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Motor torpedo boats

ELCO 70' class

10 ships

The motor torpedo boat USS PT 10 of the US Navy.

Technical information

TypeMotor torpedo boat
Displacement40 BRT 
Length70 feet 
Armament4 MG (2x2)
4 21' torpedo tubes. 
Max speed45 knots
Engines3 engines, 3 shafts 
Power3600 HP 
Notes on class 

US Navy US Navy ships of the ELCO 70' class

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USS PT 10 (To Britain as MTB 259)
USS PT 11 (To Britain as MTB 260)
USS PT 12 (To Britain as MTB 261)
USS PT 13 (To Britain as MTB 262)
USS PT 14 (To Britain as MTB 263)
USS PT 15 (To Britain as MTB 264)
USS PT 16 (To Britain as MTB 265)
USS PT 17 (To Britain as MTB 266)
USS PT 18 (To Britain as MTB 267)
USS PT 19 (To Britain as MTB 268)

10 Motor torpedo boats of the ELCO 70' class.

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