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PCS-1376 class

58 ships

Technical information

TypePatrol craft
Displacement245 BRT 
Length136 feet 
Complement57 men 
Armament1 3" AA gun
1 40mm AA
2 20mm AA (2x1) 
Max speed14 knots
EnginesDiesels, 2 shafts 
Power1800 HP 
Notes on class 

All ships of the PCS-1376 class

US Navy US Navy (more on US Navy)

USS PCS-1376 (PCS-1376)
USS PCS-1377 (PCS-1377)
USS PCS-1378 (PCS-1378)
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USS PCS-1392 (PCS-1392)
USS PCS-1396 (PCS-1396)
USS PCS-1397 (PCS-1397)
USS PCS-1399 (PCS-1399)
USS PCS-1400 (PCS-1400)
USS PCS-1401 (PCS-1401)
USS PCS-1402 (PCS-1402)
USS PCS-1403 (PCS-1403)
USS PCS-1404 (PCS-1404)
USS PCS-1405 (PCS-1405)
USS PCS-1413 (PCS-1413)
USS PCS-1414 (PCS-1414)
USS PCS-1417 (PCS-1417)
USS PCS-1418 (PCS-1418)
USS PCS-1419 (PCS-1419)
USS PCS-1420 (PCS-1420)
USS PCS-1421 (PCS-1421)
USS PCS-1422 (PCS-1422)
USS PCS-1423 (PCS-1423)
USS PCS-1424 (PCS-1424)
USS PCS-1425 (PCS-1425)
USS PCS-1426 (PCS-1426)
USS PCS-1429 (PCS-1429)
USS PCS-1430 (PCS-1430)
USS PCS-1431 (PCS-1431)
USS PCS-1441 (PCS-1441)
USS PCS-1442 (PCS-1442)
USS PCS-1444 (PCS-1444)
USS PCS-1445 (PCS-1445)
USS PCS-1446 (PCS-1446)
USS PCS-1448 (PCS-1448)
USS PCS-1449 (PCS-1449)
USS PCS-1450 (PCS-1450)
USS PCS-1451 (PCS-1451)
USS PCS-1452 (PCS-1452)
USS PCS-1455 (PCS-1455)
USS PCS-1457 (PCS-1457)
USS PCS-1458 (PCS-1458)
USS PCS-1459 (PCS-1459)
USS PCS-1460 (PCS-1460)
USS PCS-1461 (PCS-1461)
USS PCS-1464 (PCS-1464)
USS PCS-1465 (PCS-1465)

58 Patrol crafts (59 names) of the PCS-1376 class.

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