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Ordered16 Jan 1940
Laid down4 Jan 1941 Blohm & Voss, Hamburg (werk 571)
Launched17 Sep 1941
Commissioned6 Nov 1941Oblt. Jürgen Quaet-Faslem
6 Nov 1941 - 14 Nov 1942  Kptlt. Jürgen Quaet-Faslem
3 patrols
6 Nov 1941-31 Jul 1942  8. Flottille (training)
1 Aug 1942-14 Nov 1942  9. Flottille (active service)
SuccessesNo ships sunk or damaged

Sunk 14 Nov 1942 in the Mediterranean north-east of Oran, in position 36.38N, 00.30E, by depth charges from 2 British Hudson aircraft (Sqdn. 608/C and D). 45 survivors (no casualties).

Loss position

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Wolfpack operations

U-595 operated with the following Wolfpacks during its career:
   Steinbrinck (6 Aug 1942 - 9 Aug 1942)
   Pfeil (12 Sep 1942 - 22 Sep 1942)
   Blitz (22 Sep 1942 - 26 Sep 1942)
   Tiger (26 Sep 1942 - 30 Sep 1942)
   Delphin (4 Nov 1942 - 14 Nov 1942)

Attacks on this boat and other events

14 Nov 1942
The sinking of U-595 Hudsons C-Charlie and D-Dog of 608 Squadron RAF began the attack by depth charging U-595. The boat dived but re-surfaced shortly afterwards, heavily damaged and unable to dive. Her commander decided to beach the boat on the Algerian coast. At this point aircraft F, J, K, X and W of 500 Squadron RAF also appeared and attacked the fleeing boat. Despite these odds the boat survived long enough to beach near Tenes, and the crew were saved. 608/C and D were given the credit for the U-boat's demise because they did the most damage. U-595's gunners put up a solid defence during the action, damaging Hudsons F, K and X. (Sources: Franks/Zimmerman)

1 recorded attack on this boat.

General notes on this boat

28 Sep 1942. On 28 September, 1942 U-595 had a serious fire in the control room while at sea. She had to return to base, arriving the same day.

Men lost from U-boats

Unlike many other U-boats, which during their service lost men due to accidents and various other causes, U-595 did not suffer any casualties (we know of) until the time of her loss.

U-boat Emblems

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Formal Frog

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