WWI U-boats

UB 107

ShipyardBlohm & Voss, Hamburg (Werk 313)
Ordered 23 Sep 1916
Launched 21 Jul 1917
Commissioned 16 Feb 1918
16 Feb 1918 - 16 May 1918 Kptlt. Hans Howaldt (Pour le Mérite)
17 May 1918 - 4 Aug 1918 Kptlt. Eberhard von Prittwitz und Gaffron
Career 4 patrols
16 May 1918 - 4 Aug 1918 Flandern II Flotilla
Successes11 ships sunk with a total of 26,147 tons.
1 ship damaged with a total of 1,685 tons. (View ships hit by UB 107)
Fate 4 Aug 1918 - Sunk by unknown cause one mile north of Flamborough Head at position 54 08N, 00 00W, between July 28 and August 3, 1918.. 38 dead (all hands lost).

The wreck of this boat has been located, but in a location miles from where it was supposedly sunk.

Previously recorded fate
Depth charged on July 27, 1918 by the RN trawler Calvis and yacht Vanessa II at position 5423N, 0024W. In fact, UB 107 probably was not present for this attack.

UB 107 was, however, the only U-boat that could have been responsible for the sinking of the steamers Chloris and John Rettig two and a half hours later at position 5352N, 0010E. Divers in recent years discovered the wreck of UB 107, which was identified by markings on the propellers, off Flamborough Head together with (under) what remains of the steamer Malvina. The Malvina was torpedoed and sunk by UB 104 on August 3, 1918. UB 107 apparently either suffered an accident of some sort or was lost on a British mine.

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