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Ennio Suriano

Born  11 Sep 1916Pianiga (Venice)
Died  15 Apr 1943(26)Killed in action


  S.T.V.Sottotenente di Vascello
  T.V.Tenente di Vascello


16 Nov 1942 Medaglia di bronzo al valore militare
24 Dec 1951 Medaglia di bronzo al valore militare (posthumous)

Career information

From 29.06.1939, served as G.M. on light cruiser EUGENIO DI SAVOIA.
C.B.4 (S.T.V. C.O.: From 05.06.1941 to 02.12.1942?
Promoted to T.V. on ?
ARCHIMEDE (T.V. First Officer): from 22.01.1943 to 06.05.1943 (sunk, Suriano was killed).

Commands listed for Ennio Suriano

Submarine Type Rank From To
CB 4 ()S.T.V.10 May 19412 Dec 1942

Ships hit by Ennio Suriano

No ships hit by this Commander.

War patrols listed for Ennio Suriano

 SubmarineDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
CB 4 ()16 Apr 19411000La Spezia16 Apr 19411420La SpeziaExercises with CB 3, escorted by the auxiliary Rimini.

CB 4 ()30 May 1941La Spezia30 May 1941La SpeziaExercises.

CB 4 ()15 Jun 1941La Spezia15 Jun 1941La SpeziaJoined MARICOSOM.

CB 4 ()23 Jun 19410900La Spezia23 Jun 19411300La Spezia14Exercises.

1.CB 4 ()25 Jun 19411600La Spezia27 Jun 19410830La Spezia143A/S patrol.

CB 4 ()11 Jul 19410830La Spezia11 Jul 19411800La Spezia28Exercises or patrol.

CB 4 ()15 Jul 19411115La Spezia15 Jul 19411300La Spezia3Exercises or changed anchorage?

CB 4 ()18 Jul 19410905La Spezia18 Jul 19411220La Spezia14,5Exercises or patrol.

CB 4 ()22 Jul 19411040La Spezia22 Jul 19411315La Spezia3Exercises or changed anchorage?

CB 4 ()23 Jul 19411412La Spezia23 Jul 19411545La Spezia3Exercises or changed anchorage?

CB 4 ()24 Jul 19410845La Spezia24 Jul 19411015La Spezia3Exercises or changed anchorage?

CB 4 ()26 Jul 19412045La Spezia27 Jul 19410240La Spezia23Exercises or patrol.

CB 4 ()29 Jul 19410830La Spezia29 Jul 19411200La Spezia18Exercises or patrol.

CB 4 ()23 Aug 19411000La Spezia23 Aug 19411215La Spezia3Exercises or changed anchorage?

CB 4 ()24 Aug 19410845La Spezia24 Aug 19411550La Spezia6Exercises. Then to Naples by train.

CB 4 ()31 Aug 19411500Naples31 Aug 19411515Naples1,5Changed anchorage?

CB 4 ()3 Sep 19410545Naples3 Sep 19411200Salerno46Passage Naples-Salerno.

2.CB 4 ()8 Sep 19411645Salerno10 Sep 19411015Salerno140Antisubmarine patrol off Punta Licosa. Uneventful.

3.CB 4 ()20 Sep 19411600Salerno21 Sep 19411545Salerno92Antisubmarine patrol with CB 1.

4.CB 4 ()5 Oct 19411600Salerno7 Oct 19411245Salerno?Antisubmarine patrol.

5.CB 4 ()16 Oct 19411500Salerno17 Oct 19411300Salerno82Antisubmarine patrol. Uneventful.

CB 4 ()25 Oct 19410300Salerno25 Oct 19411100Naples42Passage Salerno-Naples.

CB 4 ()26 Oct 19410800Naples26 Oct 19411440Salerno42Passage Naples-Salerno.

6.CB 4 ()27 Oct 19411800Salerno28 Oct 19410730Salerno52,5Antisubmarine patrol with CB 3. Uneventful.

CB 4 ()23 Nov 19410900Naples23 Nov 19411230IschiaPassage Naples-Ischia.

7.CB 4 ()23 Nov 19411800Ischia25 Nov 19410815Ischia168Antisubmarine patrol. Uneventful.

8.CB 4 ()29 Nov 19411600Ischia30 Nov 19411300Ischia94Antisubmarine patrol. Uneventful.

9.CB 4 ()6 Dec 19411600Ischia7 Dec 19410910Ischia88Antisubmarine patrol. Uneventful.

CB 4 ()12 Dec 19410700Ischia12 Dec 19411630Salerno57Passage Ischia-Salerno.

CB 4 ()19 Dec 1941Salerno19 Dec 19411110Naples40Passage Salerno-Naples. Returned to Salerno?

CB 4 ()14 Jan 19420945Naples14 Jan 19421500NaplesExercises.

CB 4 ()9 Mar 1942La Spezia9 Mar 1942La SpeziaArrived at La Spezia by train.

CB 4 ()26 Mar 19421155La Spezia26 Mar 19421530La SpeziaExercises.

CB 4 ()28 Mar 19420930La Spezia28 Mar 19421530La SpeziaExercises.

CB 4 ()11 Apr 1942Date?La Spezia5 May 1942GalatzPassage La Spezia-Galatz by train.

CB 4 ()6 May 1942Date?Galatz7 May 19421945CostanzaPassage Galatz-Costanza.

CB 4 ()25 May 1942Costanza25 May 19421945CostanzaExercises.

CB 4 ()29 May 19420730Costanza29 May 19421200CostanzaExercises.

10.CB 4 ()9 Jun 19420000Costanza11 Jun 19421015Yalta298Passage Costanza-Yalta with CB 5 and CB 6. Patrolled north of 43°36'N, between 33°25'E and 34°40'E [does not appear to have reached the 34° meridian].
  11 Jun 19420145At 0145 hours, a Soviet MTB was sighted steering 270° at 30 knots. Possibly one of three MO-cutters escorting the steamer Belostok (2,034 GRT, built 1933) to Sevastopol.

11.CB 4 ()14 Jun 19421200Yalta16 Jun 19421230Yalta99,5Patrolled south of Sevastopol in 43°50'N, 34°00'E.
  14 Jun 19421750
(0) About 25 miles from Yalta.
At 1750 hours, a Soviet MTB was sighted.
  15 Jun 19421100At 1100 hours, a submarine was sighted at a distance of 4 miles, steering 280°, 12 knots.
  16 Jun 19420530
(0) Ca. 20 miles from Yalta.
At 0530 hours, a Soviet submarine was sighted at a distance of 6 miles, steering 090°, 12 knots.

12.CB 4 ()20 Jun 19421600Yalta22 Jun 19421810Yalta128Patrolled south of Sevastopol. Proceeded to 43°50'N, 34°00'E then, from dawn on 15th June, moved westward for 10 miles until the meridian of Cape Sarych was reached. Encountered heavy weather, force 7-8 and the submarine experienced 30-40° rolls.
  21 Jun 19421410
(0) 5 miles south of Cape Sarych or south of Sevastopol.
At 1400 hours, a shadow was sighted coming out of the mist. It was identified as a small Soviet torpedo-boat heading straight for the midget submarine. CB 4 crash-dived and was hunted by the vessel who dropped five depth charges.

13.CB 4 ()26 Jun 19422020Yalta28 Jun 19421040Yalta83Patrolled south of Cape Sarych.
  27 Jun 19420250
(0) South of Cape Sarytch
At 0250 hours, a large Soviet destroyer was sighted at a distance of 8,000 metres, steering 110° at high speed.

This was the large destroyer Tashkent (2,893 tons, built 1939). CB 4 could not close to attack and made an enemy report. The destroyer was bombed by stukas the next day and reached Novorosiisk only to be sunk there by an air attack on 2nd July.
  27 Jun 19420345
(0) South of Cape Sarytch
At 0345 hours, a Soviet destroyer bearing 247° was sighted at a distance of 7,000 metres.

CB 4 dived to attack at periscope depth, steering 200°, but lost sight at 0350 hours.

T.V. Suriano intended to surface to regain contact, but sighted a Soviet MTB at less than 100 meters closing rapidly. Attack was aborted as the submarine went deep, the first depth-charges exploding as she had reached 20 meters, CB 4 went deeper successively to 50 and then to 62 meters. She was hunted by two MTBs and the destroyer joined them,from 0354 to 0632 hours. In all they dropped 58 depth-charges set at depths between 30 and 70 meters. CB 4 was damaged, her periscope flooded and leaking fuel with a starboard list that could not be corrected and the patrol was aborted.

CB 4 ()7 Jul 19421400Yalta9 Jul 19422000Costanza289Passage Yalta-Costanza with CB 1. Uneventful.

CB 4 ()21 Aug 1942Costanza21 Aug 1942Costanza12Exercises.

CB 4 ()13 Sep 19421830Costanza14 Sep 19421300SulinaPassage Costanza-Sulina with CB 1 and CB 6.

14.CB 4 ()16 Sep 19421900Sulina18 Sep 19420800SulinaEscorted a northbound convoy of German F-lighters with CB 1 and CB 6, but the bad weather forced them back at 0100 hours on the 17th.
  16 Sep 19422130
(0) Near Gura Kilia Light.
At 2130 hours, a passenger was observed to scream for help after falling overboard from one of the F-lighters. CB 4 helped search for the man but in the obscurity he could not be found and the search was abandoned after 45 minutes. He was a German NCO.

15.CB 4 ()19 Sep 19421730Sulina20 Sep 19421620OstchakovPassage Sulina-Ostchakov with CB 1 and CB 6, escorting German F-lighters to Bugaz (they were left at the entrance of this port at 0530 hours on the 20th). Uneventful.

16.CB 4 ()25 Sep 19421200Ostchakov26 Sep 19421730Ak MetschetPassage Ostchakov-Ak Metschet with CB 1 and CB 6, escorting German F-lighters, one of which towed CB 4 part of the way.

CB 4 ()28 Sep 19421000Ak Metschet28 Sep 19421800SkadowskPassage Ak Metschet-Skadowsk with CB 1 and CB 6. Uneventful.

CB 4 ()15 Oct 19420900Skadowsk15 Oct 19421700Ak MetschetPassage Skadowsk-Sevastopol with CB 1 and CB 6, but diverted to Ak Metschet due to defects to CB 1.

CB 4 ()15 Oct 19422000Ak Metschet16 Oct 19421520SevastopolPassage Ak Metschet-Sevastopol with CB 1 and CB 6.

CB 4 ()24 Oct 19420700Sevastopol24 Oct 19421630Costanza648Passage Sevastopol-Costanza with CB 1 and CB 6 [mileage from 19th September].

17.CB 4 ()27 Oct 19421500Yalta29 Oct 19420930Yalta64Antisubmarine patrol off Yalta with CB 1, between meridian of Cape Kikineis and Cape Sarytch and 44°08 N and the coast. C.C. Luigi Longanesi Cattani [Capo Squadriglia] was an observer. Uneventful. Sighted only a German reconnaissance aircraft at 1630 hours on the 28th.

18.CB 4 ()30 Oct 19421500Yalta31 Oct 19421230Sevastopol74Passage Yalta-Sevastopol and antisubmarine patrol with CB 1. Uneventful.

19.CB 4 ()2 Nov 19421200Sevastopol3 Nov 19420810Yalta90Passage Sevastopol-Yalta and antisubmarine patrol south of Cape Sarych with CB 2. Uneventful.

20.CB 4 ()6 Nov 19421600Yalta7 Nov 19420700Yalta16Antisubmarine patrol south of Yalta with CB 2.

21.CB 4 ()13 Nov 19421500Yalta14 Nov 19420810YaltaAntisubmarine patrol south of Yalta with CB 2. Because of bad weather, the patrol was shifted on the leeward of Cape Aj-Todor. Uneventful.

22.CB 4 ()16 Nov 19421100Yalta17 Nov 19421500Sevastopol74Passage Yalta-Sevastopol in very bad weather and antisubmarine patrol south of Cape Sarych with CB 2. Uneventful [mileage from 13th November].

CB 4 ()22 Nov 19420630Sevastopol23 Nov 19421400C. TendraPassage Sevastopol-Costanza with CB 1, CB 2 and CB 6, but took refuge near Cape Tendra on account of the bad weather.

23.CB 4 ()24 Nov 19420600C. Tendra24 Nov 19421630OstchakovPassage Cape Tendra-Ostchakov with CB 1, CB 2 and CB 6 with a German convoy.

24.CB 4 ()26 Nov 19420600Ostchakov26 Nov 19421200OstchakovSailed escorting a German convoy with CB 1, CB 2 and CB 6, but they all turned back on account of the weather.

25.CB 4 ()27 Nov 19420600Ostchakov27 Nov 19421400OdessaPassage Ostchakov-Odessa, escorting a German convoy with CB 1, CB 2 and CB 6 towed by a German tug.

CB 4 ()28 Nov 19420600Odessa28 Nov 19421500BugazPassage Odessa-Bugaz with CB 1, CB 2 and CB 6.

CB 4 ()30 Nov 19420600Bugaz30 Nov 19422000SulinaPassage Bugaz-Sulina with CB 1, CB 2 and CB 6.

CB 4 ()1 Dec 19421100Sulina2 Dec 19420600Costanza440Passage Sulina-Costanza with CB 1, CB 2 and CB 6. British Intelligence reported that CB 4 was exercising on 16-17th June 1943 (location unknown, but probably off Costanza) [mileage from November 1942].

68 entries. 65 total patrol entries (25 marked as war patrols) and 8 events.

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