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Crew 1907

The following men were from crew 1907, click on any of the names for a full profile page on that commander.

  LSL. Otto Molitork.u.k. U10, k.u.k. U15, k.u.k. U15, k.u.k. U47
 LSL. Franz Rzemenowsky von Trauteneggk.u.k. U15, k.u.k. U17, k.u.k. U15, k.u.k. U15, k.u.k. U20, k.u.k. U4, k.u.k. U28
 LSL. Edgar Wolfk.u.k. U4, k.u.k. U41
3 men from Crew 1907 located.

 We have a photo of the commander.

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