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Dutch motor merchant

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This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the Dutch motor merchant Polyphemus.

Aboard Polyphemus when hit on 27 May 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
Agnew, Francis J., Merchant Navy17Shipwrecked Norland, Polyphemus
Ah Foek, , Merchant NavyCarpenter Polyphemus
Au Yee, , Merchant NavySecond Boatswain Polyphemus
Bergene, Kåre, Merchant NavyShipwrecked Norland, Polyphemus
Bjelde, Andreas, Merchant NavyShipwrecked Norland, Polyphemus
Boom, J.H., Merchant NavyAssistant Engineer Polyphemus
Bos, J.F.A., Merchant NavyFourth Officer Polyphemus
Brandenburg, H., Merchant NavyChief Officer Polyphemus
Breukers, W., Merchant NavyPhysician Polyphemus
Burger, L.M., Merchant NavySecond Officer Polyphemus
Chan Kan, , Merchant NavyQuartermaster Polyphemus +
Chan Tong, , Merchant NavyFitter Polyphemus +
Chang Ah Ding, , Merchant NavyAssistant Steward Polyphemus
Chang Pah Sing, , Merchant NavyAssistant Steward Polyphemus
Cheung Yau, , Merchant NavySailor Polyphemus +
Chu Lin, , Merchant NavyNo. 1 Engineroom Hand Polyphemus +
Chuan Ah Yao, , Merchant NavySecond Cook Polyphemus
Chung Sum, , Merchant NavyGreaser Polyphemus +
Chung Tai, , Merchant NavySailor Polyphemus +
Dijkdrenth, J., Merchant NavyThird Officer Polyphemus
Dwok Nong, , Merchant NavyBoatswain (Bosun) Polyphemus +
Graaf, P. de, Merchant NavyChief Steward Polyphemus
Haggith, Victor Annesley, Merchant Navy15Shipwrecked Norland, Polyphemus
Hau Siao Mow, , Merchant NavyAssistant Steward Polyphemus
Heintzberger, J.W., Merchant NavyAssistant Engineer Polyphemus
Ho Chiu, , Merchant NavySailor Polyphemus +
Ho Moon, , Merchant NavySailor Polyphemus
Hoogeveen, J.M.J., Merchant NavySecond Engineer Officer Polyphemus
Hou Chung Chang, , Merchant NavyChief Cook Polyphemus
Hoyle, W.H., Merchant NavyMidshipman Polyphemus
Ip Ching, , Merchant NavySpereman Polyphemus
Ko Kan, , Merchant NavySailor Polyphemus +
Koningstein, C., Merchant NavyMaster Polyphemus
Lai Fook, , Merchant NavyNo. 2 Engineroom Hand Polyphemus
Lam Mow, , Merchant NavyGreaser & Cook Polyphemus
Lam Muk, , Merchant NavyNo. 4 Engineroom Hand Polyphemus
Lam Shing, , Merchant NavyGreaser Polyphemus
Leung Dee, , Merchant NavyQuartermaster Polyphemus
Leung Shu, , Merchant NavySailor Polyphemus
Leung Tin, , Merchant NavySailor Polyphemus +
Leung Yung, , Merchant NavySailor Polyphemus
Li Sau, , Merchant NavySpereman Polyphemus
Li Sun, , Merchant NavyFitter Polyphemus +
Li Yiu, , Merchant NavySailor Polyphemus +
Locke, R.G., Passenger Polyphemus
Loomans, Thomas Johannes Joseph, Merchant Navy47Chief Engineer Officer Polyphemus
Luk Sum, , Merchant NavySailor Polyphemus +
Man Sui, , Merchant NavySpereman Polyphemus
McMillan, Frank, Merchant NavyShipwrecked Norland, Polyphemus
Molenaar, C.P.M., Merchant NavyFourth Engineer Officer Polyphemus
Pang Tai, , Merchant NavyQuartermaster Polyphemus +
Poll, C. van de, Merchant NavyAssistant Engineer Polyphemus
Reeper, J.J. de, Merchant NavyThird Engineer Officer Polyphemus
Riemsdijk, J.W. van, Merchant NavyElectrician Polyphemus
Shih Ah Mow, , Merchant NavyAssistant Steward Polyphemus
Simpkin, A., Merchant NavyMidshipman Polyphemus
Tse Chuen, , Merchant NavyGreaser Polyphemus
Tung Yau, , Merchant NavyStorekeeper Polyphemus
Velde, I.V. van de, Merchant NavySecond Steward Polyphemus
Vomberg, W., Merchant NavyRadio Officer Polyphemus
Wilkins, L.C., Merchant NavyRadio Officer Polyphemus
Wit, M.H. de, Merchant NavyQuartermaster Polyphemus
Wong Chun, , Merchant NavySailor Polyphemus
Wong Fong, , Merchant NavyNo. 3 Engineroom Hand Polyphemus
Wong Kwan, , Merchant NavySailor & Cook Polyphemus +
Yu Wo Kong, , Merchant NavyAssistant Steward Polyphemus
Yuen Hang, , Merchant NavySpereman Polyphemus

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