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Attilio Regolo class

3 ships

The light cruiser IT Scipione Africano of the Italian Navy.

Technical information

TypeLight cruiser
Displacement3685 BRT 
Length142.2 m 
Complement20 + 400 men 
Armament8 5.3" DP guns (4x2)
8 37mm AA (4×2)
8 20mm AA (4×2)
8 21" torpedo tubes (2×4)
4 aircraft, 2 catapults 
Max speed42 knots
Engines4 3-drum boilers, Belluzzo geared turbines, 2 shafts 
Power110000 HP 
Notes on class 

Italian Navy Italian Navy ships of the Attilio Regolo class

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Attilio Regolo
Pompeo Magno
Scipione Africano

3 Light cruisers of the Attilio Regolo class.

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