WWI U-boat commanders

Othmar Printz

Linenschiffleutnant (Crew 1910)

No ships sunk or damaged

Born:30 Sep 1891 Odenburg (Sopron), Hungary 
Died:3 Jan 1975 Pueblo Ledesma 

Othmar Printz


1 Jul 1910 Seekadett
1 Jul 1912 Seefähnrich
1 May 1913 Fregattenleutnant
1 May 1917 Linenschiffleutnant


 Military Merit Medal
 Military Merit Cross

U-boat Commands

k.u.k. U228 Mar 1918 - 1 Sep 1918
k.u.k. U128 Mar 1918 - 31 Oct 1918


Othmar Printz also served with Georg Ritter von Trapp and took part in the Battle of Otranto in May 1917.

At some point he served with and became the adjutant to Admiral Horthy who later became the Regent of Hungary. He married Olga von Muhr, who was the sister of Othmar von Limanowa. The hero of Limanowa. They had one daughter also Olga and two granddaughters. After the 2nd world war they emigrated to Argentina.

Ships hit by Othmar Printz

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