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Colony class

21 ships

The frigate HMS Antigua (K 501) of the Royal Navy.

Technical information

Displacement1308 BRT 
Complement120 men 
Armament3 x 1 3inch gun
2 twin 40mm
4 x 20m guns
Depth charge throwers 
Max speed18 knots
Notes on class

Colony class frigates were mass produced by American shipyards during the last half of 1943. Their design was a modification of the British RIVER class to use weapons and reciprocating machinery available from US manufacturers. 27 were loaned to the Soviet Union during the summer of 1945 and returned in 1949. The 21 listed below (formerly PF 72-92) were loaned to England and returned in 1946. Those retained by the United States were manned by Coast Guard personnel. All ships of this class survived the war.


All ships of the Colony class

Royal Navy Royal Navy (more on Royal Navy)

HMS Anguilla (K 500)
HMS Antigua (K 501)
HMS Ascension (K 502)
HMS Bahamas (K 503)
HMS Barbados (K 504)
HMS Caicos (K 505)
HMS Cayman (K 506)
HMS Dominica (K 507)
HMS Labuan (K 584)
HMS Montserrat (K 586)
HMS Nyasaland (K 587)
HMS Papua (K 588)
HMS Perim (K 593)
HMS Pitcairn (K 589)
HMS Sarawak (K 591)
HMS Seychelles (K 592)
HMS Somaliland (K 594)
HMS St. Helena (K 590)
HMS Tobago (K 585)
HMS Tortola (K 595)
HMS Zanzibar (K 596)

21 Frigates of the Colony class.

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