Ships hit during WWI


GRT5,557 tons
Country  French
BuilderWorkman, Clark & Co., Ltd., Belfast
OperatorCie. de Nav. Sud-Atlantique, Bordeaux

U-boat attacks on Troopship Sequana

DateU-boatLoss typePositionLocationRouteCargoCasualties
18 Jun 1917UC 72 (Ernst Voigt)SunkTorpedoed 5 miles SE of Pointe des Corbeaux, Ile d’Yeu
46° 36'N, 2° 18'W
Buenos Aires & Dakar - Bordeaux
general cargo & troops

SEQUANA under Capt. Prudenti had been requisitioned by the french Govt. and was serving as a troopship. On May 28th, 1917, she had left Dakar for Bordeaux with 665 people on board, 400 of them being Senegalese soldiers. Having rounded Cap Finisterre according to his instructions, Capt. Prudenti was heading for a position 1,5 nm SW of Ile d’Yeu before steering for Les Baleines LH. On the 8th of June at 3 a.m., Sequana was hit amidships by a torpedo and started to sink. Evacuation was ordered but most of the soldiers were understanding only their dialect and a certain confusion took place. 30 minutes later, the ship had gone with 207 people, 198 of them African soldiers. UC 72 surfaced briefly to ask for the usual information (ship, load, destination…) and disappeared in the night.

Position of attack on Sequana

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