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TypeCargo ship
CountryYugoslavian Yugoslavian

Date of attack14 Aug 1941Time1509+
1300 GMT (e)
FateSunk by submarine Guglielmo Marconi (T.V. Mario Paolo Pollina)
Position of attack40° 45'N, 17° 45'W
Complement33 (no casualties, 33 survivors)
Convoyex-H.G. 70
Notes At 0910 hours, a smoke was sighted on the horizon.

At 1201 hours, Marconi had maneuvered ahead of the vessel and submerged to launch a submerged attack.

At 1339 hours, two torpedoes were fired from the forward tubes at a distance of 600 metres. They both missed.

This was the Yugoslav Sud (2,520 GRT, built 1901) on her way to Halifax after leaving convoy H.G.70.

From 1434 to 1509 hours, the submarine opened fire from a distance of 3,500 to 4,000 metres, damaging the steamer. One lifeboat was observed to have been lowered in the sea. Shortly after, a second one followed. The vessel was on fire and listing to port but remained afloat.

At 1509 hours, a torpedo was fired from a bow tube at a distance of 600 metres. It missed under. At about the same time, more rounds were fired near the waterline, creating ten holes. The freighter began to sink slowly.

U-126 (KL Ernst Bauer) arrived (in 40°48' N, 17°45' W) and also hit her with gunfire claiming the sinking (Rohwer attributes only damage to Marconi and the sinking to U-126). The entire crew of thirty-three was picked up by the Portuguese Alferrarede and landed at Horta.

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Ships hit by Italian submarines