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Almirante Jose De Carranza

TypeCargo ship
CountrySpanish Spanish

Date of attack19 Sep 1940Time0315
0155 (e)
FateSunk by submarine Guglielmo Marconi (C.C. Giulio Chialamberto)
Position of attack
Complement15 (14 dead and 1 survivor)
Notes The submarine was patrolling on the surface in foggy weather, when a light was observed. Shortly after, a large mass emerged from the mist and was initially thought to be a 10,000-ton merchant vessel on a southerly course. It was thus believed to come from Great Britain.

At 0315 hours, Chialamberto took the fateful decision to fire a torpedo (533mm, S.I type) from 700 metres.

The target was the Spanish fishing vessel Almirante Jose De Carranza (330 GRT, built 1918). She was hit and immediately sank. Of the crew of fifteen only one survivor was picked up by the submarine and later transferred to the Spanish fishing vessel Maria Dolores. For this action, C.C. Chialamberto was severely reprimanded by Admiral Parona.

Ships hit by Italian submarines