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Vittorio Carminati

Born  12 May 1903?


  C.C.Capitano di Corvetta


Career information

MICHELE BIANCHI (C.C. C.O.): from 26.04.40 to 16.06.40.
MOCENIGO (C.C. C.O.): from 17.06.1940 to 16.09.1940.

Commands listed for Vittorio Carminati

Submarine Type Rank From To
Michele Bianchi (BH, I.11)Ocean goingC.C.26 Apr 194016 Jun 1940
Mocenigo (MO, I.19)Ocean goingC.C.17 Jun 194016 Sep 1940

Ships hit by Vittorio Carminati

No ships hit by this Commander.

War patrols listed for Vittorio Carminati

 SubmarineDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
Michele Bianchi (BH, I.11)9 Jun 19400740La Spezia9 Jun 19400950La Spezia2Exercises.

Michele Bianchi (BH, I.11)12 Jun 19400830La Spezia12 Jun 19401740La Spezia53,2Exercises.

Michele Bianchi (BH, I.11)13 Jun 19400905La Spezia13 Jun 19401720La Spezia50,3Exercises.

Michele Bianchi (BH, I.11)15 Jun 19400735La Spezia15 Jun 19401309La Spezia50,4Exercises.

Michele Bianchi (BH, I.11)17 Jun 19400950La Spezia17 Jun 19401255La Spezia48,2Exercises.

1.Mocenigo (MO, I.19)17 Jun 19401800La Spezia29 Jun 19402240La Spezia?Patrolled in area between 42°00'N and 42°40'N, and between 03°20'E and 04°00'E, between Cape Croisette and Cape Creus (Spain).
  20 Jun 19400345
(0) Off Cape Creus (Spain).
At 1339 hours, at a distance of 4,000 metres, Mocenigo sighted a convoy of sixteen ships in two columns distant between them of about 2,000 metres and escorted by six torpedo boats of the AVENTURIER (sic, LA MELPOMÈNE?) class. At 1558 hours, the submarine had closed to about 1,500 metres and was ready to fire torpedoes, when two torpedo boats rushed toward her. C.C. Carminati avoided them by going deep.
  25 Jun 1940034542° 19'N, 3° 19'EAt 0345 hours, a 4,000-ton steamer was sighted at 2,000 metres proceeding on a 180° course at 13 knots. The order was given to fire a torpedo (533mm) from a bow tube but, due to an error in drill, it was not executed. The attack was not renewed.

Mocenigo (MO, I.19)6 Jul 19401518La Spezia6 Jul 19401600La Spezia1Exercises.

Mocenigo (MO, I.19)8 Jul 19401140La Spezia8 Jul 19401220La Spezia1Exercises.

Mocenigo (MO, I.19)9 Jul 19401233La Spezia9 Jul 19401950La Spezia67,5Exercises.

Mocenigo (MO, I.19)12 Jul 19400715La Spezia12 Jul 19400840La Spezia9Exercises.

Mocenigo (MO, I.19)15 Jul 19400800La Spezia15 Jul 19401800La Spezia92Exercises.

Mocenigo (MO, I.19)19 Jul 19400556La Spezia19 Jul 19401615La Spezia87Exercises.

2.Mocenigo (MO, I.19)22 Jul 19402203La Spezia9 Aug 19400700La Spezia1672Patrolled east of Gibraltar, between meridian of Cape de Gata, Cape Palos and Cape Ivi, between Spanish coast and North African coast.

Mocenigo (MO, I.19)20 Aug 19401400La Spezia20 Aug 19401450La Spezia0,8Changed moorings?

Mocenigo (MO, I.19)29 Aug 19400905La Spezia29 Aug 19401555La Spezia50Exercises.

Mocenigo (MO, I.19)31 Aug 19400900La Spezia31 Aug 19401200La Spezia26Exercises.

Mocenigo (MO, I.19)3 Sep 19400825La Spezia3 Sep 19401225La Spezia21Exercises.

Mocenigo (MO, I.19)4 Sep 19400854La Spezia4 Sep 19401440La Spezia1Exercises?

Mocenigo (MO, I.19)5 Sep 19401354La Spezia5 Sep 19401730La Spezia27Exercises.

Mocenigo (MO, I.19)12 Sep 19400901La Spezia12 Sep 19401440La Spezia0,9Changed moorings?

Mocenigo (MO, I.19)14 Sep 19400830La Spezia14 Sep 19401130La Spezia25Exercises.

22 entries. 21 total patrol entries (2 marked as war patrols) and 2 events.

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