WWI U-boat commanders

Hermann Rigele

Linenschiffleutnant (Crew 1909)

1 warship damaged with a total of 5,250 tons

Born:16 Sep 1891 Sarajevo 
Died:18 Oct 1982 Wien 

Hermann Rigele


1 Jul 1909 Seekadett
1 Jul 1911 Seefähnrich
1 May 1912 Fregattenleutnant
1 May 1916 Linenschiffleutnant


 Iron Cross 2nd class
 Military Merit Cross
 Military Merit Medal
21 Dec 1929  Military Order of Maria Theresa

U-boat Commands

k.u.k. U1010 Dec 1916 - 11 Jun 1917
k.u.k. U1712 Jun 1917 - 22 Nov 1917
k.u.k. U2029 Nov 1917 - 11 Mar 1918
k.u.k. U3111 Mar 1918 - 31 Oct 1918


Service during World War Two
Fregattenkapitän Hermann Rigele was one of the oldest U-boat commanders of WWII to depart on patrol when he took his boat UD-3 out from Kiel, Germany on 3 Oct 1942. He was 51 year old at the time. He arrived safely in Lorient, France 20 days later. All in all he would command the UD-3 for 3 operational patrols, 103 days at sea. See his WWII page.

Ships hit by Hermann Rigele

DateU-boat Name of shipType of shipTonsNat.
2 Oct 1918 k.u.k. U31 Weymouth (d.)Light cruiser5,250br
1 ship damaged (5,250 tons).

(d.) means the ship was damaged.

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