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TypeCargo ship
CountryBritish British

Date of attack19 Dec 1940Time2010
1914 (e)
FateSunk by submarine Alpino Attilio Bagnolini (C.C. Franco Tosoni Pittoni)
Position of attack53° 55'N, 16° 37'W
Complement36 (36 dead, no survivors)
Notes At 1750 hours, a steamer was sighted at a distance of 9,000 metres. Bagnolini closed submerged at full speed.

At 1915 hours, the vessel could no longer be seen seen throught the periscope and the submarine surfaced.

At 2010 hours, a torpedo (533mm) was fired from a bow tube at a distance estimated at 1,400 metres. It hit after 80 seconds, giving a range of 1,650 metres, and the vessel sank after 20 minutes. Due to the delay, C.C. Tosoni Pittoni had assumed that it had missed and ordered the firing of a second torpedo (533mm) 70 seconds after the first one. It missed.

The victim was the British Amicus (3,660 GRT, built 1925) detached from convoy S.C.13. She was also reported, in error, as the British Amiens (1,548 GRT, built 1918).
HMS Westcott was sent to her assistance. There were no survivors of her crew of thirty-six.

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Ships hit by Italian submarines