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HMS Argonaut

HMS Argonaut after repairs in the U.S.A. November 1943

TypeLight cruiser
CountryBritish British

Date of attack14 Dec 1942Time0558.5
0600 (e)
FateDamaged by submarine Mocenigo (T.V. Alberto Longhi)
Position of attack37° 30'N, 8° 13'E
Complement (3 dead, no survivors)
Notes At 0556 hours, Mocenigo was on the surface when she sighted four enemy warships in two columns, proceeding on a SSW course at 18 knots at a distance of 2,000 metres. At 0558 hours, four torpedoes (G7e) were fired from the bow tubes at 2 second intervals from a distance of 800 metres, at what appeared to be a TRIBAL class destroyer. The submarine dived upon firing and heard two hits after 59 and 62 seconds. The victim was the light cruiser HMS Argonaut (5,450 tons), returning from a sweep with the light cruiser HMS Aurora and the destroyers HMS Eskimo and HMS Quality (Force Q).

The torpedoes had hit the bow and stern sections, killing an officer and two ratings. The engines were stopped and the steering had failed. HMS Quality remained besides her throughout and HMS Eskimo rejoined them before daylight. She finally managed to get under way at 8 knots, screened by the two destroyers. The escort was later reinforced by the destroyers HMS Ashanti and HMS Tartar and they reached Algiers at 1700 hours on the 15th.

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Ships hit by Italian submarines