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Baron Lovat

TypeCargo ship
CountryBritish British

Date of attack6 Jun 1941Time0425
0545 (e)
FateSunk by submarine Guglielmo Marconi (T.V. Mario Paolo Pollina)
Position of attack35° 05'N, 11° 45'W
Complement22 (16 dead and 6 survivors)
Notes A signal from BETASOM (1921/5) had informed the submarines that a convoy had been sighted by Velella at 1830 hours in 35°38' N, 11°22' W. The submarines Marconi, Mocenigo, Em and Brin were ordered to converge.

At 2312 hours, Marconi sighted the convoy of sixteen vessels with escorts in 35°17' N, 11°40' W (Italian Grid 8572/51). This was convoy O.G. 63 (Liverpool to Gibraltar).

At 0422 hours, she fired a pair of torpedoes from the bow tubes at a distance of 800 metres, aimed at a large tanker of the DAGHESTAN class and another ship. Although both were claimed to have hit, this has not been confirmed.

At 0425 hours, another pair of torpedoes was fired from stern tubes at a merchant ship. Both hit and the vessel sank.

This was the British Baron Lovat (3,395 GRT, built 1926). All thirty-five crew members were rescued by the sloop HMS Wellington.

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