Ships hit during WWI


GRT1,161 tons
Country  British
BuilderRamage & Ferguson, Ltd., Leith
OperatorEllerman Lines, Ltd. (F. Swift), Liverpool

U-boat attacks on Steamer Estrellano

DateU-boatLoss typePositionLocationRouteCargoCasualties
131 Oct 1917UC 71 (Ernst Steindorff)SunkTorpedoed 14 miles WxN1/2E from Ile du Pilier
47° 04'N, 2° 40'W
Oporto - London
general cargo

Estrellano under Capt. Walsh, had left Oporto Oct.25th for London. After a stop at St Jean de Luz and La Pallice, she had been included in the northbound convoy T340. On 31st at 4:15 am while off Noirmoutier, she was torpedoed and immediately started to list. Capt. Walsh ordered the ship to be abandoned what was completed 10 min. later. Finally at 4:45, the ship rolled over and sank at once, taking with her 3 portuguese stokers who had been killed when the torpedo struck in the boiling room. The french escorting trawler La Batailleuse rescued the remaining crew and finally landed them at Quiberon. See for the wreck site

Position of attack on Estrellano

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