WWI U-boats

UC 32

Type UC II
ShipyardVulcan, Hamburg (Werk 71)
Ordered 29 Aug 1915
Launched 12 Aug 1916
Commissioned 13 Sep 1916
13 Sep 1916 - 23 Feb 1917 Oblt. Herbert Breyer
Career 3 patrols
27 Nov 1918 - 23 Feb 1917 I Flotilla
Successes6 ships sunk with a total of 9,083 tons. (View ships hit by UC 32)
Fate 23 Feb 1917 - Blew up on her own mines off Roker Pier LH 54.54.521N 01.19.320W. 22 dead and 3 survivors.

SM UC 32 lies in position 54 54'.521 N 001 19'.320 W (WGS84) about 0.25-miles E by N from Roker lighthouse at Sunderland and three men were picked up after she blew up. Her Captain Herbert Breyer and two crewmen. She lies in 13m of water, in three broken sections, with her batteries etc strewn all over. Unfortunately local divers lifted her props and periscope about 14-years ago.

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