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Gato class

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The submarine Cavalla (SS-244) of the US Navy.

Technical information

Displacement1526 / 2424 BRT 
Length312 feet 
Complement6 + 54 men 
ArmamentTen 21" torpedo tubes, six forward, four aft, 24 torpedoes.
one 3"/50 deck gun.
two .50 cal. machine guns.
two .30 cal. machine guns. 
Max speed20.25 / 8.75 kts knots (surfaced/submerged)
EnginesDiesel / Electric 2 shafts 
Power5400 / 2740 hp.  (surfaced/submerged)
Notes on classThis class saw extensive service in the Pacific in the war, along with their siblings the Balao-class boats they served as the backbone of the US Submarine Service. 

US Navy US Navy ships of the Gato class

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Guavina (SS-362)
Guitarro (SS-363)
Hammerhead (SS-364)
Albacore (SS-218) Lost on 7 Nov 1944
Amberjack (i) (SS-219) Lost on 16 Feb 1943
Angler (SS-240)
Barb (SS-220)
Bashaw (SS-241)
Blackfish (SS-221)
Bluefish (SS-222)
Bluegill (SS-242)
Bonefish (SS-223) Lost on 18 Jun 1945
Bream (SS-243)
Cavalla (SS-244)
Cero (SS-225)
Cobia (SS-245)
Cod (SS-224)
Corvina (SS-226) Lost on 16 Nov 1943
Croaker (SS-246)
Dace (SS-247)
Darter (SS-227) Lost on 24 Oct 1944
Dorado (SS-248) Lost on 12 Oct 1943
Drum (SS-228)
Finback (SS-230)
Flasher (SS-249)
Flier (SS-250) Lost on 13 Aug 1944
Flounder (SS-251)
Flying Fish (SS-229)
Gabilan (SS-252)
Gato (SS-212)
Golet (SS-361) Lost on 14 Jun 1944
Greenling (SS-213)
Grouper (SS-214)
Growler (SS-215) Lost on 8 Nov 1944
Grunion (SS-216) Lost on 31 Jul 1942
Guardfish (SS-217)
Gunnel (SS-253)
Gurnard (SS-254)
Haddo (SS-255)
Haddock (SS-231)
Hake (SS-256)
Halibut (SS-232)
Harder (SS-257) Lost on 24 Aug 1944
Herring (SS-233) Lost on 1 Jun 1944
Hoe (SS-258)
Jack (SS-259)
Kingfish (SS-234)
Lapon (SS-260)
Mingo (SS-261)
Muskallunge (SS-262)
Paddle (SS-263)
Pargo (SS-264)
Peto (SS-265)
Pogy (SS-266)
Pompon (SS-267)
Puffer (SS-268)
Rasher (SS-269)
Raton (SS-270)
Ray (SS-271)
Redfin (SS-272)
Robalo (SS-273) Lost on 26 Jul 1944
Rock (SS-274)
Runner (i) (SS-275) Lost on 1 Jul 1943
Sawfish (SS-276)
Scamp (SS-277) Lost on 11 Nov 1944
Scorpion (SS-278) Lost on 6 Mar 1944
Shad (SS-235)
Silversides (SS-236)
Snook (SS-279) Lost on Apr 1945
Steelhead (SS-280)
Sunfish (SS-281)
Tinosa (SS-283)
Trigger (SS-237) Lost on 28 Mar 1945
Tullibee (SS-284) Lost on 26 Mar 1944
Tunny (SS-282)
Wahoo (SS-238) Lost on 11 Oct 1943
Whale (SS-239)

77 Submarines of the Gato class. 20 of them were lost.

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Gato class ships hit by U-boats (1)

14 Oct 1943USS DoradoSunkU-214

The Silent Service in World War II

Michael Green

Books dealing with this subject include:

Fleet Submarines of World War Two, Walkowiak, Thomas F., 1988
The Silent Service in World War II, Michael Green, 2012

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