Fighting the U-boats

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Royal Canadian Navy

The Tribal class destroyer HMCS Iroquois.

The Canadian Navy played an important role in the Battle of the Atlantic from 1939-1940. Until the US entered the war in late 1941 the RCN gave the Royal Navy the vital help it so badly needed.

Canada had no navy to speak of in 1939 but ended the war in 1945 with the third largest navy in the world with over 90,000 men and over 400 ships.

The most important ship of the RCN was the corvette. The RCN had 80 Flower class corvettes and 45 Modified Flower class corvettes. They also had 59 River class frigates.

Canadian Losses to U-boats

15 RCN ships were sunk and 4 more destroyed by the U-boats.

Canadian Victories over U-boats

30 U-boats were sunk through the efforts of the RCN

U-Boat Hunters, The

Milner, Marc

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