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CountrySoviet Soviet

Date of attack26 Aug 1943Time0114
0115 (e)
FateSunk by submarine CB 4 (G.M. Armando Sibille)
Position of attack45° 11'N, 33° 21'E
Complement45 (45 dead, no survivors)
Notes At 0114 hours, a Soviet submarine was sighted and attacked with two torpedoes (450mm) fired at a range of 400 metres. One hit under the conning tower and the submarine sank.

This was the Soviet submarine SC-203 (Captain 3rd rank Vladimir Innokentyevich Nemchinov). There were no survivors and forty-five victims.

Her wreck was found in 1949. She was probably the submarine which attacked CB 1 on 23 August 1943, as tubes 1 and 4 were found empty.

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Ships hit by Italian submarines