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GRT4,163 tons
Country  French
BuilderCie. des Messageries Maritimes, La Ciotat
OperatorCie. des Messageries Maritimes, Marseille

U-boat attacks on Troopship Yarra

DateU-boatLoss typePositionLocationRouteCargoCasualties
129 May 1917UC 74 (Wilhelm Marschall)SunkEastern Med. abt 29nm NW Cape Sidero
35° 40'N, 25° 53'E
Madagascar - Marseille


The liner Yarra, Captain Marius Tivolle,used as troopship had left Port Said on the 27th in convoy with Oceanien and Imperator Nicolas II. The convoy was under escort of french destroyer Arbalete, gunboat La Dedaigneuse and the british sloop HMS Lily. She was torpedoed at 6.40 pm LT and sank at 7.00. Survivors rescued by escort vessels and transfered the following morning on board french cruiser Foudre at Milo. The amount of casualties could be 36 if some rescued soldiers were not landed back at Port Said as stated.

Position of attack on Yarra

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