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Aghios Nicolaos

TypeCargo ship
CountryGreek Greek

Date of attack1 Oct 1940Time1615-1955
FateSunk by submarine Maggiore Francesco Baracca (C.C. Enrico Bertarelli)
Position of attack40° 04'N, 17° 10'W
Complement26 (no casualties, 26 survivors)
Notes At 1615 hours, a steamer was observed at a distance of 15,000 metres on an easterly course. Baracca increased speed to give chase,which was made difficult by the heavy seas (Force 5). The vessel was finally stopped with a warning burst of machine gun fire. She was ordered to send a boat with her papers.

This was the Greek Aghios Nicolaos (3,687 GRT, 1915) on passage from Santa Fé to Belfast carrying 2,200 tons of zinc and 3,982 tons of wood.

C.C. Bertarelli briefly considered capturing her, but this would prove too difficult. He gave the crew 30 minutes to abandon ship. When the time had elapsed, the submarine opened fire with about 40 rounds and she sank at 1955 hours.

The twenty-six survivors were later rescued by Spanish vessels. There were no casualties.

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