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GRT2,128 tons
Country  British
BuilderC. S. Swan & Hunter, Newcastle
OperatorCapel & Co. (Newcastle & Hull), Ltd

U-boat attacks on Steamer Cairnstrath

DateU-boatLoss typePositionLocationRouteCargoCasualties
14 Aug 1917UC 71 (Reinhold Saltzwedel)SunkTorpedoed 6 miles SSW of Ile du Pilier
47° 00'N, 2° 29'W
Bilbao - Tyne
iron ore

In the early hours of Aug. 4th, 1917, Cairnstrath, Capt. Thompson, was hit by a torpedo and she subsequently sank almost immediately. The first information came when a telegram signalled an unknown wreck with two masts visible off Ile du Pilier. Patrol boat Berthic was then sent to search the spot and found the body of a man whose papers led to suppose he had been a crew member of the steamer Cairnstrath. Short time before, the french tug Victoire had saved a survivor who confirmed the loss of the ship. He was to be the only one of a crew of 23. That same night UC 71 had sunk the british SS Aube and damaged french SS Afrique. See also :

Position of attack on Cairnstrath


1917 (1).

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