena2Changed anchorage.

2.Diaspro (DS)3 Jul 19401413La Maddalena6 Jul 19401932La Maddalena541Patrolled off La Galite in 37°47'N, 08°51'E on a 45°-225° axis, on a patrol line with Neghelli and Scirè. Uneventful.

3.Diaspro (DS)10 Jul 19400040La Maddalena12 Jul 19400450La Maddalena180Patrolled in 310° - 125 miles (or 38 miles?) from Asinara Point. Sailed with Argo, Scirè and Iride to form a patrol line.

Diaspro (DS)16 Jul 19401352La Maddalena16 Jul 19402012La Maddalena32Exercises.

Diaspro (DS)23 Jul 19400820La Maddalena23 Jul 19401030La MaddalenaDocked.

Diaspro (DS)25 Jul 19401220La Maddalena25 Jul 19401240La MaddalenaUndocked.

Diaspro (DS)30 Jul 19401750La Maddalena31 Jul 19401014Cagliari160Passage La Maddalena-Cagliari.

4.Diaspro (DS)1 Aug 19400220Cagliari11 Aug 19401543La Maddalena1236Patrolled north of Cape Bougaroni on a line from 38°10'N, 06°30'E and 05°20'E, on a patrol line with Axum, Medusa and Turchese. The object was to intercept an enemy force from Gibraltar. Uneventful.

Diaspro (DS)24 Aug 19400800La Maddalena24 Aug 19401730La Maddalena53Exercises.

5.Diaspro (DS)30 Aug 19402250La Maddalena4 Sep 19402200La Maddalena753Patrolled north of Cape Bougaroni on parallel from 38°20'N, 09°00'E to 06°00'E on a patrol line with Axum, Alagi and Medusa.
  1 Sep 19400610
0720 (e)
At 0610 hours, a Sunderland was sighted at a short distance coming head on. It passed Diaspro on the starboard side and T.V. Marino Salvatori ordered the submarine to dive. As she did so, the aircraft made a stern attack, strafing her. The submarine reached a depth of 40-50 metres and proceed westward.

At 0740 hours, five bombs were heard, one of them loudly ahead, the others more distant on both sides. Corallo went down to 70-80 metres. Hydrophone noises were heard and the submarine moved away from them. At 0854 hours, an explosion was heard. At 1035 hours, five explosions were heard astern. At 1220 hours, three explosions was heard to starboard. At 1707 hours, a bomb was heard ahead and finally at 1725 hours five bombs were heard astern.

The attacking aircraft was a Swordfish from the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal.

Diaspro (DS)26 Sep 19401008La Maddalena27 Sep 19401235Cagliari176Passage La Maddalena-Cagliari.

Diaspro (DS)7 Nov 19400750Cagliari7 Nov 19401225Cagliari?Exercises.

6.Diaspro (DS)9 Nov 19401835Cagliari12 Nov 19401907Cagliari443Patrolled in 315° - La Galite - 20 miles, with night patrol as far as 120 miles to the west, on a patrol line with Medusa, Aradam, Axum and Alagi. Sighted only a French convoy at 0800 hours on the 10th.

7.Diaspro (DS)15 Nov 19401841Cagliari19 Nov 19401541Cagliari542Patrolled north of Cape Bougaroni on parallel from 37°20'N, 06°00'E to 05°00'E.
  17 Nov 19401030
(0) North of Cape Bougaroni.
At 1030 hours, a British destroyer of the "H" class was sighted at a distance of 7,000 metres, steering 080°, 12 knots. Diaspro could not close the range for an attack.

8.Diaspro (DS)26 Nov 19400138Cagliari2 Dec 19401353Cagliari702Patrolled southwest of Sardinia, from 38°20'N, 08°40'E to 10 miles south, on a patrol line with Axum, Aradam and Alagi.

Archimede (AH, I.31)6 Jan 19410700Massawa6 Jan 19411430Massawa18,5Exercises.

Archimede (AH, I.31)9 Jan 19410650Massawa9 Jan 19411130Massawa23Exercises.

9.Archimede (AH, I.31)12 Jan 19411020Massawa16 Jan 19411110Massawa483Patrolled in southern Red Sea.

10.Archimede (AH, I.31)2 Feb 19411000Massawa6 Feb 19410925Massawa495Patrolled in southern Red Sea.

11.Archimede (AH, I.31)3 Mar 19410510Massawa7 May 19411645Bordeaux12730Sailed for Bordeaux with Ferraris (Perla had sailed on 1st March and Guglielmotti sailed on 4th March). She reached the rendezvous point (25°00'S, 20°00'W) at 1200 hours on 8th April and started cruising at slow speed on her electric motors. She sighted Guglielmotti and Ferraris on 12th April 1941 and, at 1550 hours on the 14th, she finally sighted "Prairie" (this was the disguise assumed by the German supply ship Nordmark) which told her to change the refuelling point to 25°00 S, 26°00 W. The refuelling from Nordmark finally took place on 16th April 1941 in 25°S, 26° W.
  4 Mar 19412038
(0) Straits of Perim.
At 2038 hours, a steamer was sighted on a westerly course and, seven minutes later, a light was also observed, C.C. Salvatori declined to attack as his orders forbade it.
  4 Mar 19412115
(0) Near Straits of Perim.
At 2115 hours, a convoy of four ships was observed steering north. Again the attack was declined following the instructions received.
  8 Apr 1941
0944 (e)

(e) 25° 09'S, 20° 00'W
(0) Enemy position at 0800 hours.
Italian signals had been deciphered giving the position of the refuelling rendezvous with the German supply ship Nordmark. The Royal Navy had sent the Armed Merchant Cruiser HMS Alcantara, the sloops HMS Bridgewater and HMS Milford and the submarine HMS Severn to intercept (operation GRAB). The British submarine sighted an Italian submarine which was probably Archimede and fired two torpedoes but missed. The attack was not observed from the Italian side.
  8 Apr 1941
1945 (e)

(e) 24° 30'S, 20° 25'W
The submarine HMS Severn sighted an Italian submarine which was again probably Archimede and but could not get into an attack position.
  8 Apr 1941120025° 00'S, 20° 00'WArchimede was the first of the Massawa submarines to reach the rendezvous point with Nordmark. She cruised in the area awaiting to make contact.
  13 Apr 1941140025° 00'S, 20° 00'WAt 1400 hours, the submarines Guglielmotti and Ferraris were encountered and the three submarines cruised together, awaiting for the German supply ship Nordmark.

Note: Archimede's patrol report mentions that the two submarines were sighted on 12th April, but does not give the time. The Guglielmotti's report gives the time as 1400 hours on 13th April.
  14 Apr 19411400-221525° 00'S, 26° 00'WAt 1550 hours, the German supply ship Nordmark was met. She was disguised as the American steamer Prairie. As she had been earlier sighted by an aircraft (a seaplane from HMS Alcantara), the present rendezvous appeared to have been compromised. She informed the submarines to change the refuelling point to 25°00' S, 26°00' W.

They broke off the meeting to relocate at the new rendezvous.
  16 Apr 19411400-221525° 00'S, 26° 00'WFrom 1400 to 2215 hours, Archimede refuelled from Nordmark and took provisions.
  18 Apr 1941?15° 45'S, 27° 23'WDuring the day, a smoke and masts were sighted in the horizon. It appeared to be a tanker steering 040° at 12 knots.
  22 Apr 194116000° 50'S, 28° 10'WA smoke was sighted on the horizon. Its identity could not be ascertained.
  23 Apr 194112004° 10'N, 28° 32'WAt 1200 hours, a steamer was sighted steering 130°. No action was taken.
  30 Apr 1941162532° 57'N, 31° 05'WAt 1625 hours, a steamer was sighted steering 160° at 15 knots.

Archimede (AH, I.31)26 Aug 19410900Bordeaux26 Aug 19411820Le Verdon62Passage Bordeaux-Le Verdon.

Archimede (AH, I.31)27 Aug 19410745Le Verdon27 Aug 19411910La Pallice97Passage Le Verdon-La Pallice with Ferraris escorted by the German patrol boats V-404 and V-411.

Archimede (AH, I.31)28 Aug 19410805La Pallice28 Aug 19411405La Pallice32Exercises.

Archimede (AH, I.31)31 Aug 19410855La Pallice31 Aug 19411615La Pallice33Exercises.

12.Archimede (AH, I.31)2 Sep 19411930La Pallice7 Sep 19411250Bordeaux853,5Short antisubmarine patrol in Bay of Biscay, between 45°00'N and 45°30'N, and between 06°00'W and and 07°50'W (Grids 9454 and 9430).

Archimede (AH, I.31)18 Sep 19410840Bordeaux18 Sep 19411230Le VerdonPassage Bordeaux-Le Verdon.

13.Archimede (AH, I.31)18 Sep 19411900Le Verdon2 Oct 19411450Bordeaux2439Sailed for Italy, but on 20th September the order was cancelled and she was diverted to patrol between 38°00'N and 40°00'N, and between 09°00'W and 11°00'W, near Lisbon. At 2200 hours on the 27th, Archimede received orders to patrol between 40°00'N and 42°00'N, and between 09°00'W and 10°00'W. Sighted only neutral vessels.
  26 Sep 1941230038° 59'N, 10° 03'WAt 2300 hours, an illuminated 4,000-ton steamer was sighted proceeding toward Lisbon.
  28 Sep 1941175041° 03'N, 9° 22'WAt 1750 hours, an illuminated 3,000-ton steamer was sighted steering 160°. Archimede closed but then recognised it as neutral.
  29 Sep 1941114541° 13'N, 9° 44'WAt 1145 hours, an illuminated Portuguese was sighted steering 070°.

Archimede (AH, I.31)16 Oct 19411310Bordeaux16 Oct 19411650Le VerdonPassage Bordeaux-Le Verdon.

14.Archimede (AH, I.31)16 Oct 19411850Le Verdon5 Nov 19410800Le Verdon3892,5Ordered back to Italy, but at 2310 hours on 23rd October, when in 265° - Cape Spartel - 45 miles, she was ordered to suspend the transfer and operate against a convoy from Gibraltar (H.G.75) and to proceed 35°55'N, 11°25'W and thence to 35°35'N, 12°05'W. At 1010 hours on the 24th, she was told to shift her patrol 20 miles to the north More orders followed as the battle of convoy H.G. 75 developed. She was then recalled to Bordeaux for a long refit.
  20 Oct 1941000037° 40'N, 12° 14'WAt midnight, a Spanish vessel was sighted.
  24 Oct 1941064036° 18'N, 10° 00'WArchimede had been ordered to intercept a convoy (H.G.75) which had sailed from Gibraltar.

At 0640 hours, two destroyers were sighted at 3,000 metres. The submarine crash-dived but was not attacked, although depth-charges were heard in the distance.

At 2015 hours, Archimede surfaced.

At 2100 hours, the submarine received the order to be at dawn in 37°15' N, 13°05' W and proceeded toward this new position.
  25 Oct 1941122036° 44'N, 13° 20'WAt 1220 hours, an aircraft was seen and the submarine dived.
  26 Oct 1941041537° 26'N, 15° 45'WAt 0415 hours, fireworks were sighted in the distance. Archimede assumed that this was the convoy and reported it, but the convoy was actually to the NW and the submarine's actual position further south.
  27 Oct 19410915 (dawn)
0713Z (e)
39° 35'N, 19° 34'WAt 0915 hours (it was dawn), the convoy (H.G.75) was sighted steering 300°. Five or six merchant ships were observed escorted by four destroyers.

At 0920 hours, Archimede was discovered by the escort and forced to crash-dive. This was followed by two pattern of five or six depth charges each. The submarine went down to 120 meters. More depth charges followed at 0940, 1012, 1037, and 1045 hours, the submarine suffering some damage.

The attack had been carried out by HMS Duncan who did not claim success. Archimede surfaced at 2030 hours and withdrew to effect repairs. Attempts to rejoin the convoy did not succeed and, at 1000 hours on 1st November, the submarine abandoned the chase and returned home.
  29 Oct 1941151544° 30'N, 21° 30'WAt 1515 hours, an aircraft was seen and the submarine dived.
  30 Oct 1941110047° 30'N, 20° 16'WAt 1100 hours, an aircraft was seen and the submarine dived.
  30 Oct 1941130047° 30'N, 20° 16'WAt 1300 hours, an aircraft was seen and the submarine dived.
  31 Oct 1941003048° 44'N, 19° 48'WAt 0030 hours, three star shells were fired very near and Archimede dived.

Archimede (AH, I.31)5 Nov 19411430Le Verdon5 Nov 19411730BordeauxPassage Le Verdon-Bordeaux.

55 entries. 34 total patrol entries (14 marked as war patrols) and 26 events.

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