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Submarine chasers

SC-497 class

435 ships

The submarine chaser USS SC-1008 (SC-1008) of the US Navy.

Technical information

TypeSubmarine chaser
Displacement98 BRT 
Length110 feet, 10 inch 
Complement27 men 
Armament1 3" AA gun or 1 40mm AA
3 20mm AA (3x1)
2 .5 cal MG(1x2)
Note; armament varied 
Max speed15.5 or 21 knots
EnginesDiesels, 2 shafts 
Power800 or 1440 HP 
Notes on class 

US Navy US Navy ships of the SC-497 class

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USS SC-1499 (SC-1499)
USS SC-710 (SC-710)
USS SC-711 (SC-711)
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USS SC-1003 (SC-1003)
USS SC-1004 (SC-1004)
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USS SC-1008 (SC-1008)
USS SC-1009 (SC-1009)
USS SC-1010 (SC-1010)
USS SC-1011 (SC-1011)
USS SC-1012 (SC-1012)
USS SC-1013 (SC-1013)
USS SC-1014 (SC-1014)
USS SC-1015 (SC-1015)
USS SC-1016 (SC-1016)
USS SC-1017 (SC-1017)
USS SC-1018 (SC-1018)
USS SC-1019 (SC-1019) Lost on 22 Apr 1945
USS SC-1020 (SC-1020)
USS SC-1021 (SC-1021)
USS SC-1022 (SC-1022)
USS SC-1023 (SC-1023)
USS SC-1024 (SC-1024) Lost on 2 Mar 1943
USS SC-1025 (SC-1025)
USS SC-1026 (SC-1026)
USS SC-1027 (SC-1027)
USS SC-1028 (SC-1028)
USS SC-1029 (SC-1029)
USS SC-1030 (SC-1030)
USS SC-1031 (SC-1031)
USS SC-1032 (SC-1032)
USS SC-1033 (SC-1033)
USS SC-1034 (SC-1034)
USS SC-1035 (SC-1035)
USS SC-1036 (SC-1036)
USS SC-1037 (SC-1037)
USS SC-1038 (SC-1038)
USS SC-1039 (SC-1039)
USS SC-1040 (SC-1040)
USS SC-1041 (SC-1041)
USS SC-1042 (SC-1042)
USS SC-1043 (SC-1043)
USS SC-1044 (SC-1044)
USS SC-1045 (SC-1045)
USS SC-1046 (SC-1046)
USS SC-1047 (SC-1047)
USS SC-1048 (SC-1048)
USS SC-1049 (SC-1049)
USS SC-1050 (SC-1050)
USS SC-1051 (SC-1051)
USS SC-1052 (SC-1052)
USS SC-1053 (SC-1053)
USS SC-1054 (SC-1054)
USS SC-1055 (SC-1055)
USS SC-1056 (SC-1056)
USS SC-1057 (SC-1057)
USS SC-1058 (SC-1058)
USS SC-1059 (SC-1059) Lost on 11 Dec 1944
USS SC-1060 (SC-1060)
USS SC-1061 (SC-1061)
USS SC-1062 (SC-1062)
USS SC-1063 (SC-1063)
USS SC-1064 (SC-1064)
USS SC-1065 (SC-1065)
USS SC-1066 (SC-1066)
USS SC-1067 (SC-1067) Lost on 19 Nov 1943
USS SC-1068 (SC-1068)
USS SC-1069 (SC-1069)
USS SC-1070 (SC-1070)
USS SC-1071 (SC-1071)
USS SC-1072 (SC-1072) Lost on 18 Jul 1944
USS SC-1073 (SC-1073)
USS SC-1074 (SC-1074)
USS SC-1075 (SC-1075)
USS SC-1076 (SC-1076)
USS SC-1266 (SC-1266)
USS SC-1267 (SC-1267)
USS SC-1268 (SC-1268)
USS SC-1269 (SC-1269)
USS SC-1270 (SC-1270)
USS SC-1271 (SC-1271)
USS SC-1272 (SC-1272)
USS SC-1273 (SC-1273)
USS SC-1274 (SC-1274)
USS SC-1275 (SC-1275)
USS SC-1276 (SC-1276)
USS SC-1277 (SC-1277)
USS SC-1278 (SC-1278)
USS SC-1279 (SC-1279)
USS SC-1280 (SC-1280)
USS SC-1281 (SC-1281)
USS SC-1282 (SC-1282)
USS SC-1283 (SC-1283)
USS SC-1284 (SC-1284)
USS SC-1285 (SC-1285)
USS SC-1286 (SC-1286)
USS SC-1287 (SC-1287)
USS SC-1288 (SC-1288) (To Brasil as Jacuí)
USS SC-1289 (SC-1289) (To Brasil as Jundiaí)
USS SC-1290 (SC-1290)
USS SC-1291 (SC-1291)
USS SC-1292 (SC-1292)
USS SC-1293 (SC-1293)
USS SC-1294 (SC-1294)
USS SC-1295 (SC-1295)
USS SC-1296 (SC-1296)
USS SC-1297 (SC-1297)
USS SC-1298 (SC-1298)
USS SC-1299 (SC-1299)
USS SC-1300 (SC-1300)
USS SC-1301 (SC-1301)
USS SC-1302 (SC-1302)
USS SC-1303 (SC-1303)
USS SC-1304 (SC-1304)
USS SC-1305 (SC-1305)
USS SC-1306 (SC-1306)
USS SC-1307 (SC-1307)
USS SC-1308 (SC-1308)
USS SC-1309 (SC-1309)
USS SC-1310 (SC-1310)
USS SC-1311 (SC-1311)
USS SC-1312 (SC-1312)
USS SC-1313 (SC-1313)
USS SC-1314 (SC-1314)
USS SC-1315 (SC-1315)
USS SC-1316 (SC-1316)
USS SC-1317 (SC-1317)
USS SC-1318 (SC-1318)
USS SC-1319 (SC-1319)
USS SC-1320 (SC-1320)
USS SC-1321 (SC-1321)
USS SC-1322 (SC-1322)
USS SC-1323 (SC-1323)
USS SC-1324 (SC-1324)
USS SC-1325 (SC-1325)
USS SC-1326 (SC-1326)
USS SC-1327 (SC-1327)
USS SC-1328 (SC-1328)
USS SC-1329 (SC-1329)
USS SC-1330 (SC-1330)
USS SC-1331 (SC-1331)
USS SC-1332 (SC-1332)
USS SC-1333 (SC-1333)
USS SC-1334 (SC-1334)
USS SC-1335 (SC-1335)
USS SC-1336 (SC-1336)
USS SC-1337 (SC-1337)
USS SC-1338 (SC-1338)
USS SC-1339 (SC-1339)
USS SC-1340 (SC-1340)
USS SC-1341 (SC-1341)
USS SC-1342 (SC-1342)
USS SC-1343 (SC-1343)
USS SC-1344 (SC-1344)
USS SC-1345 (SC-1345)
USS SC-1346 (SC-1346)
USS SC-1347 (SC-1347)
USS SC-1348 (SC-1348)
USS SC-1349 (SC-1349)
USS SC-1350 (SC-1350)
USS SC-1351 (SC-1351)
USS SC-1352 (SC-1352)
USS SC-1353 (SC-1353)
USS SC-1354 (SC-1354)
USS SC-1355 (SC-1355)
USS SC-1356 (SC-1356)
USS SC-1357 (SC-1357)
USS SC-1358 (SC-1358)
USS SC-1359 (SC-1359)
USS SC-1360 (SC-1360)
USS SC-1361 (SC-1361)
USS SC-1362 (SC-1362)
USS SC-1363 (SC-1363)
USS SC-1364 (SC-1364)
USS SC-1365 (SC-1365)
USS SC-1366 (SC-1366)
USS SC-1367 (SC-1367)
USS SC-1368 (SC-1368)
USS SC-1369 (SC-1369)
USS SC-1370 (SC-1370)
USS SC-1371 (SC-1371)
USS SC-1372 (SC-1372)
USS SC-1373 (SC-1373)
USS SC-1374 (SC-1374)
USS SC-1375 (SC-1375)
USS SC-1474 (SC-1474)
USS SC-1475 (SC-1475)
USS SC-1476 (SC-1476)
USS SC-1477 (SC-1477)
USS SC-1478 (SC-1478)
USS SC-1479 (SC-1479)
USS SC-1480 (SC-1480)
USS SC-1481 (SC-1481)
USS SC-1482 (SC-1482)
USS SC-1483 (SC-1483)
USS SC-1484 (SC-1484)
USS SC-1485 (SC-1485)
USS SC-1486 (SC-1486)
USS SC-1487 (SC-1487)
USS SC-1488 (SC-1488)
USS SC-1489 (SC-1489)
USS SC-1490 (SC-1490)
USS SC-1491 (SC-1491)
USS SC-1492 (SC-1492)
USS SC-1493 (SC-1493)
USS SC-1494 (SC-1494)
USS SC-1495 (SC-1495)
USS SC-1496 (SC-1496)
USS SC-1497 (SC-1497)
USS SC-1498 (SC-1498)
USS SC-1500 (SC-1500)
USS SC-1501 (SC-1501)
USS SC-1502 (SC-1502)
USS SC-1503 (SC-1503)
USS SC-1504 (SC-1504)
USS SC-1505 (SC-1505)
USS SC-1506 (SC-1506)
USS SC-1507 (SC-1507)
USS SC-1508 (SC-1508)
USS SC-1509 (SC-1509)
USS SC-1510 (SC-1510)
USS SC-1511 (SC-1511)
USS SC-1512 (SC-1512)
USS SC-1513 (SC-1513)
USS SC-1514 (SC-1514)
USS SC-1515 (SC-1515)
USS SC-1516 (SC-1516)
USS SC-1517 (SC-1517)
USS SC-1518 (SC-1518)
USS SC-1519 (SC-1519)
USS SC-1520 (SC-1520)
USS SC-498 (SC-498)
USS SC-499 (SC-499)
USS SC-500 (SC-500)
USS SC-501 (SC-501)
USS SC-502 (SC-502)
USS SC-503 (SC-503)
USS SC-504 (SC-504)
USS SC-505 (SC-505)
USS SC-506 (SC-506)
USS SC-507 (SC-507)
USS SC-508 (SC-508)
USS SC-511 (SC-511)
USS SC-512 (SC-512)
USS SC-513 (SC-513)
USS SC-514 (SC-514)
USS SC-515 (SC-515)
USS SC-516 (SC-516)
USS SC-517 (SC-517)
USS SC-518 (SC-518)
USS SC-519 (SC-519)
USS SC-520 (SC-520)
USS SC-521 (SC-521) Lost on 10 Jul 1945
USS SC-522 (SC-522)
USS SC-524 (SC-524)
USS SC-525 (SC-525)
USS SC-526 (SC-526)
USS SC-527 (SC-527)
USS SC-528 (SC-528)
USS SC-529 (SC-529)
USS SC-530 (SC-530)
USS SC-531 (SC-531)
USS SC-532 (SC-532)
USS SC-533 (SC-533)
USS SC-534 (SC-534)
USS SC-535 (SC-535)
USS SC-536 (SC-536)
USS SC-537 (SC-537)
USS SC-538 (SC-538)
USS SC-539 (SC-539)
USS SC-540 (SC-540)
USS SC-541 (SC-541)
USS SC-628 (SC-628)
USS SC-629 (SC-629)
USS SC-630 (SC-630)
USS SC-631 (SC-631)
USS SC-632 (SC-632) Lost on 16 Sep 1945
USS SC-633 (SC-633)
USS SC-634 (SC-634)
USS SC-635 (SC-635)
USS SC-636 (SC-636) Lost on 9 Oct 1945
USS SC-637 (SC-637)
USS SC-638 (SC-638)
USS SC-639 (SC-639)
USS SC-640 (SC-640)
USS SC-641 (SC-641)
USS SC-642 (SC-642)
USS SC-643 (SC-643)
USS SC-644 (SC-644)
USS SC-645 (SC-645)
USS SC-646 (SC-646)
USS SC-647 (SC-647)
USS SC-648 (SC-648)
USS SC-649 (SC-649)
USS SC-650 (SC-650)
USS SC-651 (SC-651)
USS SC-652 (SC-652)
USS SC-653 (SC-653)
USS SC-654 (SC-654)
USS SC-655 (SC-655)
USS SC-656 (SC-656)
USS SC-657 (SC-657)
USS SC-658 (SC-658)
USS SC-659 (SC-659)
USS SC-660 (SC-660)
USS SC-661 (SC-661)
USS SC-662 (SC-662)
USS SC-663 (SC-663)
USS SC-664 (SC-664)
USS SC-665 (SC-665)
USS SC-666 (SC-666)
USS SC-667 (SC-667)
USS SC-668 (SC-668)
USS SC-669 (SC-669)
USS SC-670 (SC-670)
USS SC-671 (SC-671)
USS SC-672 (SC-672)
USS SC-673 (SC-673)
USS SC-674 (SC-674)
USS SC-675 (SC-675)
USS SC-676 (SC-676)
USS SC-677 (SC-677)
USS SC-678 (SC-678)
USS SC-679 (SC-679)
USS SC-680 (SC-680)
USS SC-681 (SC-681)
USS SC-682 (SC-682)
USS SC-683 (SC-683)
USS SC-684 (SC-684)
USS SC-685 (SC-685)
USS SC-686 (SC-686) Lost on 9 Oct 1945
USS SC-687 (SC-687)
USS SC-688 (SC-688)
USS SC-689 (SC-689)
USS SC-690 (SC-690)
USS SC-691 (SC-691)
USS SC-692 (SC-692)
USS SC-693 (SC-693)
USS SC-694 (SC-694) Lost on 23 Aug 1943
USS SC-695 (SC-695)
USS SC-696 (SC-696) Lost on 23 Aug 1943
USS SC-697 (SC-697)
USS SC-698 (SC-698)
USS SC-699 (SC-699)
USS SC-700 (SC-700) Lost on 10 Mar 1944
USS SC-701 (SC-701)
USS SC-702 (SC-702)
USS SC-703 (SC-703)
USS SC-704 (SC-704)
USS SC-705 (SC-705)
USS SC-706 (SC-706)
USS SC-707 (SC-707)
USS SC-708 (SC-708)
USS SC-709 (SC-709) Lost on 21 Jan 1943
USS SC-712 (SC-712)
USS SC-713 (SC-713)
USS SC-714 (SC-714)
USS SC-715 (SC-715)
USS SC-716 (SC-716)
USS SC-717 (SC-717)
USS SC-718 (SC-718)
USS SC-719 (SC-719)
USS SC-720 (SC-720)
USS SC-721 (SC-721)
USS SC-722 (SC-722)
USS SC-723 (SC-723)
USS SC-724 (SC-724)
USS SC-725 (SC-725)
USS SC-726 (SC-726)
USS SC-727 (SC-727)
USS SC-728 (SC-728)
USS SC-729 (SC-729)
USS SC-730 (SC-730)
USS SC-731 (SC-731)
USS SC-732 (SC-732)
USS SC-733 (SC-733)
USS SC-734 (SC-734)
USS SC-735 (SC-735)
USS SC-736 (SC-736)
USS SC-737 (SC-737)
USS SC-738 (SC-738)
USS SC-739 (SC-739)
USS SC-740 (SC-740) Lost on 17 Jun 1943
USS SC-741 (SC-741)
USS SC-742 (SC-742)
USS SC-743 (SC-743)
USS SC-744 (SC-744) Lost on 27 Nov 1944
USS SC-745 (SC-745)
USS SC-746 (SC-746)
USS SC-747 (SC-747)
USS SC-748 (SC-748)
USS SC-749 (SC-749)
USS SC-750 (SC-750)
USS SC-751 (SC-751) Lost on 22 Jun 1943
USS SC-752 (SC-752)
USS SC-753 (SC-753)
USS SC-754 (SC-754)
USS SC-755 (SC-755)
USS SC-756 (SC-756)
USS SC-757 (SC-757)
USS SC-758 (SC-758)
USS SC-759 (SC-759)
USS SC-760 (SC-760)
USS SC-761 (SC-761)
USS SC-762 (SC-762) (To Brasil as Jutaí)
USS SC-763 (SC-763) (To Brasil as Javarí)
USS SC-764 (SC-764) (To Brasil as Juruí)
USS SC-765 (SC-765) (To Brasil as Jaguarão)
USS SC-766 (SC-766) (To Brasil as Juruena)
USS SC-767 (SC-767) (To Brasil as Jaguaribe)
USS SC-768 (SC-768)
USS SC-769 (SC-769)
USS SC-770 (SC-770)
USS SC-771 (SC-771)
USS SC-772 (SC-772)
USS SC-773 (SC-773)
USS SC-774 (SC-774)
USS SC-775 (SC-775)
USS SC-977 (SC-977)
USS SC-978 (SC-978)
USS SC-979 (SC-979)
USS SC-980 (SC-980)
USS SC-981 (SC-981)
USS SC-982 (SC-982)
USS SC-983 (SC-983)
USS SC-984 (SC-984) Lost on 10 Apr 1944
USS SC-985 (SC-985)
USS SC-986 (SC-986)
USS SC-987 (SC-987)
USS SC-988 (SC-988)
USS SC-989 (SC-989)
USS SC-990 (SC-990)
USS SC-991 (SC-991)
USS SC-992 (SC-992)
USS SC-993 (SC-993)
USS SC-994 (SC-994)
USS SC-995 (SC-995)
USS SC-996 (SC-996)
USS SC-997 (SC-997)
USS SC-998 (SC-998)
USS SC-999 (SC-999)
USS SC-497 (SC-497)
USS SC-1000 (SC-1000)

435 Submarine chasers of the SC-497 class. 17 of them were lost.

Strikeout means that ship was cancelled (not finished) - not counted in class figures.

See all US Navy Submarine chaser classes.

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