WWI U-boat commanders

Georg Ritter von Trapp

Korvettenkapitän (Crew 1898)

11 ships sunk with a total of 47,653 GRT
2 warships sunk with a total of 12,641 tons
1 ship taken as prize with a total of 1,034 GRT

Born:4 Apr 1880 Zara (Zadar), Croatia 
Died:30 May 1947 Stowe, Vermont, USA 

Georg Ritter von Trapp


1 May 1903 Fregattenleutnant
1 Nov 1908 Linenschiffleutnant
1 May 1918 Korvettenkapitän


prewar  Order of St. Stanislaus (Russia)
   Military Merit Medal
 Military Merit Cross
1916 or so  Liakat Medal
   Order of Leopold
 Order of the Iron Crown
21 Apr 1924  Military Order of Maria Theresa

U-boat Commands

k.u.k. U61 Jul 1910 - 24 Jun 1913
k.u.k. U522 Apr 1915 - 10 Oct 1915
k.u.k. U1414 Oct 1915 - 13 Jan 1918


Georg Ritter von Trapp was a successful U-boat commander that had been fascinated by U-boats since the early 1900s and transferred to the U-boat force in 1908. He took his first command, U 6, in 1910.

During the war he took his U-boats on 19 patrols and ended the war as commander of the Austrian U-boat base at Kotor (Cattaro, now in Montenegro).

He was married twice and had a total of 10 children. After economic disaster in 1935 he was left without his wealth inherited from his former wife, Agathe and his second wife Maria started organizing sining arrangements to provide for the family. The family, opposed to the annexation of Austria and Nazi influence, fled Austria to Italy and then to the USA in May 1938.

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Ships hit by Georg Ritter von Trapp

DateU-boat Name of shipType of shipTonsNat.
27 Apr 1915 k.u.k. U5  Leon GambettaArmored cruiser12,416fr
5 Aug 1915 k.u.k. U5 NereideSubmarine225it
29 Aug 1915 k.u.k. U5 Cefalonia (p.)steamer1,034gr
28 Apr 1917 k.u.k. U14  TeakwoodTanker5,315br
3 May 1917 k.u.k. U14 Antonio SciesaSteamer1,905it
5 Jul 1917 k.u.k. U14 Marionga GoulandrisSteamer3,191gr
23 Aug 1917 k.u.k. U14 ConstanceSteamer2,469fr
24 Aug 1917 k.u.k. U14 KilwinningSteamer3,071br
26 Aug 1917 k.u.k. U14 TitianSteamer4,170br
28 Aug 1917 k.u.k. U14 NairnSteamer3,627br
29 Aug 1917 k.u.k. U14  MilazzoSteamer11,477it
19 Oct 1917 k.u.k. U14 ElsistonSteamer2,908br
19 Oct 1917 k.u.k. U14 Good HopeSteamer3,618br
23 Oct 1917 k.u.k. U14 Capo Di MonteSteamer5,902it
14 ships sunk (61,328 tons).

(p.) means the ship was taken as prize (included in ships & tonnage lost).
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