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Stag Hound

TypeCargo ship
CountryAmerican American

Date of attack3 Mar 1943Time2344
2245Z (e)
FateSunk by submarine Barbarigo (T.V. Roberto Rigoli)
Position of attack16° 19'S, 36° 45'W
Complement84 (no casualties, 84 survivors)
Notes At 1647 hours, a motorship (later estimated at 12,000 tons) was observed in the distance. It appeared to have spotted the submarine and tried escaping on a straight line without zigzagging, steering 230°. Barbarigo raced to intercept at 15.5 knots. However, the heat in the engine room was such, that a box of provisions was set afire. The fire was quickly extinguished without slowing down the submarine.

At 2313 hours, three torpedoes (533mm) were fired from the bow tubes at a distance of 780 metres. All three hit, but the vessel did not sink.

At 2329 hours, a torpedo (450mm) was fired from a stern tube, but it missed under.

At 2344 hours, another torpedo (450mm) from a stern tube was the coup-de-grace and the ship sank. This was the American refrigeration ship Stag Hound (8,591 GRT, built 1942) routed independently from New York to Rio de Janeiro. The crew of eighty-four were rescued by the Argentine steamer Rio Colorado and landed at Rio de Janeiro on 6th March.

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