9th Flotilla

Frontflottille (Combat Flotilla)


10.41 - 09.44 Brest (France)

Flotilla Commanders

10.41 - 02.42
05.42 - 09.44
Kptlt. Jürgen Oesten (Knights Cross)
Korvkpt. Heinrich Lehmann-Willenbrock.
(Oak Leaves)

U-boat Types


Assigned U-boats

U-89, U-90, U-91, U-92, U-210, U-211, U-213
U-214, U-215, U-216, U-217, U-218, U-230, U-232
U-240, U-244, U-248, U-254, U-256, U-273, U-279
U-282, U-283, U-284, U-293, U-296, U-302, U-309
U-317, U-347, U-348, U-365, U-377, U-383, U-388
U-389, U-403, U-407, U-408, U-409, U-412, U-421
U-425, U-438, U-443, U-447, U-450, U-473, U-480
U-482, U-591, U-595, U-604, U-605, U-606, U-621
U-631, U-633, U-634, U-638, U-659, U-660, U-663
U-664, U-709, U-715, U-739, U-744, U-755, U-759
U-761, U-762, U-764, U-771, U-772, U-951, U-954
U-955, U-966, U-979, U-984, U-989, U-997, U-1165

84 U-boats assigned to this flotilla during its service.


The 9th flotilla was founded during the autumn of 1941. After some preparations U-213 was the first boat which reached Brest on 20 March, 1942, and attached to the flotilla in April 1942.

In August/September 1944 most of the boats left the base for Norway. The last flotilla boat was U-256, which left Brest on 4 Sept, 1944 under the command of Korvkpt. Heinrich Lehmann-Willenbrock and reached on 17 Oct 1944 Bergen (Norway). That journey also marked the end of the flotilla.

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