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Banff class

7 ships

Technical information

Displacement1700 BRT 
Armament5in guns
8 0,5" machine guns (4x2)
Depth charge throwers 
Max speed16 knots
Notes on classFollowing the exchange of fifty old destroyers, ten United States Coast Guard cutters were loaned to the Royal Navy and reclassified as escort sloops. These 1700 ton sloops built between 1927 and 1931 were among the largest convoy escorts. These 16 knot sloops were slightly slower than surfaced U-boats, but their 5"/51 guns might persuade an evading U-boat to submerge. HMS Hartland and Walney were expended in a commando operation at Oran during the 8 November 1942 invasion of North Africa. Surviving ships were returned to the United States Coast Guard in 1946.  

Royal Navy Royal Navy ships of the Banff class

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HMS Banff (Y 43) (ex. USCGC Saranac)
HMS Culver (Y 87) (ex. USCGC Mendota) Lost on 31 Jan 1942
HMS Fishguard (Y 59) (ex. USCGC Tahoe)
HMS Gorleston (Y 92) (ex. USCGC Itasca)
HMS Hartland (Y 00) (ex. USCGC Pontchartrain) Lost on 8 Nov 1942
HMS Landguard (Y 56) (ex. USCGC Shoshone)
HMS Lulworth (Y 60) (ex. USCGC Chelan)
HMS Sennen (Y 21) (ex. USCGC Champlain)
HMS Totland (Y 88) (ex. USCGC Cayuga)
HMS Walney (Y 04) (ex. USCGC Sebago) Lost on 8 Nov 1942

7 Sloops (10 names) of the Banff class. 3 of them were lost.

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Banff class ships hit by U-boats (1)

31 Jan 1942HMS CulverSunkU-105

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