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GRT1,273 tons
Country  British
BuilderCaledon SB. & Eng. Co., Ltd., Dundee
OperatorRoyal Navy
HistoryPeace-time operator: Clyde Shipping Co., Ltd., Glasgow

U-boat attacks on Q-ship Warner

DateU-boatLoss typePositionLocationRouteCargoCasualties
113 Mar 1917U 61 (Victor Dieckmann)SunkSW of Ireland
52° 30'N, 11° 00'W


in "Home Waters", part VIII U 61 proceeded north-east. She had only one torpedo left, but it scored a distinct success. This was against the WARNER, a Queenstown "Q" ship, Q.27 (Acting-Commander Thomas W. Biddlecombe, R.A.N.), which had been cruising off the Shannon since March 3, on her first trip. On March 13, at 8.45 a.m., she was in 52°30'N 11°W, steering S55E at 10 knots when the wake of a torpedo was seen 100 yards off on the port quarter. The helm was put hard a-starboard - too late - the torpedo struck her on the port quarter. She sank in 5 minutes (German report says 3 minutes). The port liveboat floated off. The starboard liveboat was lowered but was sucked in and capsized as the ship went down, injuring Lieut. Milne very severely. The submarine then came up , and after picking up some of the men in the water, incl. the captain, navigating officer and three ratings, went off with them as prisoners to the north east. Lieut. Milne had succumbed to his injuries and was buried at sea; some thirteen men were never seen again. At 1.00 p.m. that afternoon the conning tower of a submarine rose from the sea. It turned out to be D.3, which took them all on board and landed them at Galway early on March 15. WARNER and D 3 didn't work together. D 3 was on patrol against German submarines.

Position of attack on Warner

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