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British steam merchant

Photo Courtesy of Library of Contemporary History, Stuttgart

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British steam merchant Umona.

Aboard Umona when hit on 30 Mar 1941

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NameAgeRankServed on
Abdul Aziz, , Merchant Navy55Seacunny Umona +
Abdul Ghafur, , Merchant Navy37General Servant Umona +
Abdul Ghani, , Merchant Navy40General Servant Umona +
Abdul Haq, , Merchant Navy29Seacunny Umona +
Abdul Karim, , Merchant Navy19Trimmer Umona +
Abdul Khaliq, , Merchant Navy36Serang Umona +
Abdul Latif, , Merchant Navy46Tindal Umona +
Abdul Majid, , Merchant Navy40Seacunny Umona +
Abdul Munaf, , Merchant Navy35Seaman Umona +
Abdul Qayum, , Merchant Navy34General Servant Umona +
Abdul Rahman, , Merchant NavyBhandary Umona +
Abdul Rashid, , Merchant Navy48Seacunny Umona +
Abdul Wahib, , Merchant Navy52Seaman Umona +
Abdul Wahib, , Merchant Navy34Fireman Umona +
Ah Hong, , Merchant NavyCarpenter Umona +
Akhlas Ali, , Merchant Navy22Trimmer Umona +
Ali Abdul, , Merchant Navy47Fireman Umona +
Andrews, Frank, Merchant Navy38Seaman Umona +
Asadar Ali, , Merchant Navy44Tindal Umona +
Bhagu, , Merchant Navy43Topass Umona +
Boothby, Francis William, Merchant Navy23Third Engineer Officer Umona +
Brothers, Frank Reginald, CivilianPassenger Umona
Burgess, Peter Neville, Merchant Navy24Third Officer Umona +
Chand Khan, , Merchant Navy41Seaman Umona +
Clarke, Edwin Hugh Basil, Merchant Navy20Fourth Officer Umona +
Collins, Albert Edward, Civilian45Passenger Umona +
Cuffley, F., Merchant NavyBoy Umona +
Dadu Khan, , Merchant Navy32General Servant Umona +
Deering, John, Merchant Navy64Baggage Master Umona +
Dew, Mr. J., CivilianPassenger Umona +
Dew, Mrs. J., CivilianPassenger Umona +
Edwards, Albert Ernest, Merchant Navy22Fourth Engineer Officer Umona +
Elliff, William Rhodes, Merchant Navy26Second Officer Umona +
Elliot, Edward Gordon, Merchant NavySeaman Umona
Farzand Ali, , Merchant Navy25Trimmer Umona +
Fazl-Ur-Rahman, , Merchant Navy36Seaman Umona +
Foster, Hilda, Merchant Navy45Stewardess Umona +
Gawn, Clarence Frederick Augustus, Merchant Navy34Purser Umona +
Ghazi, , Merchant Navy49Fireman Umona +
Gomes, John, Merchant Navy24Cook Umona +
Gomes, Pedroo, Merchant Navy40Cook Umona +
Gomes, Rajah, Merchant Navy39Cook Umona +
Gundicha Naik, , Merchant Navy44Topass Umona +
Hare, John Edward, Merchant Navy20Second Radio Officer Umona +
Hasan Ali, , Merchant Navy61Fireman's Serang Umona +
Idris Ali, , Merchant Navy27Fireman Umona +
Ishar Ali, , Merchant Navy27Fireman Umona +
Jabal Haq, , Merchant NavySeaman Umona +
Jalal Ahmad, , Merchant Navy22Seaman Umona +
Johar Ali, , Merchant Navy23Trimmer Umona +
Johnson, J., Merchant NavyPorter Umona +
Khan Muhammad, , Merchant Navy43General Servant Umona +
Khurshid Alam, , Merchant Navy23Seaman Umona +
Kirwan, Patrick, Merchant NavyPorter Umona +
Kismat Ali, , Merchant Navy32Fireman Umona +
Lakshman, , Merchant Navy45Topass Umona +
Lal Mian, , Merchant Navy44Trimmer Umona +
Larcher, Philippe, Civilian29Passenger Umona +
Lillie, E.F., Merchant NavyAssistant Cook Umona +
Lyle, Ian, Merchant Navy20Third Radio Officer Umona +
Majid, , Merchant NavyGeneral Servant Umona +
Malik Mian, , Merchant Navy20Trimmer Umona +
Mitchell, P.Y., CivilianPassenger Umona +
Mubarak Ali, , Merchant Navy22Seaman Umona +
Muhammad Mohsim, , Merchant Navy35General Servant Umona +
Mukshid, , Merchant Navy31Seaman Umona +
Munir Ali, , Merchant Navy38Cassab Umona +
Munir Ali, , Merchant Navy32Tindal Umona +
Muntu, , Merchant Navy24General Servant Umona +
Muqaddas Ali, , Merchant Navy23Trimmer Umona +
Musadar Ali, , Merchant Navy20Trimmer Umona +
Musharraf Ali, , Merchant Navy29Fireman Umona +
Najib Ali, , Merchant Navy41Donkeyman Umona +
Narayan Naik, , Merchant Navy43Topass Umona +
Nur Islam, , Merchant Navy29Seaman Umona +
Nur-Ul-Haq, , Merchant Navy24Seaman Umona +
O'Dowd, Walter, Merchant NavyPorter Umona +
Peckham, Frederick Arthur Baden, Merchant Navy40Master Umona +
Perry, Albert P., Merchant Navy15Steward Umona +
Petty, Peter, Merchant Navy36Second Engineer Officer Umona +
Price-Heywood, Brian Oliver, Civilian31Passenger Umona +
Pryse, Albert Edward, Merchant Navy68Surgeon Umona +
Rashid, , Merchant Navy41Tindal Umona +
Richardson, William Boyd, Merchant Navy40Chief Engineer Officer Umona +
Rogansky, Julius, Merchant Navy23Porter Umona +
Safar Ali, , Merchant NavyWinchman Umona +
Safir-Ud-Din, , Merchant NavyFireman Umona +
Salamat Ullah, , Merchant NavyTrimmer Umona +
Sandon, William Edward, Merchant Navy45First Radio Officer Umona +
Sheikh Abdul Hakim, , Merchant Navy37Baker Umona +
Sheikh Jalil, , Merchant NavyGeneral Servant Umona +
Sheikh Qasim, , Merchant Navy37General Servant Umona +
Shujaat Ullah, , Merchant Navy48Bhandary Umona +
Sikandar Ali, , Merchant Navy31Fireman Umona +
Smith, Percy, Merchant Navy37Able Seaman Umona +
Tafazzul Barik, , Merchant Navy40Cassab Umona +
Taujab Ali, , Merchant Navy36Donkeyman Umona +
Tayab, , Merchant Navy40Fireman Umona +
Thakurdhan, , Merchant Navy32Fireman Umona +
Vincent-Townend, Massy William, Merchant Navy30Chief Officer Umona +
Walsh, John Patrick Michael, Merchant Navy24Steward Umona +

101 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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