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Ships hit by UB 27

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DateU-boat Commander Name of shipType of shipTonsNat.
28 Apr 1916 UB 27Victor Dieckmann BLESSINGFishing vessel19br
28 Apr 1916 UB 27Victor Dieckmann Christian (d.)Sailing vessel227da
29 Apr 1916 UB 27Victor Dieckmann TealSteamer766br
29 Apr 1916 UB 27Victor Dieckmann Wandle (d.)Steamer889br
30 Apr 1916 UB 27Victor Dieckmann ModSteamer664nw
1 May 1916 UB 27Victor Dieckmann Rio BrancoSteamer2,258bz
2 May 1916 UB 27Victor Dieckmann MarsBarge581nw
2 May 1916 UB 27Victor Dieckmann MementoSailing vessel654nw
2 May 1916 UB 27Victor Dieckmann SuperbBarge770nw
25 Aug 1916 UB 27Victor Dieckmann  Duke Of AlbanyArmed boarding steamer1,997br
27 Aug 1916 UB 27Victor Dieckmann Skjaereg (p.)steamer1,019nw
7 Oct 1916 UB 27Victor Dieckmann Jupiter (d.)Steamer2,124br
8 Oct 1916 UB 27Victor Dieckmann MagnusTrawler154br
12 Mar 1917 UB 27Hans Georg Lübbe Thode FagelundSteamer4,352nw
14 Mar 1917 UB 27Hans Georg Lübbe DavangerSteamer5,876nw
12 ships sunk (19,110 tons) and 3 ships damaged (3,240 tons).

(d.) means the ship was damaged.
(p.) means the ship was taken as prize (included in ships & tonnage lost).
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