Luftwaffe Combat clasp in Bronze

Frontflugspange in Bronze

This was a Luftwaffe decoration available in Bronze, Silver and Gold with possible upgrade to Diamonds.

Requirements for each grade were as follows:

  • Bronze. 20 flown missions
  • Silver. 60 flown missions
  • Gold. 110 flown missions

The clasp was awarded for missions in a variety of aircraft, including day fighters, night fighters, bombers and reconnaissance.

Decorations ordered by last name

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Commander and rankAgeCrewDate  U-boat Command(s) held *
Oblt. Basse, Georg-Wilhelm +233622 Mar 1941  

Dobratz, Kurt372215 Jun 1941  

Ltn. Fabricius, Fritz2237b1942  
Oblt. Fiehn, Helmut +24351940  

Ltn. M√ľnster, Helmut2537b24 Sep 1941  

5 U-boat Commanders decorated with Luftwaffe Combat clasp in Bronze (Frontflugspange in Bronze) located.

+ Indicates the Officer died in the war.
* Commands held indicates the U-boat commands held by this officer before award date. In some cases the officer had not taken command his first boat yet or was not even in the U-boat force yet.

Note: This listing is still being compiled and some recipients might be missing.

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